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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Anonymous 1694

Anyone playing the new Animal Crossing game? I thought maybe we could share tips and add each other's IDs :)

Anonymous 1695


Anonymous 1696


Anonymous 1698


We already have a thread for AC but I approve of this one and your resources!

Anonymous 1699

Omg I'm so sorry! I should have searched harder before posting :(

Anonymous 1702

I think this thread is fine since the two are kinda separate things? New Leaf and Pocket Camp both have very separate playing styles so a thread dedicated to all the PC tips and tricks sounds like a good idea and won't eventually get lost in a New Leaf dominated thread.
If they do have to be merged tho then I'm fine with that

Anonymous Moderator 1703

This thread is fine, no worries.

Anonymous 1704

Thanks for the thread OP! I'm lvl 8 feel free to add me! Loving the game so far. HMU if you need squids.


Anonymous 1707

Sweet, thanks admin.

I'm only level 5 so far but going to add you now :)
2986 1785 921

Some other useful info for beginners:
- The market place changes every 6 hours (so 6am, 12pm, 6pm and 12am, might vary depending where you are)
- Trees take 3 hours to grow new fruit, making it more difficult to collect than bugs or fish
- Villagers (or are they called campers now? lol) move every 3 hours
- They seem to be really generous with the leaf currency (you get 100 for connecting with your Nintendo account and some every time you level up or complete a goal!) so spend it on important things like an extra crafting space or extra space in your inventory (everything else, like furniture or going to the quarry, you can get by just being patient or asking for help from friends so don't waste your leaves!)
- The highest selling items are the Emperor Butterfly and the Tuna but fishing in the sea seems to be the most profitable of them all

So basically your goals are to shake the trees and complete 3 missions/say hello to every animal every 3 hours and check the market place and OK Motors every 6 hours.

Anonymous 1708


Some more screenshots in case people want to start saving for specific things like I do…

Anonymous 1709


Anonymous 1710


Anonymous 1712


As per the previous games…the size of the fish shadow determines the type of fish you get so…


Pale Chub


Crucian Carp, Horse Mackerel


Blowfish, Red Snapper, Squid, Yellow Perch


Koi, Black Bass, Rainbow Trout, Olive Flounder, Football fish



They could have changed the sizes for this new game but we can correct the list as we learn more.

Anonymous 1719

I'm sooooo bummed, I saw the acid wash jacket for sale today in the market place but had like no bells to purchase it since I just started the game and it costed like 4,000 bells. Spent a bunch of time saving up only for the clothes to switch up on me UGH
I'm currently level 8 and saving up for K.K. Slider's chair<3 I also can't wait for the 10th login bonus cause I really wanna change my van to the animal crossing colored one.

Anonymous 1720


I was mad into it but my internet died at home and I'm on wifi so haven't been on it in a while. I was at level 36 I think.

Anonymous 1721

Also shaking trees with no fruit on them have a chance to drop bells!

Anonymous 1724

thanks! only thing i can contribute is that fruit doesnt rot, so leavin it around is a positive thing.

Anonymous 1725

I just started this and I’m trying so hard to save up for a new tent, I accidentally spent all of my bells on a loan to upgrade my camper van, lol. (Does anyone really use the inside of their camper van for anything?)

I hope they add a few more areas outside of the few that are unlocked at the start!

My id is 44271589620 if anyone wants to add a friend!!

Anonymous 1726

>Oh hey I get to customize my camper
>Whoa it's actually free, sweet
>Okay lemme see what this looks like
>Eh, on second thought I'm not really digging this design
>That'll 5,000 bells

I just started yesterday evening and ended up playing all through the night. I already love this game, but goddamn do I hate waiting. But hey, it's a mobile game after all so that's practically a given. I'm stingy and I'm trying to see how long I can go without using actual money.

Anonymous 1730

Also I'm salty that you can't talk to Sable poking out of that little van that she and Mabel have.

Anonymous 1735

Me too anon, me too.

I am also very worried about the longevity of the game tbh. I checked the catalog and it spoiled all the content in the game. I am super disappointed that 1. you can even do that and 2. that there's so little content. And looking into it, almost all of the Australian users finished the game 100% already. I'm super worried it will go the way of the badge arcade and miitomo. They really need to push out content soon.

