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Storytime - Juniper of Ebon Storytime OP 20273

Hello CC, I would like to share with you some of my favorite DeviantArt comfy-cringe. Welcome to Juniper of Ebon.

What you're in for: A light-hearted self-insert fantasy about a very special orphan with superpowers who finds out she is the MOST special and travels into a magical land that needs her to save it. Despite being drawn with pen and marker in a notebook it is surprisingly competent, albeit drawn in Sonic style. Despite being Swedish the author does an okay job of writing in English most of the time. I've shown this comic to people before and been told "it's like looking into a little girl's diary." The author was 15 when she started the comic and 19 when she finished it. She is 27 now and still posts to DeviantArt.

I really like the innocent creative energy at play here, and I think the main character's design is almost kind of good. There are also some strong LOLs in the story and dialogue.

You can read ahead here: https://www.deviantart.com/katarinathecat/gallery/23771391/juniper-of-ebon

Storytime OP 20274


As I said, the author is Swedish, so I don't know why she picked her OC to live in London. Maybe she lived there at some point, maybe it's some sort of anglophile choice. A mystery to me!

Storytime OP 20275


Butch and Mikey are never seen again.

Anonymous 20276

this sounds amazing already

Storytime OP 20278


Song reference:
This happens a few times.

Storytime OP 20279

I figured out how to actually link a Youtube, forgive me.

Storytime OP 20280


Storytime OP 20281


I thought at first that the weird 'P' was some kind of foreshadowing, because that's kind of the astrological symbol for Pluto. It never comes up again, so now I think she was just going to write 'Juniper Ebonywood' then caught herself and had to fix the 'E' to add the middle name.

Storytime OP 20282


I wonder when the author's birthday is, lol.

It is, it really is, I'm excited for my favorite stupid line to show up about halfway in.

Storytime OP 20283


The sudden teleportation will get explained nearish to the end of the comic, because I guess she realized she forgot to show the teleportation macguffin. Lol.

Storytime OP 20284


A strong recurring theme is how everyone knows literally fucking everything about June. It's not creepy, it's convenient!

Storytime OP 20285


Katarinathecat's other main mary sue is an Echidna. She really likes Echidnas. It feels kind of random here but it's consistent with her other works.

Storytime OP 20286


Some common character design themes in Katarinathecat's work are giant, shapely tids and giant, fully toed Sonic feet. This probably makes someone really happy.

Storytime OP 20287


Wait a minute! You're that guy named Andrew I've been looking for!

I don't know why I find that line so funny.

Storytime OP 20288



It's just that easy.

Storytime OP 20289



Storytime OP 20292


There's a lot to dissect in this plotdump but honestly I'd like to ignore it in favor of pointing out that Sonic poster. Andrew had a room prepared for June's arrival and made sure she had a Sonic poster. He knows everything, especially about her.

Storytime OP 20293


The relationship between Andrew and June is worthy of some serious analysis.


In nearly every other author's hands that last panel would be a threat. Not here, though!

Storytime OP 20294


This page reeks to me of "my character isn't a mary sue because she has flaws."

Storytime OP 20295


"We thank you for what are they going to give us to eat. Amen."

Storytime OP 20296


I really appreciate that the artist bothers to fully color in every background, but it feels like a big waste of effort when a character shows up who is the same color. I can tell she used a slightly different green for the green girl, but it's not enough.

Anonymous 20297

honestly impressive how unsettling she made this relationship so quickly

Storytime OP 20298


If you're somehow not familiar with Disney's Hercules…this is just Disney's Hercules but with a handsomer Danny DeVito.

Storytime OP 20299

Compare and contrast.

I honestly have to wonder if there's an explanation for it. There's a lot of random 'platonic' kissing in this comic. She kissed the Griffin earlier and he flew away blushing too.

Storytime OP 20300


It was 7 pages ago that we learned about this power and I'd already forgotten about it.

Storytime OP 20301


Cutting off the panels at waist height just emphasizes how nude Charlie is.

Storytime OP 20302


Even though the Hercules source material uses this sequence to show the passage of time, I've got no reason to believe this took more than a day for June.

Storytime OP 20303


I really can't tell if the purple echidna is saying that last line as a taunt or not.

Storytime OP 20304


First panel gives me some real strong Sonichu energy.

