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Your favorite gossip site/forum/accounts Anonymous 18327

Any gossip/exposing site/forum/account that you spend time on?

For me its:
(they are more of a exposing blog and they expose who celebrities really are with inside sources leaking information to them, alot of their posts are about selena gomez but they have posts about other celebs too, prob my fave blog since their stuff is well written)

(hot tea is kind of the basic drama youtuber but their videos are entertaining)

I also follow shaderoom accs on instagram.

So what are yours?

Anonymous 18328

totally bitchy but I love killing time by lurking on lolcow

Anonymous 18329

SAME but ive noticed that my mental health feels horrible if i spend too much time there because that place is toxic

Anonymous 18330

Same here. I used to spend more time there, but it seems so much more filled with newfags and preteens each day. I still check up on my favorite cows from time to time, in case anything notable has happened, but a lot of my favorites are now sort of a thing of the past. I was active on Pretty Ugly Little Liar for a few months but left for many the same reasons. I was only 18 and even then felt like an "older" user because of how clear it is that a majority of the userbase is middle schoolers.

I'd delete my PULL account, but I started a somewhat popular thread about a singer who's widely discussed there, and if I delete my account I won't be able to update the OP with new information. Admittedly, I've also made some lolcow threads which are still up and going.

Anonymous 18331

I have to keep up with hamterochan


Anonymous 18332

>links a thread that hasn't been bumped in 4 years

Anonymous 18333

self promoting your dead thread…..lame

Anonymous 18334

I liked shookbang but its such a shame that they had to delete all their drama videos since youtubers kept on copyright striking them.

Anonymous 18336

PULL is chock full of lulzy accounts. I fucking love that they really let anyone see post histories lmao

Anonymous 18337

Not only that, but they allow users to like or dislike other users' posts, and they let users see who, specifically, dislikes their post. It's the perfect format to breed infighting and shit-throwing.

Anonymous 18338


i feel the same way, lolcow has the best drama but most of the woman there are such bitter bitches i can feel my mental health being drained if i spend too much time there. Honestly the best thing i ever did was leaving all imageboards, my life has gotten so much better since then. The only place i still lurk is here since it's pretty comfy most of the time

Anonymous 18339

Based PULL, farming their own users kek

Anonymous 18340

Same here. I go to ONTD mostly for the comments. The community has changed so much politically its fun to observe. They made the full turn from calling women sluts and fat and ugly to full SJW to now fighting about evil terves. Most importantly they'll hate everyone, they're at lolcow levels of BEC.

Anonymous 18341

The kpop version of ontd (omonatheydidnt) was also sure something. It was filled with milky horrible users.
Like for example omona would make a article where Leeteuk tries to have relationships with 12 year old girls and all of the comments would be like '''ah so cute~~'' ''leeteuk oppa funny'' or some other shit like that.

Anonymous 18342


ATRL, anyone? It's been around since 1999 yet still such a small corner of the internet. I've lurked since 2016 but have never made an account because I don't really like the userbase (as funny and overdramatic as they are.)

Anonymous 18343

whats that i googled it and couldnt find anything.

Anonymous 18344

Just "atrl.net", a pop culture and media discussion forum.

Anonymous 18345

i found them but they seem very hard to find because they share the same name and link as the toyota page.
This is the only way ive been able to access their site https://atrl.net/forums/forum/2-music/

Anonymous 18346


sorry but im not really interested in gossip

Anonymous 18347

Op i love esposingsmg.com too.

Anonymous 18348

i like https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/ and lipstick alley.
and OP i'm glad you put exposingsmg.com because i had actually been searching for this blog for a while because i couldn't remember the name. also the fact that i hated selena's guts and read that blog religiously in middle school

Anonymous 18349

I heard the rick and morty creator cheated on his (now) ex-fiance. So she dumped him, got in shape, and went into porn. What complicates the issue is she had a fantasy of being cuckolded, yet they never talked about actually carrying out the fantasy. Kinda messed up Justin went behind her back and cheated on her with a bunch of guys.

Anonymous 18350

you're on a board with a fair amount of homosexual women, lol

Anonymous 20134


the LChat (I only care about LGB celebs)

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