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Console Gaming General Anonymous 18503

Anyone else into console gaming here ? What's your favorite console ? I personally prefer nintendo handheld gaming, my current favorite console is the 3ds although I own a Switch lite. What's yours miners?

Anonymous 18504

Wii fit

Anonymous 18505


wii fit was a goofy era ngl

Anonymous 18514

I've got a powerful gaymin PC and recently gifted my husband a Switch. Currently playing Kingdom Come Deliverance which is kino. My hb is playing Breath of the Wild and we both are using Ringfit Adventure as an indoors gym because of corona.

Anonymous 18515

When I was younger I was into consoles but nowadays I'm not interested in enough new games to have the purchase be worth it. That being said right now I have a lot of fun playing Beat Saber on an Oculus Quest.

Anonymous 18524

Beat Saber is very fun, it's nice when you don't have much opportunity to go to the gym and have to stay indoors because of coroon

Anonymous 18533

Switch. I play Smash Bros. Ultimate. Casually. And my overall favorite game for the platform is Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

I might get Monster Hunter: Raise.

Anonymous 18535

Have a switch but have had very little time + attention span to play it despite enjoying it. Really want VR.

Anonymous 18536

What games do you own ?

Anonymous 18587

I recently got into YuGiOh because of youtubers like Rata and Cimo/MBT. It's pretty comfy on the Switch, but it kind of annoys me that the banlists don't get updated.

Anonymous 18683


Have you tried ring fit?

Anonymous 18707

It's awesome, if you're used to gym-tier super intense workouts it will probably fall short, but for a previously sedentary person it's 10/10.
I've been sitting on my ass for the entire covid epidemic and this shit has saved me I swear. Just stick to it and do a couple maps every day.

Anonymous 18713

The best work out game you are ever possibly getting right now is that VR beat saber game or thrill of fight.

Anonymous 18766


>thrill of the fight
This game makes me sweat gallons of water, probably the most intense game I've tried yet. For those who have a VR and haven't tried it yet, you definitely should

Anonymous 18776


I've been thinking about getting Crash Bandicoot 4. Have you tried it, have you liked it?

Anonymous 18834


I’m excited about Miitopia coming to the switch this month, it was one of ny favourite games on the switch.

Anonymous 19103

How are you enjoying Miitopia anon?

Anonymous 21030

>favorite console
Gamecube/Xbox 360
I haven't played a console since I got rid of my 360 in 2015 so I can't say anything about newer consoles.

I'd like VR if I had a beefy PC that could handle it, I really want to try drawing in 3D space.

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