Anonymous 1740

thank you for your resources anon! now i know why i keep running out of cotton

i hope they add new animals soon, my favorites aren't in this release

Anonymous 1741

I'm guessing a way they could extend the longevity of the game would be to
1. Add more animals
2. Add more furniture
3. Maybe some type of minigames or something? (not like the quarry tho that place is kinda lame)
4. Add more ways for friends to interact (ex: chatting option, sending letters, etc.)
5. Add badges like how there are badges in the main game that your friends and other players can look at. Even having a little customizable little ID would entertain me, exactly how there is one in the main game.

Those are the only ideas I can think of rn off the top of my head, feel free to critique and add more tho!!!

Anonymous 1742

ALSO sorry for double posting but they could also include seasonal events that have quests and special characters to them. I'm not sure if I already did hear about them possibly adding this but events for Halloween, Christmas, etc. would be fun and make me want to keep playing knowing that I can get exclusives around those times of the year. A QR code pattern designing system would be a good idea too (just like in the main game! lol all these ideas are from the main game tbh) and I think in the app it says some clothes customization will be added later in the future.

One thing that I really want to see is some more interactivity between special characters like KK and Tom Nook. Specifically I'd like to be able to get CDs from KK and play them at my camp.

Anonymous 1744

i really hope there's an event with jingle!! maybe a special crafting thing with him and his pile of presents?

it would also be nice to actually name our campsites

Anonymous 1745

i love all these ideas, especially the letters and stuff.

Anonymous 1746


Sending letters to our friends would be nice. I’d love something like going into their camp and leave a tiny message or a present.

Btw if anyone is looking to add a friend feel free to add me! 83452561380

Happy pocket camping to everybody (that sounds kinda cheesy lol)

Anonymous 1750

I would love to have some miner friends! Here's my ID: 2322 4654 045

Anonymous 1767


Xmas event has just begun

Anonymous 1770

I'm soooo happy this is exactly what I wanted!!
I hope Jingle comes to visit or something like that. I also wish all the locations looked festive rn, that would be super cool.

On a side note does anyone have a hard time getting wood? It used to not be an issue for me until I started getting Fauna's furniture lol

Anonymous 1779


Here's my code furendoz!

Anonymous 1780

Add villagers in your camp that give wood: https://m.imgur.com/FC3Vi9M

You can talk to them frequently so they have more chance or giving you wood.

Anonymous 1781

My id is 22469544004, I already sent requesting to people who already posted their ids. I'm slowly getting used to the game.

Anonymous 1899

How are you all finding the new update with the flower beds?

So far I've created black (yellow x orange) and yellow (red x orange) tulips and orange pansies (red x yellow). Does it matter which flower is in your bag and which flower is on the ground, do you think? Also are the colours completely random? So far I feel like they're totally random!

Anonymous 1923

I'm not the biggest fan of the flowers. Mostly because the purchase box is overwhelming so I don't even know what to save up for because its a list of like 40+ items

Anonymous 1926

I feel similarly. I wish the flower exchange menu was more organized by item types or flowers (or both would be the dream).

I don't like all the extra load screens and clicks it takes to visit gardens and campsites now either. Plus the change in speaking to camp animals I am not sure about yet because it's possible to get way more materials than before, but less frequently (not that I liked nagging them for stuff every hour).

Anonymous 1941

I'm also not really a big fan of the flower addition. I used it maybe twice then kinda started neglecting it because it's way too much work (constant clicking, unorganized, etc.) and it doesn't really necessary atm. If I did/when I do start using it often I think I would save up for one of the teddy bears or chairs. Those are cute.
Also did everyone get all the christmas furniture yet? I really enjoyed saving up for it and collecting it all, I hope there's gonna be a new event after this one.

Anonymous 1947


i have all the christmas furniture except for the stocking! i don't think there's a way to get it?

i like the idea of the flower garden but i spend so many bells after a short haul and it makes me use it less. i'm too used to flowers randomly growing for free in the games

Anonymous 1952

I'm neglecting the fuck out of my garden, lol. It was just unnecessary to me, doesn't bring anything new or fun.
They also removed the possibility to speak to the villagers in your camp at any time, now when you get into your camp only few of them will talk to you and raise your friendship.

