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25+ only nostalgia cool things thread Anonymous 9773

Post things that were super cool when you were a teen ITT

Pic related: My first cool phone

Anonymous 9774


>going to your friend's house to make grilled cheese sandwiches

Anonymous 9775


The cool girls decorating their binder in a much more stylish way than you ever could

(I'm German so your mileage may vary on all these things)

Anonymous 9776


Anonymous 9777

bye bye bye BYE BYE BYE BYE~~~~

Anonymous 9778


Watching cool 90's animu on the TV after coming home from school. Pic related is a good example of that era

Anonymous 9779


Disney VHS. they used to be green.

Anonymous 9780


Going on my first long train trip to see an internet friend with my Discman and a dedicated CD I burned for the trip consisting of a playlist put together from music my brother torrented and my own ripped CDs, aka a mix of System of a Down and Billy Idol

Anonymous 9781


This mp3 player felt like the start of the future

Anonymous 9782

The American OP was so good. 90s anime pretty much got me into metal.

Anonymous 9783

I had one… 2GB! I remember the guy who sold it to me saying that was a lot of storage lel

Anonymous 9784

Skater shoes were still the hot thing.

>you will never go to school in your element shirt and tacky 2007 etnies and have other grilles compliment you ever again

I feel like the style started shifting to American eagle and adidas/uggs in the middle of highschool.

Anonymous 9785

UGGs >>> Steve Madden >>>>>>>>>>> Docs

Shout-out to whomever had docs in the 90s before they become cool again 2 decades later.

Anonymous 9786


If you had these and pulled them off, you were that bitch.

Anonymous 9787

Germany had some really weird OPs too

Anonymous 9788


Remember these fellas

Anonymous 9789


guess the nationality
big gay if you reverse search

Anonymous 9790

Sometimes I wonder if I really came from Venus. I have no idea what are those.

Anonymous 9791



Anonymous 9792

you probably don't because they're not international trends, tokyo hotel were a mostly european trend and those are a national trend

Anonymous 9793

It's still a mystery to me how they managed to blow up overseas. I see a lot of people thirsting after the singer in normie gossip communities, while here in Germany you'd be bullied for liking them

Anonymous 9794

meh I don't know, it's incredible though how they basically do not belong to any era (they basically belong to the pseudo scene era of 2006 and all those years), but each one of the members has a different style, like there's the scene guy, the rapper, the indie musician and the cardoboard company CEO type

Anonymous 9795

Bigger target audience I guess.
Wtf. How old are you? That's kinky.

Anonymous 9796


My parents would never buy me one, but everyone else had those ;_;

Anonymous 9797

A full-color Tamagotchi called the Tamagotchi ON is coming to western markets if you feel like fulfilling your dream!

Anonymous 9798

Not that anon but now I totally want to get this for my gf!

Anonymous 9799


I have the previous generation Japanese release called the M!X and can attest to their quality, the new tamas are really solid. Go for it!

Anonymous 9800


Anonymous 9801


I remember iPod swapping with a local indie rocker kid. Did anybody else iPod swap?

Anonymous 9802

Someone stole my iPod in 2014. I'm still bummed out about it.

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