Storytime OP 20305


Storytime OP 20306


I wish there was a Charlie and Lya subplot, it feels like Katarinathecat likes them and could have done more with them.

Storytime OP 20307


What could Eborabia possibly be like???

Storytime OP 20308


Storytime OP 20309


Check that right angle bend on her left wrist in panel five.

Storytime OP 20310


This is an extremely clean catacomb, the bodies aren't even dead yet.

Storytime OP 20311


I've read this comic front to back multiple times and I still can't tell if June can't swim. It just looks like she's not even trying.

Storytime OP 20312


The green-faced minion is probably a referential design but I don't know what it is.

Storytime OP 20313


I guess Andrew and Griffin also can't swim?

Storytime OP 20314


I'm not going to post youtube references for every copied Disney scene, I know you know this is Aladdin.

Storytime OP 20315


June is never told whether she can or can't touch the treasure!

Storytime OP 20316


Even the carpet seems weirdly physical with June.

Storytime OP 20317


It never occurs to her that this is a trap. But she's seen the movie, so she knows it's not, I guess.

Storytime OP 20318


There's no dumbass monkey here to touch the treasure for her, and June would NEVER, so a random coin just has to fall out of the fucking ceiling to initiate the lava escape.

Anonymous 20319

Somehow her being Swedish just ties it altogether.

Storytime OP 20320


I think the little emoticon bubble for the carpet is really cute here.

Storytime OP 20321



Does it? I don't know a lot about Swedish nerd girls.

Storytime OP 20322


They gave up on finding her pretty fast, lol

Anonymous 20323


Storytime OP 20324


"A lava is heading for us!"

Storytime OP 20325


Storytime OP 20326


"I've got helped"

Storytime OP 20327


Real talk if I found one of these fancy old style oil lamps in real life I would rub it immediately. How did June go through this whole ordeal without rubbing the lamp until the very end?

Storytime OP 20328


I need to stop myself from going through a scene by scene check of Aladdin for this specific legs gag

Storytime OP 20329


I'm dumb and I think it's fucking cute that the carpet's name is Carpert.

Anonymous 20331

the more the story goes on, she more potential sexual predators she collects. between the horrible rapey (old?) surrogate dad echidna that she lowkey seems to want to bone, the griffin who clearly desires cross-species relations, and the touchy carpet, it's just an increasingly bizarre collection of misfit molesters

Storytime OP 20332


Carpert the Carpet, Genai the Genie. Oh, and Griffin the Griffin.

Storytime OP 20333


"Nice to meet you" "Thank you!" Not, 'nice to meet you too?' weird.

Ha!!! You posted that before the genie started hitting on her!

Storytime OP 20334


I don't know if I'm annoyed or relieved that there's no "wish for more wishes" discourse in this scene.

Storytime OP 20335


If I were a genie I think I'd just not mention wishes in hopes that I'll never have to grant one. You'd think that would work.

Storytime OP 20336


I like how panel 1 isn't written as a hypothetical. I know it's just an ESL error but it would be funny as an intentional joke.

Storytime OP 20337


The marker she uses for Genai's accessories has changed! It doesn't mean anything.

Storytime OP 20338


Good night, mortals. I'm going back in my house. Sleep on the sand I don't care.

Storytime OP 20339


I love how young June's outfit is EXACTLY the same. Also I feel like this sleeping configuration is inappropriate given what we've seen so far.

Anonymous 20340

Rude. Griffin is for platonic love.

Storytime OP 20341


I was wrong, Mikey shows up for another panel.

Storytime OP 20342


Ebonitian Native American Village.

Ebonitian. Native American.

Storytime OP 20343


Both of Harold's parents died of heart attacks. Presumably simultaneously? He was delivered by portal? So was June I guess.

Storytime OP 20344


Lancelot doesn't want to fuck June because he's too busy trying to fuck himself, I see.

Storytime OP 20345


"Excellent, my dear guard!" I think this green guy is the only guard he has.

Storytime OP 20346


I feel like if we had gotten more interactions between June and Mrs. Gray their relationship would look almost as weird as June and Andrew's.

Anonymous 20347

lmao native american. pocahontas arc when? the orphanage was in london, so that's odd

Storytime OP 20348


Everyone just fucking loves June, if she disappears for two days it's a heartbreaking affair. Makes me jealous.

