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Anonymous 18052

Trixie is best pony.

Anonymous 18053

Rainbow Dash.png

Will always have a soft spot for this baby.

Anonymous 18054


It's sad how wrong you are.

Anonymous 18055


i'm really sorry but I have to prove you wrong, heres all the evidence I need

Anonymous 18056


Anonymous 18058


Anonymous 18063

Pastel goth queen.

Anonymous 18856


Anonymous 18951


what about lil ol twily ?

Anonymous 19036


why does it feel like octavia fans practically nonexistent nowadays i'm so upset

Anonymous 19039


I'm not so sure about that.

Anonymous 19041


pinkie pie reigns supreme.

Anonymous 19086


i like pinkamena

Anonymous 19087


and also these two, wish they had screentime together </3

Anonymous 19089


Some ponies just want to watch the world burn.

Anonymous 19092


Anonymous 19121



Anonymous 19345

not a brony but i love octaivia's design, i love her puffy bangs

Anonymous 19349



She's good too, I like this nerd a lot.

Anonymous 19454


Or perhaps pegasus

Anonymous 19461


Everyone stand back back because I'm about to be a faggot.

While I'm not a fan if the newer designs, I'm super into older My Little Pony. I was born in 99 so I grew up with the slightly chunkier ones that were popular in the mid 2000s. To me they're one of those things that kinda stuck with you forever for nostalgic reasons.

Anyway, I collect vintage MLP toys now and imo the designs are much cuter by comparison

Anonymous 19462

I love this.

Anonymous 19463

Ayrt, I want that badge so bad. So far I've only been able to get my hands on the 35th anniversary edition of MLP toys released kinda recently and the ones I've been meaning to restore from the early 2000s. They're all still in my attic and I'm pretty sure I have about 25+ different ponies

Anonymous 19464

I'm jealous, anon. If you ever wanna sperg out and show your collection please do.

Anonymous 19466

I'm plenty ready to sperg out because I dont get a lot of opportunities to do so. One thing I truly lament is "growing out of" mlp when I was about 10 or 11. I kept all my ponies for sentimental reasons, but I got rid of a lot of play sets that are apparently worth a lot of money to collectors even unpackaged. I'm hoping that when I finally dig them out of the attic I'll find some absolute gems

Anonymous 19467

IKTF. I got back into it around late middle school and got called out for having MLP as my phone wallpaper in class. Wanted to die so badly right then and there kek. The only remaining things of MLP that I have are "The Princess Promenade" and "A Very Minty Christmas" dvds and these two ponies I got from blind bags, but I cannot for the life of me remember what series they're from. Rip.. but I'm so excited to see what you find!!

Anonymous 19472


Did anyone else have the MLP game for pc when they were a kid? Ahhhh the nostalgia of it all

Anonymous 19473


Samefag but I just unlocked a memory by seeing these when I googled the game

Anonymous 19681


Since when did the ponies ever have names like fucking "Pipp" what the hell this isnt the pony naming system

Anonymous 19682


zipp sounds way more retarded its actually funny, like a zip file or something

Anonymous 19687

Zipp looks like how cartoons portray a genderspecial satirically

Anonymous 19688


And other franchise destroyed by the Disney female protagonist face disease. Never thought it would be you MLP, but I guess money is worth more than magic to you sacks of crap huh

Anonymous 19689


Zipp Thunderstorm apparently isnt a genderspecial. Shes the pony who is supposed to take on the lesbian shaped hole Rainbowdash left behind, so they bunched her in with the moid pony.

We need to talk about fucking Hitch. His name is Hitch Trailblazer (they have surnames now?) and I actually dread the fact people are going to thirst over this fucking thing

Anonymous 19694

This is the worst possible thing.

Anonymous 19697

You just awakened "I am OCTAVIAAAAAAAaa" memories

Anonymous 19710

Why are their expressions so uncomfortably seductive…

Anonymous 19713

fucking moid protag still pissing me off
i think there's even a boring heterosexual relationship plotline hinted in the first trailer and i desperately hope it won't be the case please we don't need this bullshit

Anonymous 19714


please be just siblings
please be just siblings
please be just siblings
please be just siblings
please be just siblings

Anonymous 19715

The old design would have worked better if they were going to do CGI. The weird thing is that they already know that a majority of their fanbase is pretty much adult at this point.

I hope Chris Chan can do something about this because he hates it too and I think he is our strongest soldier in the arena of pony or sonic autism

Anonymous 19734


ah yes the male gender quota

Anonymous 19735

Chuck is in this?

Anonymous 19801

Wow, so glad to have famous failed actress and shit boring YouTuber Liza Koshy playing one of the most boring looking pony designs ever. Absolutely chuffed for this flat and uncharismatic voice cast. Cheers Hasbro, for a second there I was worried the show would be fun or have quality, I'm glad you've let us all know ahead of time that it has the voice cast equivalent of plain dry cornflakes.

Anonymous 19814


I need these babies to come back. I promise you the new ones are going to be the ugliest toys, nobody is going to want to collect any of them, and nobody is going to watch the show. I can't even see children wanting these annoying looking ponies on their pencil cases or anything like that. This was a horrible move on their part

Anonymous 21456



Anonymous 21458

Kek they made the black moid's pony black too

Anonymous 21460

Do not insult Phil Lamarr like that.

Anonymous 21493

Anyone watch these pony restoration videos? I think the old pony designs are so cute.

Anonymous 21660


I used to love MLP but dropped it after 2015-ish I think. The degenerate bronies sure did ruin it for me

My favorite is and always was Pinkie, although I've grown to like Dash as well
And fluttershy is overrated as hell

Anonymous 21662

el abominacion de los animations…

Anonymous 21844


I ordered some of these for my collection. I like the vintage dolls. I wish there was more vintage MLP stuff available because they're so special to me. It's not a nostalgia thing, I was born in the late 90s, but the 80s models are just so pretty looking

Anonymous 21923


i still have stickers of these laying around, i'm so glad i didn't use them when i was little
i want them back too


i wish the movie was about something else than the multicultural and political mess it was
why can't they just teach kids some basic morals and manners?
i'm not a fan of this very in your face indoctrination and pushing a specific agenda on kids

my little pony? more like my lefty pony

Anonymous 21926


Did anyone else have the misfortune of mlp being ruined for them by man children?
I remember loving (and tolerating) the shit out of this show as a kid until I accidently came across porn of many of the characters.
There's still apart of me that holds a soft spot for this show and I've definitely considered a re-watch to see how much has changed. But goddamn, is it really hard for me NOT to remember all the gross shit people would make of these characters.
Also fluttertism a cute

Anonymous 22092

Nightmare moon did nothing wrong
Anyone saying otherwise is buying into Celestia propaganda

Anonymous 22112


yeah think she takes the cake for me

Anonymous 22251


Anonymous 24234

c'mon, you know why :/
>pipp and zipp
also, is that a moid? in the main… 5? that's not how ponies work cmon disney

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