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sing waggy.jpg

Does this bother anyone else? Anonymous 20206

I spend a lot of time searching for music and go fairly deep so end up finding a lot of truly obscure artists. Really obscure with only a few to 20 views on youtube and no listeners on spotify.

What depresses me is that there are so many amazing artists that never get any love at all.
I try to share as much as I can with others who have similar taste but it is so downright saddening to me that so many of these artists never get even a small amount of fans.

Does the amount of good artists out there that never get any love bother anyone else? I imagine it would be the same for other artforms also.

Anonymous 20207

How do you find them

Anonymous 20208

Good artists have a soul. Famous artists have good looks, sex appeal, forgettable, indistinguishable from one another

Anonymous 20209

Last FM is good.
Rarely, very rarely on spotify it will suggest some stuff you have not heard and has not been heard by many but this is rare as it seems to always suggest the same music.

I go onto last FM and just type in a genre and search through all the artists that pop up starting from the last page working my way through. Sometimes you find some great music.
This is a good hobby for miners! I am playing new music while reading and that is what makes it a good hobby as you can do it while doing other things. Your head can actually start hurting after looking for lots of music though!

What is popular now is normally just what is marketable as an image I agree but there are some "popular" music that is good also. My idea of popular is very skewed though!

Anonymous 20210

Please share those musicians. I like obscure stuff too
currently listening to an old live performance of Chiaki Sato

Anonymous 20211

embeded a song.
Currently just playing the for carnations and similar bands.

Playing that link you shared.
Shy about sharing music on here!

Anonymous 20212

I like that a lot. Good taste anon.

Anonymous 20213

Like what you shared! saved
thanks chu 2.

too lazy to do anything but listen to music. how do you find your music?
this is a spanish track that you may enjoy as similar feel

Anonymous 20214

this needs love also. Japanese Duster!

Anonymous 20215

if they're that good anon, you must share them. spread it to the right people and you have come to the right place desu

Anonymous 20216

Give me some recs, anon. I like pretty much everything from 90s rock to women like Kate Bush and Joanna Newsom and Julia Holter to ambient to obscure emo. I used to hang out on a lot on mp3 blogs when I was a couple of years younger.

Freshman Year by Hop Along, Queen Ansleis will forever remain my favorite album, though. They have this EP — Is Something Wrong? — and it’s so good.

Anonymous 20217

I'm like this with comics and video games. It's really sad how many normies base their life experience around things they already recognize.

Anonymous 20218

I have normie-adjacent music taste so most artists I listen to have at least 100+ fans, but one thing that’s sort of similar is:
>find a new artist
>listen to everything they’ve made over their career in like a month on repeat
>wonder why there isn’t anything else
>Wikipedia says they died/quit music years ago

Anonymous 20219

>Does the amount of good artists out there that never get any love bother anyone else? I imagine it would be the same for other artforms also.
It's the same for all art. The Pareto Distribution is absolutely devastating.

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