Anonymous 20349

nevermind, i missed the next page. i presume he got there by portal too, naturally

Storytime OP 20350


I kinda like the panel of Griffin staring at the reader. It's just fun and nice.

god I'm trying so hard not to spoil it

Storytime OP 20351


It feels like maybe this page and the last were a slight mistake. It feels like she wrote the same transitional scene twice.

Storytime OP 20352


I like how the lack of depth makes it look like she's selecting that island on an overworld map.

Storytime OP 20353


I'm not going to dig for a video reference but this is another scene from Hercules. You've probably seen it already.

Storytime OP 20354


This is the first page in which June's species is actually mentioned. It was never a secret, Katarinathecat just forgot to say it anywhere.

June is a Martian. Like Marvin the Martian. The design is probably modeled after that queen Martian from the Duck Dodgers cartoon that was airing around this time.

Storytime OP 20355


Damn, he just fucking went for it. RIP June.

Anonymous 20356

kekkkk the waterfall scene, of course. except i assume makeshift megara is going to disappear as quickly as she came

Storytime OP 20357


It was mentioned offhandedly at some point early on that June has super strength, but super defense was never implied. Not even her glasses took damage.

Storytime OP 20358


Oh, right. She lampshades the glasses thing in the next page.

Oh no she takes up space for a while longer! To no purpose, of course!

Storytime OP 20359


Thanks Carpert, I forgot you were a thing.

Storytime OP 20360


Anonymous 20361

if she doesn't turn into jolteon after megara flies out of his hands and shock him to death through the water or something i will be extremely disappointed after her having talked up her eevee evolution powers for like four scenes now

Storytime OP 20362


Ahaha fuck every time she does the Eevee thing it's really jarring because I forgot she could do it.

Storytime OP 20363


I can't tell if this was counted as a wish or not.

Ha!!! That would have been a much better morph choice!!!

Storytime OP 20364


One of the things I find charming is how often people say "thanks" and "you('re) welcome" at each other in this comic.

Anonymous 20365

Screenshot 2021-07…

is this a general autism thing? chris chan does the same thing in his comics

Storytime OP 20366


This whole scene was pointless but at least the centaur didn't hit on June.

Storytime OP 20367


How convenient that this new lady is headed to where the heroes live anyways.

I think the emotes inside word panels is a quirky weeb thing, but it may very well be a genuinely useful tool for autistics. It definitely tells you what lines are sarcasm.

Storytime OP 20368


Even this random nurse in the woods knows everything about June and has nothing but full empathy for the entire situation.

Storytime OP 20369


I love the shape of June's word bubble in panel 4. It's very chaotic.

Storytime OP 20370


"Would you like to join us?" "No I think I'll stay out here in the woods with my unconscious rapist."

Anonymous 20371


Storytime OP 20372


I just want to point out how much I love how every page is faithfully numbered with a little graphic of June's side braid. It's pointless but it shows so much dedication.

Storytime OP 20373


"My favorite weapon…this SPECIFIC knife!"

Storytime OP 20374


What a waste of a page. Thanks, Lancelot.

Anonymous 20375

Storytime OP 20376


I want to say that the way this pink dog is drawn is a copy of some actual cartoon's style, but I can't identify it. I feel like if Katarinathecat wanted to just draw a generic dog she'd give it a Sonic face or something. But I can't prove it.

Storytime OP 20377


The knife got shorter between scenes.

Storytime OP 20378


Carpert's little face bubble still makes me smile.

Storytime OP 20379


I decided to see if Hiretsuna the Hedgehog had other character development so I searched her DA and found this:

Anonymous 20380

it's already extremely sonic-like, especially when tilted. she definitely makes almost all of her characters sonic themed no matter wtf they are. we're lucky the griffin looks as much like an eagle as it does

Anonymous 20381

strong snow white vibes

Storytime OP 20382


she zoom

Anonymous 20383

The little ponytail with the page number on it is pure soul
I love this kind of thing honestly, reminds me of making stupid comics with my friend.

Storytime OP 20384

That sure is a wolf.

Maybe? The eyes might be what are throwing me off.

I kinda see it. I do wish there were more Disney knockoff arcs, I'd like to see what she does for Snow White. Would she cast June as the prince?

I hope you saved some of those comics!

