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Anonymous 9740

Why aren't there more sub categories? Why dont we get an entire list like 4chan does? No photography? No oekaki? Funny? No nature?? Why!! ….😢

Anonymous 9749

Board too slow

Anonymous 9750

i mean… maybe it would speed up if we had more attractions?

Anonymous 9757

I think there were more when the board first opened but some got merged together as there wasn't much content.

If you look at /meta/ there's often posts like this (I even did one myself ages ago) but the board owner has decided to let board grow slowly and organically instead of advertising. Usually when the board is posted somewhere a bunch of annoying moids come anyway.

Most of the things you mention can be made into threads on /b/ or /img/ and since you're allowed to bunch old threads, the content will continue slowly.

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