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Anonymous 17982

is writing a novel a silly idea? writing is the only thing i can do constantly without needing discipline to do it or getting bored of it. writing was the first thing i picked up as a young girl, and while i adore my other hobbies they take discipline sometimes.

but with that said, i never write aside from personal poetry or diary entries because i wonder who would even read it. i feel like its useless so i never continued writing as i got older. i have a lot of lovely ideas i want to express, though, so i wonder if i should go for it.

Anonymous 17983

It's not a silly idea at all. There's plenty of places online where you can try publishing your own stuff, like Royal Road (you retain rights there, IIRC). You could even get some more practice through things like fanfiction, if that's your cup of tea. Both avenues would give you an idea of how much attention you'll get, but you're also entering a big pool of competition. There's never any harm in trying though, good luck!

Anonymous 17984

Just write because you like it. Not everything has to produce income or be a masterpiece.

Anonymous 17985

Is writing a novel a silly idea? No. Is writing a novel by yourself alone and expecting sales to support you silly? It really depends on your writing. Go write a novel and ask editors what they think, if you don't like their response, just self-publish. No reason not to throw your garbage out there with everyone else's. The worst thing that happens is that nothing happens.

Anonymous 17986


Anonymous 18028

I write and it's a lot of fun. It's my favorite thing to do. It's hard to make any money on it but if you have ideas you want to express then don't let that stop you.

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