Storytime OP 20385


Good job posting the page, me.

Storytime OP 20386


She's really going down on that ass

Storytime OP 20387


Imagine being able to shotput a man into space by his own ass. Pink Wolf is my hero.

Storytime OP 20388


So >>20380 was right

Storytime OP 20389


Oh good, he found someone new to obsess over.

Storytime OP 20390


Samson is the father of Dean who is the father of June. So Andrew is sort of June's uncle even before factoring in the adoption. And Haily's here to let you know it's not weird.

Storytime OP 20391


Oh wait, so Haily is the only person who doesn't know June's entire backstory. And it's because she learned Andrew's entire backstory instead.

Storytime OP 20392


Behold, my favorite page!

>my island, Native America.


Storytime OP 20393


I like the valiant attempt to put a full beard on a Sonic muzzle. He looks like he has minstrel lips.

Storytime OP 20394


Just soak in this Ebonitian Native American Eagle character design for a while.

Oh also Lancelot has always had black scelera for some reason, never explained.

Anonymous 20395

only room for one backstory at a time which is actually a departure from the rest of the harry potter theme. haley is just straight up a cat though wtf

Storytime OP 20396


"No wonder he hates priests and priestesses!" What? Are we supposed to feel sympathy or has she just fumbled the English for "now I understand the villain motive"

Storytime OP 20397


"By the way, you're the specialest and most strongerest."

She's a cat that turns into a wolf, that's got to count for something.

Storytime OP 20398


well alright

Storytime OP 20399


Lancelot is really affectionate with that guard. I feel like these guys are in a love triangle.

Storytime OP 20400


Presumably wolf!Haily has been sneaking around in Lancelot's castle for years and yet he's surprised.

Anonymous 20401

oh okay this marble-headed guy and june are marvin the martian, makes sense now why megara 2.0 called her a martian

Storytime OP 20403


He's trying to exterminate an entire family line because he didn't get a promotion when he was 16 :(

Anonymous 20404

You couldn't possibly understand. You're not from Native America.

Storytime OP 20405


I like the innocence of panel 3. "Wow, can I…can I help you?"

I suspect that there's an entire DeviantArt subculture of Martian-sonas that I can't find because I don't know the right search terminology to find them. Because searching 'martian' gets you a bunch of different alien types.

This board is anonymous you don't know where I'm from!!!!

Storytime OP 20406


Not a whole lot to say about Lancelot's incel plans

Anonymous 20407

excited to see what gargoyles look like in this universe!!

Storytime OP 20408


I won't let him genocide the priest class, ESPECIALLY not the ones I know personally!

Storytime OP 20409



Prepare to be disappointed

Storytime OP 20410


Not a gargoyle. We have like a whole two scenes before it shows up. Enjoy this hebi.

Anonymous 20411

Looks like my drawings as a kid. That's nice.

Storytime OP 20412


I feel very satisfied by June's reaction here, she's really not into this Andrew striptease.

Storytime OP 20413


"You welcome!"

Your drawings must have been fun, I hope you saved some.

Storytime OP 20414


Storytime OP 20415


Get up on the hydra's back, Herc!

Storytime OP 20416


I like the grunty "waah waah" faces the hebi is making.

Anonymous 20417

guess the hydra was too on the nose so she went with the snake. kind of a refreshing development to not lift the dragon hydra directly i guess

shocked it took us this long to see him nearly naked, actually

Storytime OP 20418


Every hebi face is cute, I want one

Storytime OP 20419


Hebi looks like it cant' see without glasses either

The hydra from Hercules is harder to draw, I want to believe she made a real creative choice but I doubt

Anonymous 20420

she's fucking useless, wtf, no utilization of her eevee evolution powers while her friends are getting their asses handed to them. it'd be nice if the carpet would stop disappearing so it could help rapey andy fly though

Storytime OP 20421


Does this count as a wish???

Storytime OP 20422


So from this point forward Griffin is bipedal, and it is NEVER explained.

I like to think that if Sylveon existed when this was made, June would turn into one for the type advantage.

Storytime OP 20423


Oh, I guess Viola does one(1) useful thing.

Anonymous 20424

KEK ok the suddenly humanoid bird out of nowhere sent me

Storytime OP 20425


"bleck! bleck! we hate arrows, hiss!"

