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weird youtube crushes Anonymous 17172

who in your youtube subs do you have unexplainable crushes on? here is my list, rusty cage, (young keyboard playing) adam/yourmoviesucks, rebel taxi.
i dont know why. i dont even like men that much. but i have the biggest crushes on them.

Anonymous 17173


Anonymous 17174

Andreas Peahc, Markiplier, よりひとYorihito, uni_mafumafu, HidingInMyRoom, Adrian von Ziegler, Boyinaband

Some of those arent weird but I listed them because I have liked how they look at some point in time. Most of them I still dig how they look.

Anonymous 17175

I kind of have a crush on Brittany Venti. I don't agree with everything she says but I appreciate her sense of humour and how she's not afraid to say what she wants. I also don't think she's ugly like a lot of people think she is.

Anonymous 17176

Jenny Nicholson, Karolina Żebrowska (does anyone else get gay vibes from her?), Deadwing Dork (more of a desire to be bros tbh), Hbomb, GoHerping, Call Me Kevin.
All the male youtubers I like are not who I'd find attractive irl (aside from herp maybe). Parasocial relationships are bizarre.
Only race spergs and lolcow nitpickers find her truly ugly. Most normies would agree she's cute/at least average.

Anonymous 17177

whang is fucking hot lol

Anonymous 17178

images (80).jpeg

I have crush on critikal.

Anonymous 17179

this tbh
>tfw no 5'6" bf to good off with and slap with fleshlights
but unironically

Anonymous 17180


はじめしゃちょー(hajime), BoxBox, Nobita, FilthyFrank (seriously he is handsome when he is not making his meme faces), Ian McCollum (pic related), Skallagrim, SwordSage, HidingInMyRoom, PhilosophyTube, Alpharad, Metatron

Anonymous 17181

seek help

Anonymous 17182


Not sure it's unexplainably…

Anonymous 17183


Ngl been crushing on this crew for yearsssss.. each one of them have single handedly made me feel some sort of throbbing heartbeat down there more than once lmao. I don’t find any of these men to be my irl type, but they’re all SO fucking attractive. Ranking from Hot to Cute IMO I’d say Sark, Hutch, Nanners, Chilled

Anonymous 17184

it's incredible the way women completely fall for men for… just playing videogames. imagine all the rabid women thirsting over these 4/10s (excluding the last one on the left), hoards of women who would probably be extremely happy to be lifelong partners with them, and all because they talk while playing videogames. men don't realize how good they have it. the projared situation too is just… mindblowing.

women have virtually no standards, they just want a decent seeming personality that they can relate to. men are into female twitch streamers, sure, but not as many of them would be into 4/10s in the same numbers that women would. usually they must be quite pretty.

Anonymous 17185

He is really good looking but a jerk & a cheater, now because of all that's been found out about him half of his own subscribers hate him.

Anonymous 17186

jerk is an understatement. he sounds like a horrorshow to know. and not to be gross but he has a very pencily penis, useless

Anonymous 17187

>having a crush on gun jesus
No. Ian is too pure. He must be protected at all costs.

Anonymous 17188

lmfao it's true, even lesbians are like it. I love women.

Anonymous 17189

>he has a very pencily penis
how do you know this

Anonymous 17190


Funny you mention Pan Pizza op, I've had a crush on him since his face was revealed. It's pretty shameful because he's cringy as fuck and I remember him posting on tumblr a few years ago about how he doesn't know how to wash his dick properly

Anonymous 17191

Pencil dick energy

Anonymous 17192

i've seen it. he has an only fans. it's a pencil and he does for sure have pencil dick energy. it's only fitting

Anonymous 17193


Anonymous 17194

Atrocious, he looks like peewee herman with his botched jaw shave

Anonymous 17195

It doesn't look like a pencil to me unless I'm staring at the wrong pics. It looks pretty normal. His arms resemble pencils more.

Anonymous 17196

Sad. And fucking gross… his dick does NOT take away from his gnarly face

Anonymous 17197

i never saw pics, only video. on video it looked unimpressive but the pictures i just saw on lolcow looked decent. not sure if he's angling hardcore or what but i remember thinking it looked small on vid, which makes sense since it's more difficult to hide size via vid, and it was further away, so less gratuitous warping from the cam. saw it on kf though some time ago.

Anonymous 17198


Was better looking as a twinkish dude, his body was really nice he always had an ugly potato nose thats all he needed really fixing that then just being bisexual or gay. Way better than being a tranny.

>pencily penis
well he is an artist he draws very well it's fitting to his character, but he is still a nightmare to date he just doesn't wants to be a good bf with anybody thats why he always ends up alone, his looks get him the door but his attitude always kills the long term relationship. He was in Japan about to get married, he was going to have the life but he fucked that up. What a dumbass sociopathic retard he is.

