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comfort media Anonymous 17573

What kind of games/shows does cc use to relax and unwind? Harvest moon and Ghibli movies are a pretty relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

Anonymous 17574

i just keep rewatching osomatsu san.. or play a game called cattails. i also like walking around in skyrim(with tons of mods) just to explore when i get anxious.

Anonymous 17575


i recently started a game called My time in portia which is rather relaxing due to how much you can explore and learn about the world
theres also a romance feature which sounds rather interesting

Anonymous 17576


portal 2.

Anonymous 17577

The new Animal Crossing.

Harvest Moon games were my favorite back in the day, but dunno what happened to the franschise.

Anonymous 17578


they're now known as story of seasons
there's a mineral town remake on switch and a new game coming out this march

Anonymous 17579


Anonymous 17580

no worries anon!

Anonymous 17581


ai yazawa's work are particularly enjoyable, the drama in them and how it subverts shoujo tropes is compelling too

Anonymous 17692


i have kind of a lot of sort of comfort/guilty pleasure things.

i love getting out my old gamecube, gba, and ds games and just playing through my old save files from my childhood on games like animal crossing, pokemon, or nintendogs. i also have a collection of those old shojo beat manga magazines and sometimes i like to flip through the old articles while listening to lo-fi or calm video game music.

before flash died i really liked going on dolldivine or rinmarugames and making my ocs on the dress up games. this was good for days when i couldn't really draw (i have a wrist condition :/ )

as for other sort of escapism stuff, i love really long jrpgs with lots of content that i can kind of just immerse myself into when i'm stressed. ghibli movies are a+ tier as well as far as calming and satisfying media goes. I love retro anime in general, something about old cel animation hits different.

Anonymous 17705

ahhhh i loved dress up games so much when i was younger!

Anonymous 17707

Minecraft is the best game to relax

Anonymous 17717

I always like Star Trek when I'm stressed out (the old series, not neo trek). It's just exciting enough to keep me interested, but everything is pretty low stakes, the characters are all good people, and every arc has a happy ending.

Anonymous 17762

contemplating getting stardew valley as ive heard lots of good things about how relaxing it is

Anonymous 17776

Fire Emblem Heroes

Anonymous 18009


Sonic 1

Anonymous 18010

2D Castlevania games and Samurai Warriors

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