Storytime OP 20426


Bye, Hebi

Storytime OP 20427


It occurred to me just now that MAYBE June gets the little emoji bubbles because she has no mouth. Carpert gets them and it's definitely because he can't emote otherwise. So maybe that's the rationale for June.

Anonymous 20428

oh that's right, she had eye-lasers this whole time so this snake didn't have to deal damage to any of her friends in the first place

Storytime OP 20429


Oh shit, there's a Koopa here. I know that at least one person in Katarinathecat's friend circle had a Koopa-sona but I don't know if that's a cameo. I just like how jarring it is for a Koopa to show up next to the Sonic furries.

Storytime OP 20430


Hoola. You might be excited but we aren't getting a full Lilo and Stitch arc and I'm a little mad that we don't.

Storytime OP 20431


Look at that human, with her small human feet. How wretched!

I guess she needed Haily to weaken it first or something who knows

Storytime OP 20432


I have a theory that artists like this will do random intro pages just as an excuse to draw the whole cast, because it's so easy to forget some of your characters when you draw a crowd. It's like a cheat sheet for later pages.

Storytime OP 20433


There's like ONE human on this island and everyone else is an echidna. Of course.

Storytime OP 20434


Thanks for telling us your names, random crowd echidnas. The bunny and tiger don't get names. >:(

Storytime OP 20435


I'm annoyed that this is 100% wish fulfillment and yet she only took the first 15 minutes of the movie. We could have had a Stitch knockoff but NO

Storytime OP 20436


Hiretsuna's getting a little stunning and brave tonight

Storytime OP 20437


I think one of those girls is just Sonic in a wig

Anonymous 20438

this whole strip could've easily been leila (lilo) relating to her about being an orphan, instead she must assert how bangable she is to every vaguely male character in town

Storytime OP 20439


Everyone on the island literally stood up and clapped

Storytime OP 20440


These lyrics appear to be accurate but I'm not going to check.

Oh fuck you're right, somehow I forgot Lilo was an orphan. What a perfect opportunity wasted!

Storytime OP 20441


Storytime OP 20442


I just realized that Katarinathecat might think 'Native America' is an island because 'Native Hawaii' is an island

Storytime OP 20443


Storytime OP 20444

For your convenience, here's Na Mele No Lilo. I'd like to point out that this is an actual traditional song that existed before the movie (which makes it accurate that Lilo's hula class was performing it). It's not about Lilo, it's a tribute song for King Kalakaua: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kal%C4%81kaua

Basically this song has zero relevance to Juniper and unless Hoola has a similar history to actual Hawaii it shouldn't exist in Ebon. I GUESS maybe the United States of Ebon might have forcibly annexed Hoola after putting its queen (Kalakaua's sister Lili'uokalani) under house arrest. I GUESS I can have that headcanon.

Sorry guys I

I'm from Hawaii

I'm sorry

Storytime OP 20446


I'm a little bothered by the implication that Genai was stuck in his lamp while the performance was happening? Why wasn't he allowed to watch? :(

Storytime OP 20447


Was it everything you were hoping for, >>20407 ?

Storytime OP 20448


I think YOU'RE the pesky hedgehog around here…!

Nice save on the word 'rescue.'

Storytime OP 20449


Viola's tired of standing around uselessly.

Storytime OP 20450


I would like to point out that Lancelot talks to Haily the same way he talks to that one guard.

Storytime OP 20451


Literally what is that guard for if they just walked in like this?

Storytime OP 20452


Right, right, we're back to the color-by-numbers Aladdin plot.

Storytime OP 20453


Let's strip!

Storytime OP 20454


If Hiretsuna holds the lamp doesn't he get a wish? Does the wish count reset every time the lamp changes hands? I need to know.

Storytime OP 20455


"Don't call my flying rag a flying rag!" Pow!

Storytime OP 20456


It was this easy.

Storytime OP 20457


Lol she's watching Aladdin on her TV at home.

Storytime OP 20458


Oh no she's shoujo sparkling for him.

Anonymous 20459

she wrote 'hawaii' in the song she sang and did not replace it with 'hoola', actually. guess juniper believes anywhere that looks like hawaii is hawaii, or close enough, anyways

it's closer than i thought it'd be but i'm a little disappointed it's essentially another eagle

my question is in a tug of war scenario, do they have joint ownership of the lamp? ownership is a real, literal, touch and go issue for this kind of thing. actually surprised common lore hasn't ironed it out more

Storytime OP 20460


Oh my god I forgot about this part it's such a…such a gem.

