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Characters that you relate to in cartoons and anime Anonymous 19156

For me its Mayaya from Princess Jellyfish

Anonymous 19158


Yanagin (the one with the glasses) from daily lives of high school boys. Even though she's a minor side character, her man hating is completely justified and, dare I say, based.

Anonymous 19159


Also Nina Hopkins from Kuroshitsuji for the same reasons as above as well as the fact she's a shotacon.

Anonymous 19162


Anonymous 19164


Anonymous 19253



Anonymous 19254

walk on.jpg

the raven haired maiden from the night is short, walk on girl

Anonymous 19305



Anonymous 19306


idk how to explain without going in depth into my autistic SEL theory

Anonymous 19307

oh please do

Anonymous 19308

OP Here…DO IT!!!

Anonymous 19310


Anonymous 19316

ill try
when I first watched SEL i related to lain mostly because I was also a mostly friendless awkward highschooler who tried to replace real human connection with the internet, but i never related to any of the more popular/philosophical/semi-religious theories abt the show so i just made my own. i doubt this was the intended or ~true~ meaning but i liked to imagine that lain had really bad memories from a few years before the show takes place and had tried to run away from the person she was when they all happened (basically her wired persona) so she mellowed out and developed more childlike interests/hobbies as a way to cope (like her plushie collection and her bearsuit i guess.) the reason she became interested in the wired again was because she wanted everyone to forget about who she was before and instead remember her as she is now. her family is worried about her because they still remember how she was years earlier but they didnt want any of that up to her, and lain projects her feelings of lifelessness onto them to excuse herself from not talking to them much anymore. i could write more but i dont rly wanna turn this into a lain theory thread kek

Anonymous 19319


An anon in another thread made me remember how much I related to Raven as a child. Remember that episode where she fell in love with a character from a book who turned out to be a villain trying to break his curse? Not only did I relate to her a lot, she was so cool, I wanted to be like her too. I mean, I liked practically all the characters in Teen Titans, but nobody came close to how much I liked her.

But when I got into the internet (for real, not just to play Flash games), I discovered how much people sexualize her and it saddens me, it's infuriating. So I cope with it by pretending it doesn't bother me, that I like it a little too (I don't). But what I can't ignore is how she was apparently the cartoon crush of someone I like, someone who has no interest in me. That's making me conflicted about this character, and it's making me re-evaluate why I feel this way about her, about him, and about that fact. It's really fucking with my head and I think I'm being childish.

Anyway, they really ruined her in TTG.

Hey, I think your theory is perfectly valid as well, even if it's not the "intended" meaning.
>i could write more but i dont rly wanna turn this into a lain theory thread kek
Then make a thread about it! Either about Lain or fan theories in general.

Ponchouli Knowledge 19363



Alternatively, just about your average female MC meant to be self-inserted since I feel I'm not that interesting, to be honest.

Anonymous 19421


Anonymous 19422


Watching this episode in particular gave me flashbacks

Anonymous 19424


But Patchy is very interesting anon. She knows a lot of things!
>just about your average female MC meant to be self-inserted
Same. And pic related based on my experiences at school/uni I guess. and cats

Anonymous 19559


Kanamori is literally me except I wish I was as assertive as her.

Anonymous 19562


i was gonna post asakusa for mine and saw your post so i figured i'd reply. eizouken characters are so good

Anonymous 19574


what a coincidence nananon i relate a lot to hachi motives and morals wise and also her "doglike" personality ^_^

Anonymous 19581


I've been reading Chainsaw Man and it's pretty hot.

Anonymous 19582


Anonymous 19595


Always the repressed homolust tsundere. I hate that Japan exaggerates and romanticizes the most disgusting and embarrassing parts of my personality and makes a convenient feel-good self-insert for me in nearly every show

Anonymous 19603


Male poster spotted.

Anonymous 19622


Also Celty.

Anonymous 19628


The fact that I also have a twin sister makes me relate to her even more.

Anonymous 19636


I gusss I can relate to Ochako but more of a shy and quiet introvert with social anxiety. So not as positive as her.
>poor household
>saves money
>blown away when faced with luxury
>wants to make money to give family a comfortable life

Anonymous 19637


Anonymous 19638


Hope video games characters are allowed. I can very much relate to Alphys from Undertale as a chubby, anxious, bisexual nerd that likes anime except I'm not a scientist and don't have a gf/bf.

Anonymous 19672

Anonymous 19686

It's so hard to find relatable war criminal characters nowadays, almost makes me regret killing all those innocents in pakistan

Anonymous 19709

i relate to butthole-sama from kokoro no ass chan

Anonymous 20933

Erio from Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko


Anonymous 20935



Anonymous 20940


I also feel like she would browse here

Anonymous 21046


Anonymous 21047


not a cartoon but i've never related to a fictional character more (much to my chagrin lol)

Anonymous 21054


Tooru Mutsuki from Tokyo Ghoul, because trauma.
It sucks so much that the fanbase misrepresents her character and treats her as an Aiden

Anonymous 21136

the closest would be rei ayanami since i don't know how to express emotions at all, most likely because im autistic. also, when it comes to my work, i dedicate myself completely to it. i have been told i "sacrificed my individuality" by doing so.

Anonymous 21468

>For me its Mayaya from Princess Jellyfish

Anonymous 21504

Her passion and joy. I really relate to her raw passion and her excitability. despite the fact that she is awkward and afraid of people, she has this energy burning in her, and she is constantly thinking about her fixations. She also just yells so much and is so spazzy in her body language. I think I relate to the rest of the girls in the show, especially with being afraid of people and having agoraphobic tendencies, along with having rigid fixations AKA autism/ocd but Mayaya just stands out to me the most.

Anonymous 21935


Anonymous 22039


The OG Harley Quinn from BTAS

Anonymous 22248


>only hangs out with weirdos
>goes to witch to get help catching a moid
>avid hoarder

I was shaky on it until I saw some miners post pictures of their rooms.

Anonymous 22287


San from princess mononoke, i relate to her resentment towards humans and love of nature and animals

Anonymous 22304

Did you like Ultra Despair Girls? I really liked it and it made me want a friend like Komaru

Anonymous 22352

Anime is real

Anonymous 22457


I can't stand in the sun either. Also parental issues, bloodsucking, etc.

Anonymous 22511


i also smoke a lot and like to pretend there's nothing wrong with myself

Anonymous 22515


Yes, I'm a cunt.

Anonymous 22516


This monster from Monsters University. She only had limited screen time, but her apathy spoke to me.

Anonymous 22517


Sophie is one of the few female characters I like.
She is modest, nice, friendly, polite and hardworking.
She took over the shop from her parents, even thou she doesn't even like it that much. (But does it for father)
We have the same hair..
Also she secretly wants to be pretty, but would never admint it.
Yeah, I like Sophie.

Anonymous 22665


Casca from Berserk, exclusively the Golden Age arc.

Anonymous 22666


That's nice. I relate to prisoner Griffith when I'm sad and wearing sweatpants. Let's meet up sometime huehuehue

Anonymous 22821


what up

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