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Shitty music men like Anonymous 18785

Post music men find amazing for some reason, when in reality it's mediocre or downright terrible

Anonymous 18786

So far I'm fine but eventually someone's going to post something I like and I'm going to go ballistic. I can see it now

Anonymous 18787

Death Grips
Sonic Youth
Animal Collective

Anonymous 18788

yes to all
if you dont like mgmt i can only imagine what boring stuff you actually like

Anonymous 18789


Anonymous 18790

This is just the song all the hyperboria / wignat videos use

Anonymous 18791

I mean I like earth 2

Anonymous 18793

zero idea what those are but come on, mgmt's fun synthpop. shouldnt dislike something because of its association with other things.

Anonymous 18796


>sonic youth
say psych rn

Anonymous 18805

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