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Anonymous 17506

Check out this cute sonic art I love sonic anyone else LOVE sonic

Anonymous 17513

Silv20 Spin.gif

I love Sonic no matter what. I love every character too, but my most favorite would probably be Silver or Jet. Who's your favorite character?

Anonymous 17519

I have only played Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes and the Sonic Fighters game for the Gameboy Advance. I'm more into Mario than Sonic.
I heard SonicMania and Sonic Generations where good.

Anonymous 17561


>Sonic thread
>Barely any replies
Shame. Were do you guys go for your Sonic fandom? I mostly go to /sthg/ on 4chan.

Anonymous 17562


If you're black you shouldn't resurrect. To me it was always a dealbreaker that they kept Shadow alive after his selfless sacrifice. His aesthetic isn't compatible with the colorful environments of the later games.

Anonymous 17570

Oooo I'm a real sucker for that. Anyone self-insert as Blaze?

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