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Any recommendations for old Russian Novels Anonymous 20749

Any examples of this? I have only read old English and French novels but Russian ones seem interesting as fuck from thks description
(pic related)

Anonymous 20751

Just the biggest names in the game, you could start with Dostoevsky or Tolstoy.

Anonymous 20758


Anonymous 20768

download (37).jpeg

This. If you want to read Dostoevsky novels, read in this order
>Notes from the Underground (really short book)
>Crime and Punishment
>The Idiot
>Demons (Optional)
>The Brothers Karamazov
There's only two (good) Tolstoy novels, so read either.
Other good Russian novels are Dead Souls, Father and Sons, and Oblomov.
I could recommend you short stories too.

Anonymous 20878


Read this

Anonymous 20882

OP You should read The Master and Margarita, Mikhail Bulgakov,

Anonymous 20954

i'd add "the adolescent" at the end as another optional. not sure why its always overlooked

Anonymous 20957

Don't read this shit. Worst mistake of my life. XIX century's version of cringe. I just hate Mr. Fatass' idealization of the common folk (first of all, thats privileged af - a benevolent version of contempt, he just idealizes their stupidity to naivity, depraved culture to important morals and their pooreness to the source of their virtue, instead of misery) and the mental gymnastics he uses to "prove" that eVeRyOne HaS a SigNifIcAnT RolE iN hIsTorY!!! (and Napoleon is a loser kekekke1!!1). Also a misogynist - in this book idealized Natasha firstly for her naivity and then for her motherhood (in Russian he even called her an animalistic version of "female" - English an analogous word, so you have missed this "gem") and loyalty to a moid. Though he is very good with words, I must admit it.

Anonymous 20958

Dostoevsky wrote some based lesbian romance in Netochka Nezvanova. Not so bad, I can recommend

Anonymous 20983

there is Despair by Nabokov

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