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Vtubers Anonymous 17044

How come the difference between male and female vtubers is so big? I'm not into them myself, but I keep seeing stuff. Checked a little and while the first girls broke 1 million, the guys all have less than 100k. I can come up with some explanations, but this difference just strikes me as insane.

Anonymous 17045

What exactly about it do you find insane? That the male experience is so divergent from the female one or what?

Anonymous 17046

Are most of the fans of the female vtubers men?
You have your answer. Male weebs are more likely to simp and be waifufags than female ones. Female weebs are more often going to be fujos or cosplayers.

Anonymous 17047

If you are gonna go for otome bait it's better to indulge in the dozens of otome games that have better art and writing. Vtubers have no good appeal.
I mean look at that blue monstrosity in the middle. Most otoge stick to conventionally attractive designs.

Anonymous 17048


Not all of them look like that, anon. Some of them are cute

Anonymous 17050

Men are way more autistic about VTubers than women. Nothing new here.

Anonymous 17054


I'm pretty sure you may have already realized it, but Japanese women really like cute things (cf. Aggretsuko, Love Live!/[email protected], KyoAni), so they will inherently lean towards the girls more than the boys, most of the time.
However, I'm pretty certain that said Japanese women do not like the girls 100% of the time, so they lean towards the boys instead.

Additionally and completely outside of vtubers is the fact that there is a wide sex wage gap in Japan, so it is also unlikely for Japanese women to donate for either of these two kinds of vtubers. Hence, they go for the fujo (i.e. being an yaoi/yuri doujin artist) or cosplayer route in order to get some side money while they stay at home being a housewife, or so.
I may also add the writer route too as it is quite obvious that Japanese women themselves, 99% of the time, are going to be the ones writing your favorite otome game.

Anonymous 17059

If you're not into them why do you care?
I bet you don't even know Japanese and just noticed the clip channels.

There's already a Holostars thread >>6087

The Holostars were just never really advertised to get out there compared to the girls. The Nijisanji boys are decently popular. And Indies are indies with both genders popularity-wise.

Anonymous 17093

Took a trip to see how Hololivers were doing and I realize now why I avoid them like plague, their fans and the content some of these girls make are insufferable.
I wish the hololive girls could do normal streams without these mouthbreathers talking about a 2D characters tits and vagene, and them catering to these people.

Anonymous 17101

inb4 they start to slowly lose subscribers, i.e. the women subscribers, while also gaining plenty of them (coomer moids).
It surprises me that the famous woman trap artist is getting into such a thing too, despite loving traps a whole lot and not getting much into the girls previously.

Hopefully Pochi won't get into that too.

Anonymous 17108


I have fun with them I don't give a fuck

Anonymous 17112

I'm pretty sure Pochi does do streams with an avatar sometimes, or do you mean you hope they don't start doing pandering stuff.

Anonymous 17115

>the famous woman trap artist

Anonymous 17118


Yes, I meant the pandering, not using avatars.
Her avatar design is pretty cool, IMO!
Literally the blue haired girl (male) in the video I am replying to. She created the Himegoto series which was popular during the middle of the last decade.

Anonymous 17129

i actually did my own research like ten seconds after asking, and i'm in love with tamaki and a few other holostars members now. watched a few among us clips and they were reasonably humorous.

Anonymous 17139


Tamaki is extremely cute and funny. Yes.
Can't wait for the day that he will go 3D as I will see his fluffy tail wag, maybe.

Anonymous 17142


Poor Astel's stuck with a shit design, but his streams are pretty cute. Luckliy, he's the most out-there design of Holostars. Personally, though, I like the personalities and designs of the Nijisanji guys more overall.

Anonymous 17162


Just finished studying and oh shit I didn't noticed a particular part of the picture.
I want to believe that Astel will eventually get a redesign to make his hair more wavy and detailed as the original artist who designed him improves their skills as well.
I'm positive of such an improvement given picture related (cropped).

Anonymous 17825

Anonymous 17847

Anonymous 17953

can't believe that you guys dont like astels design

Anonymous 17975


my bf broke up with me late last year and nothing has been as good at distracting me from going insane than watching all the funny vtuber shit. are the male vtubers also entertaining? i saw the guys on /vt/ talking about them before but i havent checked any of them out yet

Anonymous 17981

IMO they're far less charismatic and fun than the actual Hololive girls, but that's just my opinion.

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