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Anonymous 9854

It's too hot right now in some places, so post comfy stuff

Anonymous 9855


Anonymous 9856


Heat is comfy. Winter/fallfags gtfo

Anonymous 9857


You're absolute correct. The cold is just miserable and painful. I've wished my whole life to be able to move to a tropical island since then I'd never have to worry about the cold again.

Also the view of the horizon from a beach and seeing that endless expanse would never stop being breathtaking.

Anonymous 9858

Hm, pretty much every coastline has that endless expanse look.

I find that in the cold, usually just adding more layers is fine, but in the heat, in the worst of it, there's only so many layers you can strip off, and then you're just gonna get sunburned if you expose your arms and legs (if you're not self-conscious about your shoulders and thighs to begin with) and it's just generally awful.

Anonymous 9859

>pretty much every coastline has that endless expanse look
That may be so, but it's still impressive to me. When I was younger I used to always go to the beach and my favorite part always was just looking out across the water but I haven't been able to go for the past 12 years or so since my family doesn't care for it anymore and I can't drive.

About the heat, for some reason I've never had much of an issue. I live in Florida and everyone, especially the rest of my family, complains about the heat but I love it. It really invigorates me no matter if I'm out in 100+ degree weather with a T shirt and jeans. The only thing I dislike is that I can't pile like 8 blankets on top of as I sleep during the summer.

Meanwhile even in the mild winters here, when it's 40-50 degrees outside and 68 inside, I'm gonna be complaining for 4 months straight as I reluctantly wear a sweater and socks indoors. I'm not a big fan of the bulky winter clothing whatsoever.

Anonymous 9860

Same here. Let me go out in a sundress and my mood is automatically great. Make me go out in a coat and scarf and I'm miserable. Unfortunately where I live it's cold, wet and dark 9 months a year and I just want to hibernate.

Anonymous 9861

I get you completely. I’ve lived in Florida almost my entire life and I have a huge intolerance to the cold. I’m good with the heat and humidity but if the temperature drops below 70 I’m layering up.

Anonymous 9862


I'm so glad it hasn't been as hot this year as it was last year.
The PNW is great. I actually love the rain.

Anonymous 9863

mugi 5.jpg

Worrying about sunburn is a pain, but wearing dresses is nice. I find winter clothes cuter though.

Anonymous 9864

how do i live near a place like this?

Anonymous 9865

Move to Japan.

Is it the greenery though? I like how my local town makes an effort to have trees around.

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