The stocking? You get it by opening the app today and you can find it in your PO box for free!

Anonymous 1961


The New Year's items are so cute! I hope everyone got the chance to craft the Christmas items they wanted.

Anonymous 1965


Who's at your campsite? Which are your fave animals?

>Kid Cat

i love cats & dogs! I also want Marshal so badly, he's such a cutie i want himmmm.

also, if anyone needs friends, i'm 88040211017 and i also have 92270950975 just in case.

Anonymous 1972

Aaaaa I love the New Year's items! I also have that shelf set up on my campgrounds too lol, and saw some other people doing it too. It just fits I guess.

I looooove the cats too. Punchy has become a favorite of mine. I also have Marshall, he was my fav in NL and now he's a fav in PC too<3

Also do you guys still ask your friends to lend you a hand in the quarry? I still like going there cause it's a nice little bonus but I feel like people have really given up on it. Sometimes I barely get enough people to lend me a hand and it's a bummer lol.

Anonymous 2085

Opinions on the new flower safari?

Are you still checking the game and fulfilling requests? Did you stop playing?

Anonymous 2086


Goldie is best villager

Anonymous 2087

I’m playing it! I really want the Rover hat, is so cute. But damn getting butterflies can be kind of slow. Still I find nice that there have been so many events.

Ikr? I love her! She’s one of my staple campers.

Anonymous 2088


This has to be one of the quirkiest campsites I’ve stumbled across. Because of that now I chuckle everytime the Tex message appears when the game is loading.

(I apologize beforehand if my kinda macabre sense of humor offends someone)

Anonymous 2090

Haha, this one is a pretty good incorporation of the newer items. More dark than the lamp cults or portapotty prisons, but still amusing nonetheless. Thanks for sharing, I will join you in chuckling and mourning Tex.

Anonymous 2091

I'm doing the flower safari despite my hate for the garden. I need the rover hat.

This is also hilarious

Anonymous 2094

yep! I've still been playing and I like the garden event, although I wish the flower pots you can trade for were cuter. I'm not fond of the baskets.

my goal of getting all exclusive items from events has been going good so far

Anonymous 2105



Lamp cults are so silly but kinda amusing at the same time lol


I was pretty close to not getting the kagami mochi. I started making it about half an hour before the event ended. Still don’t know why I had to make it lol, I mean, I won’t ever use it as a decoration. I guess the (obsessive) completionist in me had to have every single item.

Anonymous 2131


New update coming: campsite terrain, more rug placement, dressing up the animals, and quality of life improvements (see pic).

I'm most excited about the last two things, but also weirded out by the fact that the original flower safari announcement is gone and it looks like they didn't roll out the second part of the event?

Only speculation atm over on reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/ACPocketCamp/comments/7qs0ml/adjustments_to_the_second_half_of_garden_safari/), so I don't know but I do agree that this event was on the more annoying side due to gardening without more batch actions.

Anonymous 2142


Oh boy!

Anonymous 2143

The second part of the flower safari just started, yaay! It’s cool that the first part is still there to complete. But man, everything feels so rushed. I don’t think I’ll be able to get all the items.

I’m hoping they add the coelacanth to the new fish. I find that uggo living fossil fish kind of lovely.

Anonymous 2159

This flower event fucking sucks, the push to use premium currency/leaf tickets in order to complete it is really frustrating. I'm also starting to get event fatigue in general even though it was nice to have so many and see that this game is consistently being updated.

Clothes crafting is nice, but I wish the QOL improvements came faster.

Anonymous 2170

I'm really bummed cause I know I'm not gonna be able to get all the Rover event items. I rly wanted the Rover shirt and mug ;_; I agree, the event felt pretty rushed.

the hidden dark side of pc

Anonymous 2171

Also sorry for double posting but I was reading the link >>2131 posted and I just learned that you can give butterflies to friends without any downsides. I feel so bad now, so many of my friends gave me butterflies and I just accepted them without giving anything in return. Instead I just gave em a kudos and hoarded all their butterflies

Anonymous 2173


I get your frustration anon. IMO using tickets wouldn’t have been so awful if it didn’t cost 10 fucking of them to garantee a single catch. My main problem was the growth rate, it was sooo fucking slow. I hated waiting 4 hours to get flowers, and mind you, not every flower would attract a butterfly. Imagine my feeling when growing a full batch, to only half having butterflies on them, and only getting a success catch from half of that half. Fucking sucked shit.

