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Inktober Thread Anonymous 1267

Hey anons!

Inktober is right around the corner, and I am very excited to do it.

I don't know if this is a good idea, but I thought that it would be cool to share our inktober art with fellow miners, telling which materials we are using and stuff like that.

If you don't want to post your art every single day, you could post just the ones you think are the best, but it would be cool to post it every single day for the challenge. Also I think it would be neat to see possible evolutions, idk.

Anyway, if anyone wants to participate, feel free to namefag and/or link to your previous post!

Anonymous 1281

when they say ink they mean that fancy calligraphy type of inking and not something i drew in pen or did with and artline pen right?

Anonymous 1282

i don't think so, i think any pen/ink drawing is okay. some just use micron pens and what not

Anonymous 1284


It's a drawing challenging, but if you'd like to participate with typography and such, I think it would be interesting.

Any ink is okay! You could use markers, ecoline, nankin/sumie ink, etc. You could also sketch it first with a pencil, just make sure to ink it. Check out the hashtag, you'll see a lot of examples from previous years.

I guess the only thing that isn't allowed is digital artworks and plain pencil sketches.

Anonymous 1316


So, it starts tomorrow.

Any anons going to do this?

Anonymous 1318

I'm going to try. Fingers crossed that I'll actually complete it every day. I'll use a random prompt so I don't have to think too hard about what subject I need to draw about.

Anonymous 1320


Looking forward to seeing your work, anon!

Anonymous 1336


i want to try again this year but i'm never successful at completing any of my creative projects.

anyways here's the prompts list for anyone who wants to join in

Anonymous 21496

is anyone planning on doing it this year? I am considering making a thread here for a daily or weekly inktober post for everyone to participate in

Anonymous 21516

I would, that sounds fun

Anonymous 21518

count me in

Anonymous 21526

I'll try just to see if it helps me break my art block

Anonymous 21543

awesome!! Do you guys want to make our own prompts? or just base it off of a past inktober challenge?

Anonymous 21544

>or just base it off of a past inktober challenge?

btw, we can just use the inktober challenge that is seen in this thread if we don't come up with our own promts, sorry I should have specified :P

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