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Hetalia Anonymous 17627

Apparently it's now socially unacceptable to like Hetalia because it's for nazis somehow. This is the most retarded take I've ever heard and I hate that I have to pretend that I don't think the show was fun when I watched it (which I know every anime-watching female on the fucking planet also has). I'm going to have to watch the new series in secret, I guess.

More importantly, who's your favorite Hetalia boy (or girl)? Mine's Canada.

Anonymous 17629


Everything is considered problematic now, op. You should stop giving a fuck about what other people think and just enjoy it. and if anyone bothers you about it, tell them to fuck off.
I personally can't wait for the new season; I absolutely loved hetalia back in the day.
Canada is a really good choice, but Prussia will always be my fav^^

Anonymous 17642

Lmao fucking anglos. People calling this nazi obviously have never seen it, just call them out on their bullshit.

Anonymous 17645


I think it’s mostly younger people and people who were never into Hetalia saying that. If you actually watch it, it’s just fun and cute. I totally get you though, especially since Germany was my favorite when I watched it. Canada’s a really good choice, though.

Anonymous 17658

Japan and Netherland/Holland. I love Japan's quiet old ass and Netherland's crochety self. Maybe Turkey and Belarus too.

Anonymous 17712

Listening to these underaged zoomers bitch and moan about Hetalia and other subversive media make me think that this generation has really lost its punk rock. My sister's hardly a zoomer, but even she refused to watch it.
The English dub was removed from Hulu, but the jp dub's still there because Funimation's disingenuous ass doesn't want to lose the liscense.

Anyway, my favs are Spain and Southern Italy.

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