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Anonymous 20779

What female musical artist recommendations do you have? Mainly looking for noisepop, synthpop, witch house, Crystal Castles type stuff but without the moids.

Anonymous 20784

Antichildleague, Silent Abuse, Rusalka, Pharmakon, Naughty, Puce Mary, Pan Daijing

Anonymous 20785

wtf desu.jpeg

The fuck? Do you mean vocaloid/utauloid? Is this some retarded zoomer term for it or something?

Anonymous 20800

Synthpop is short for synthesizer pop and it uses a synthesizer as the main instrument. It started in the early 80s in Japan, Germany, and the UK I think. I specified synthpop bc I like synthesizers and that's what music with lots of synth is called. Just bc you don't recognize a term doesn't mean it's some zoomer tiktok shit.

Anonymous 20807


The fuck? Do you mean synthpop? Is this some retarded zoomer term for it or something?

Anonymous 20815

Anonymous 20899

not really what you suggested but i highly recommend caroline polachek

Anonymous 21050

i don't listen to witch house anymore, but this song is nice

Anonymous 21157

>but without the moids
For fuck's sake I was going to recommend my favorite female-fronted synth/technopop bands and duos. Though they're all Hispanic. And I don't think you're looking for "bands" who are just singers and don't compose their own music, like Flans, either.

I can recommend Mystica Girls, a Mexican heavy metal band, and Mon Laferte, a popular musician/singer from Chile. But especially the latter since she's probably closer to the kind of music you like. She's pretty versatile but this is one of my favorite songs by her, it's kind of a tribute to the Japanese Enka genre.

Another all-female metal band, but this time a British one, is the NWOBHM band Girlschool.

Anonymous 23039

big fan of Birthday Massacre, but if you want weebshit Rie Fu and nano/ナノ. uhhh Minako Honda too.

SHOW-YA is a great band, they've worked with Cheap Trick and started japan's women only music festival back in the 80s.

Anonymous 23050

Anonymous 24194

I'm replying despise the fact you posted it 7 months ago, well, I hope you'll see it.
I recommend you listen to Ladytron, it's a 2000s electropop/synthpop band, sounds kinda similar
to Crystal Castles.
The early works from Grimes are kinda witch house influenced, check the album "Halfaxa".

Anonymous 24198

Miss kittin

Anonymous 24200

Anonymous 24209

jun togawa

Anonymous 24214

Tujiko Noriko is very underrated

Anonymous 24222

I can't remember how embedding works so I hope this is it.

Anonymous 24260

Waxahatchee - La Loose

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