Anonymous 17199


that was him pre surgery, which was… better. this is post surgery and even flattering lighting, pro photography, and shooping does not fix this mess

Anonymous 17200

annie with boxbox.…

Yeah too bad. Anyone that gives themselves 10 seconds to pick up the details of the face can tell thats a moid tranny.

Oh well… At least beautiful boxbox exists, he is NOT a tranny, he traps, he pulls it off, he is cute af and is still with his gf and they got the most beautiful relationship ever.

Anonymous 17201

>traps are okay
one enables the other
you're a tranny-enabler

Anonymous 17202

>That stupid absolutist reasoning
It's not the same at all but ok. I smell moid behind your screen.

Anonymous 17203

>literally posts someone who looks like a tranny
>oh but it's okay because they're stuffing their chest while dressing as a girl instead
it's disgusting
autogynephilia is autogynephilia

Anonymous 17204

a lot of women on here are enablers of "degeneracy". i don't like using that term but expressing literally any approval for crossdressing is going to be heavily linked to sexism and sexism that is heavily fetishized by these men. it's pretty uncool. the whole reason why these men want to dress like this is because they're turned on by their caricature of womanhood and also being degraded. obviously crossdressing isn't anywhere near as bad as demanding everyone live by your full time LARP or else, but it's still shitty.

keeping any relationship with men mostly gender neutral is the safest and healthiest bet.

Anonymous 17205

dont reply to moids.

Anonymous 17206

And it's not even as if they're just supporting crossdressing, that picture they posted is stuffing their chest. I can get liking cute boys and by that I mean boys who are clearly boys not traps, but that's absolutely not what they're going for.
You should be banned. You're trying to make this space more accepting to trans and that's not okay.

Anonymous 17208

>Was better looking as a twinkish dude, his body was really nice

No kidding. Contrapoints should have stayed in his natural xy form, even he himself can't deny when he was a boy he was a "yum yum"
Skip to 3:25 and you'll see a snippet he left of himself pre-transgender rubbing oil on his body, sigh such a shame he put that beautiful male form to waste :(

Anonymous 17209

Maxmoefoe was pretty cute before being mentally retarded. Dayo too i guess.

Anonymous 17210

i have a little crush on this guy called ted who used to do online game trolling videos. He only showed his face once and i don't have any pics of him but he looked like a normal average guy, kinda looked like pewdiepie a bit. What i like about him is his catty personality and voice, his videos are really funny too, he barely did anything and got ppl real mad

Anonymous 17211

He is a retard. Thats why. From a twink with potential he went to ContraHons & now that dumbass can only date other trannies & is probably lonely right now. Always ruining their own life, androgynous looks are beautiful af by themselves they don't need retarded chemicals that ruin their bodies & ruin make them sterile.

Anonymous 17245

>"completely fall for"
>proceeds to post assumptive justifications for someone ELSE'S post
literally says unexplainable crushes.
Learn to read and stick to the board before anger posting just bc someone has a different preference and is expressing it to the thread.

Anonymous 17257

literally no one is angry

Anonymous 17269


Hmm tasty

Anonymous 17277

I liked him better when he had short hair

Anonymous 17293


Blech. He's actually a manlet irl

Anonymous 17301


garret watts. v v gay, so that's the weird aspect but whatever. i pretend i do not see his friendship with shane or love of harry potter.

Anonymous 17303

that's kinda hot. I'd carry him around in a papoose.

Anonymous 17310

He was sexier as a twink.

Anonymous 17312


Yup all he needed was the rhinoplasty for his potato nose thats it. What a waste. He would have looked like such a prince. I like femininity a fuck load in moids but whats the point if they cant get erect & are unfertile. Tranny pills should be banned, only finasteride (moderate testosterone blockers) should exist so they dont go bald. They are getting scammed with estrogens that shit is too much that it kills their bodily sensitivity forever no possibility of going back.

Anonymous 17322

Dusty Bogan

Anonymous 17345



Anonymous 17362


Literally want to kms because I can't have this dorky ass old man.

Anonymous 17366



Anonymous 17368

Nitro rad is probably at the top of my list but I also have to agree with the critikal anons

Anonymous 17370


Anonymous 17388


Anonymous 17389



Anonymous 17390


also Adam Conover
he's cute

Anonymous 17392

Daddy Jay… our frumpy hobbit…

Anonymous 17748


technically more of a streamer now but i have such a big crush on him it’s embarrassing

Anonymous 17750

Whyyyy. Jay is the most annoying one.

Anonymous 17891

Do you ppl actually hate manlets?

Anonymous 17897

i have a massive crush on YMS and Pikapsrey tbh
i love nauselly voices

Anonymous 17899

Screen Shot 2021-0…

Hampton. Such a positive good-hearted forward-minded fellow.

Anonymous 17923

Jerma is such a good guy, I'm happy he's doing well on twitch, I hate it when chat says he's ugly :(

Anonymous 17926


i think most of them are joking but i hope it doesn’t actually get to him, he’s cute and seems like a genuinely nice person

Anonymous 17941


Anonymous 17947



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