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Anonymous 17752

Does anyone else hate the recent trend of merchandise being used in films as props? Like instead of having a high quality movie prop and then copying it to sell, they make a lower quality piece of merchandise and use that. I can always spot them immediately and they take me out of the film.

Anonymous 17753


The Twilight sequels are the first movies I can remember doing it.

Anonymous 17754


Contrast the Ravenclaw diadem with Mia’s tiara from The Princess Diaries. Mia’s looks almost like a real royal tiara.

Anonymous 17755


Look at the detail in Arwen’s tiara. Clearly not merchandise. Beautiful but not distracting. If this had been made more recently, she would have had some horrible clunky thing.

Anonymous 17756


Awful. She’s supposed to be an Arab princess but looks really tacky.

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