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Anonymous 17228

Do any of you have any newspaper subscriptions? Is there any point in getting one in the current year?

Anonymous 17229

I am older but I remember back before the internet when you image boards would either be a way to correspond through special newspapers at the tie or a local Bulletin Board that you would check every week when you went to do you shopping.
To be honest I miss the old image board culture pre internet as it was never the same.

Anonymous 17230


There is absolutely no point on getting them outside of investing in them for historic purposes.
Even then, it is very likely that some journalism school is storing them either way, so any subscription you're doing meant for investing shall be personal rather than financial.
However, if you want the financial aspect, then subscribe to The New Yorker, Harper's, Forbes, Time, or National Geographic.
Make sure to have plenty of storage as well and you have a nice temperature in your storage room for archiving; and also lots of money, haha.

Anonymous 17231

My parents do because my dad is a boomer and my mom likes crossword puzzles.

My old 80+ year old landlord didn’t trust me because I didn’t get a newspaper so he thought I didn’t read the news or know what was going on.

Anonymous 17232


Is that from a cuteboy harem?

Anonymous 17233

I’ve been thinking of subscribing to Private Eye because every online paper is either pro-trans woke or right wing. I’m neither and this is the only one I’ve heard of that is also neither of these things.

Anonymous 17234

Private Eye is very good and definitely worth the subscription. Their reporting on covid has been consistently the best I read this year. I spent about 6 months buying issues at shops before realising that I might as well subscribe. Definitely the best value for money in terms of print media in the UK. It's a little disheartening to see them reporting on just how corrupt people in power are, but I think it's better to know at least.
And yeah, they're pretty balanced in terms of criticism; you just need to look at the letters pages to see people from both sides complaining about perceived bias to know that they do a good job.

Anonymous 17240


Not from an otome game but from Fate/Grand Order; the origin of his outfit is from pic related so, lamentably, it isn't always featured in art since it isn't his normal outfit.

Anonymous 17241


Also, his name is Enkidu and he is canonically a 'they' since he is a sexless being created by the Mesopotamian gods. But he can always change that, therefore you can always make them become a he or a she!

Anonymous 17242


Also, sorry for posting too much Enkidu, OP.
I keep seeing that the British are the only ones that are not kissing hairy tranny ass as they see through their bullshit and their obvious AGP degeneracy.
I wonder how much will this last, though. Seeing that the U.S. is starting to become like the French in terms of both degeneracy and their intellectual influence throughout the world with their ill-intended ideas like trannism and subtle normalization of pedophilia.

Anonymous 17247

there's still a pretty concerted effort to push the tranny meme, but there's at least a healthy skepticism which is more and more in the public eye. Still have all the usual suspects and ideologues moaning, and some troubling stuff - like a report from 15 years ago, with people working in gender clinics expressing concern at how quickly they were encouraged to refer patients for puberty blocking treatments, being buried and only coming to light last month - but there's a decent pushback against some of the worst excesses.

Anonymous 17253

I have a subscription to one of the two newspapers in my country that are still free, in that they are not the property of some oligarch billionnaire, and only get their money from their subscribers.

They also obviously produce the best journalism in the country. The one I'm subscribed to really has no competitor, the quality is far above the rest.

But yes, the quasi-totality of newspapers are absolute garbage these days. It's a shame really, there's a certain romanticism to journalism that has all but perished

Anonymous 17262

this is just a woman, come on

Anonymous 17265

Well yeah, that's to be expected. "They" took on the appearance of the sacred prostitute that fucked them for 7 days straight. I would hope that the women he fucked looked like a woman.

Anonymous 17267


God I wish he was single & my bf. GOD! I WISH HE WAS SINGLE & MY BF!

Anonymous 17280


How can he be single and your bf at the same time you absolute utter baka ?

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