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Anonymous 18588

What board games do allsy'alls play?

Right now I own and play Scythe (my favourite game I own), Clank, Terraforming Mars, Settlers of Catan, and Magic the Gathering. I have a friend who has Mage Knight, and I play Binding of Isaac 4 souls on TTS sometimes.

Mage Knight is really fun. It's super complex and very rules heavy, but I love the semi-cooperative nature. Yes, you have to work together or you all lose, but there can only be one winner.

Anonymous 18592

I'm surprised to see a modern board game thread here but I have a bunch. I never played Clank or Terraforming Mars though.

Anonymous 18603

Clank is pretty fun, it's a casual deckbuilding game mixed with a "push your luck" element. There's a single player variant, and you can play that pretty easily using Table Top Simulator.

Anonymous 18822

mage knight 2.0?

my basement is full of 15 year old mage knight figures

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