I loved the crafting clothes update though… at least I can look stylish when angry lol

Anonymous 2218


Bob best boy fam

Anonymous 2220

My phone broke around start of December and I haven't played since, is it worth picking back up? I was around Level 30

Anonymous 2225

If you enjoyed it then, why not?

Changes since then are gardening, clothes crafting, more animals. There are still events rolling out if you like those.

OTOH, another flower event ┐(´(エ)`)┌ (mixed emotions because the items are really cute but the process of getting them is so much work, making the game more stressful than necessary….)

Anonymous 2228


Excellent taste, patrician.

Anonymous 2250

How's the Lottie event going for you guys? It's way better than Rover's imo, plus the items are way cooler. GL to all!

Anonymous 2253


I love it!! I actually redownloaded the game to collect all the items!
I'm almost done I think!

Anonymous 2255

Going a lot better, I had to use a lot of plant food to barely complete the Rover event. This time I'm on track to finish before the end without too much of a hassle. Still wish they gave us more time though, the difference in pace between flower and crafting events is annoying.

Anonymous 2257

I'm still traumatized from the Rover event. I used up all my plant food, and used 100 leaf tickets just so I could get Rover's shirt (there were 30 minutes left in the challenge).
I also love all the new things they've been adding (animals, furniture, events, etc.) but I just wish they would slow down and maybe spread out the distribution of new stuff. I feel like everything is coming at me at a rapid pace, I can barely keep up

Anonymous 2258

I agree about the update pace. It feels like they are trying to do too much right now that when the updates start to slow, the app is going to die. I would much rather that the QOL updates happen sooner since they have had time to gather feedback on those features….

Anonymous 2260

I dropped it a while ago because of it: I was spending too much time on it.

Anonymous 2269

I envy all the people who managed to get the overall dress. I've been opening the game to check on the market every day since day 1 and still haven't found it once grrr

Anonymous 2270

Samefagging, I was also hoping they gave the opportunity to craft it but no, market only.

Anonymous 2271


Same thing happens to me but with the gray hoodie. I want it so bad but so far no luck. Funny thing is that it appears frequently in my mom’s game lol

Anonymous 2272

I have that issue with the long MVP shirt.
Also for some of the checkered shirts because I have one version and I forget to check my catalog to see which one, so I end up assuming I already had it. OTL

Anonymous 2283

Did you guys collect all the items? I was wondering if they included such a massive number of lamps because of those weird lamp cult camps lol.

Also, I’m in love with the clothing items! I wish I had the coat irl, it’s so cute.

Anonymous 2288


Yes, and this time I was able to complete all the tasks so I got to see this really cute scene that I missed in the Rover event.

Anonymous 2294

Shit ur LOADED on cash. I'm level 52 and I have about 500 leaf tickets and only 40,000 bells – did you just get more money naturally through playing or is there an actual strategy?

Anonymous 2295

I've been playing since the November release. At first I did the strategy of shaking trees everyday and doing all requests, and selling extra items on the market box, but I think I have a lot of bells because I don't really put any money into my camper. I only expanded it 2 or 3 times and haven't bought any of the paint jobs (except for the Rover one).

I hoarded leaf tickets to buy the KK Slider and/or Tom Nook chairs, but then I forgot to get them before the initial time period ran out.

I don't do anything special, just collect stuff, exchange stuff, sell extra things on market box, sell my extra rare things directly.

Anonymous 2298

>be me
>saved up, bought KK Slider's chair
>forgot about Nook until I saw this post
>time period to get his chair is over now


Anonymous 2299

It's ok, I didn't get either of them because I looked at the purchase screen:
>Oh still a week left? I can get it later, the moment of spending leaf tickets can be put off.
>??? days later


Anonymous 2304

i was so excited to see that the new event is crystal-themed. ima deck my camp out in a style worthy of a miner.

Anonymous 2305

Please share when you have completed your vision !

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