YOU WOULD THINK, amongst the years of "wish for more wishes" discourse, we'd get some solid rules on lamp handling. I really don't know either!

Storytime OP 20461


Okay so she made a musical ring and recorded HERSELF singing on it. Okay, that sounds like something a kid would want. But she made it herself? As a school project? I mean the real kicker here is that she thinks this is a good gift for someone she met yesterday.

Storytime OP 20462


Imagine having a push-to-play singing wedding ring. With your stepdaughter's voice in it.

Storytime OP 20463


At least he'll stop kissing June, probably.

Anonymous 20464

that's bad, but what's worse is the fact that he intended on proposing to her with no ring and just left the responsibility to his niece-daughter, that she just happened to have on hand, that very much says "this is from my 13 yo niece-daughter". he was too concerned with his tux to worry about a ring. a cheap and inconsiderate manchild. and the perpetual bedroom eyes for his niece will never not be creepy

Storytime OP 20465


Bet you didn't expect these two to come back. I have to wonder if they represent anyone in Katarinathecat's real life.

Also, that's the crystal that sent her to Ebon, that we didn't see when she was sent to Ebon.

Storytime OP 20466


"You must be very special."

Oh my god you're right. What the fuck was he going to do otherwise?!

Storytime OP 20467


"What happened to that guy?" "Oh we trapped him for eternity."

Storytime OP 20468


lol she FORGOT to do this. If she had done this before her hula performance things would be different around here.

Storytime OP 20469


I'm suddenly hyper-aware of Genai's gloveless Sonic hands. And I realized that none of these echidnas have had Knuckles spike gloves. It's fine, it's just kind of weird to think about.

Storytime OP 20470


I wish Patty had a backstory.

Storytime OP 20471


I'm bothered that Katarinathecat ran out of purple ink and made all the Martians blue. She still made the page-ponytail the right color, maybe she did those first?

Storytime OP 20472


So many dead parents in this comic

Storytime OP 20473


Wait do people clap at weddings?

Storytime OP 20474


I often forget that June isn't intended to be a princess, because so much of her story feels like a princess fantasy. She's just a priestess, the royalty of Ebon are some other random people.

Storytime OP 20475


Andrew and Haily's wedding still has to be all about June.

Storytime OP 20476


Literally god comes down to congratulate June…at Andrew's wedding. Aight.

Storytime OP 20477


Meanwhile, outdoors…

Anonymous 20478

i'm sorry, it just feels like everyone wants her dick, patty included

i forgot to make mention of it in the first comics but i lol'd pretty heartily at the choice of 'pamela' sandwiched between juniper and ebonywood, what a name

Storytime OP 20479


A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory…a far-off memory that's like a scattered dream… I want to line the pieces up…yours and mine…

Storytime OP 20480

For your final listening pleasure, the opening song from Kingdom Hearts II.

The thought of someone singing this a capella is hilarious, I've never heard a version of this song that wasn't heavily edited in a way that makes it unsingable. There are parts of the song that are played backwards.

Storytime OP 20482


And that's it! We end abruptly on a song. Quite frankly I'm just glad there's a definitive end, because many amateur comics just meander off into nothing. For real, having an end is a real point of quality for a webcomic. I respect it. It's still weird.

I unironically like the names 'Juniper' and 'Pamela' but boy do they not need to be together.

Storytime OP 20483

They had it coming. We'd be looking at a very different world if Kingdom Hearts and Smash Bros. hadn't enabled the crossover spergs.

Anonymous 20484

overall, an excellent comic for the ages. perfect amount of innocent, awesome early 2000s nerdgirl autism. thank you for posting it, anon. seriously, a treasure.

Storytime OP 20485

Thank you, I'm honored to have a place like CC to post it. I feel like /co/ would have either ignored it outright or gotten gross about it.

Anonymous 20486

>So from this point forward Griffin is bipedal, and it is NEVER explained.
That's alarming

Anonymous 20795

When I write I start to fall in love with my characters. It is very distracting

Anonymous 20804

Loved it. Thanks, OP.

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