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Kaori Yuki Anonymous 211

Angel Sanctuary was my first manga and it fills me with nostalgia (and body horror)

Anyone else got their boy's love start with Boy's Next Door?

Anonymous 238


I remember owning Fairy Cube when I was younger. Her Mangas were so pretty.

Maybe I should look up what she does these days.
But I'm a bit worried that it might turn out that her stories weren't that good if you look at them fom an adult's perspective. Like some of Stephen King's books.

Anonymous 240


I always thought her art style was so pretty.

I got buttmad when Black Butler took off and became THE gothic horror manga, when Count Cain was so much better written and drawn.

Anonymous 256

I read Angel Sanctuary a bit as a kid. It was one of the first manga I read that had incest in it. Weird to think about a younger me reading that, not knowing that I was soon to seek out a lot of other media with incest in it, particularly brother/sister, and not really knowing why (obvious kink).

Anyway, I always thought her artwork was really mature and beautiful. A little too mature for my tastes at the time, since I was reading things by CLAMP and Arina Tanemura. Still really nice, though. I think I still have some physical copies at my dad's house.

Anonymous 274

I only read Ludwig Revolution in high school because it was available in a public library and I liked it. I was surprised that she actually made a sequel, but I never got to read it. I remember in middle school when all the girls I knew who read manga almost only read shojo manga so I remember them talking a bit about Angel Sanctuary but I also never got to read it. I would like to someday, out of sheer curiosity.

I got buttmad when Black Butler took off and became THE gothic horror manga, when Count Cain was so much better written and drawn.
I like Black Butler a lot (the manga, not the anime and especially not the 2nd season), is Count Cain that similar to it or it's only the setting and the target audience that's the same? I should probably read it someday.

Anonymous 275

If Black Butler is a 14 year old going through his bi/goth phase, Count Cain is the goth cousin he was inspired by.

It's dark, creepy, incestuous, and very pretty. It's also a pretty quick read, I think there's only 4 or 5 mangas?

Anonymous 278


Not related to Kaori Yuki, but if anybody else has as big a hard-on for pre-00's, extravagantly detailed josei/seinen fantasy manga as I do, I highly recommend you check out Pet Shop of Horrors. It's a campy fantasy/horror manga authored by a female mangaka that ran from 1994-1998.

It was popular enough that it even got its own 4 episode mini-series in 1999, but for some reason not many people know of it in the West.

Anonymous 323

Pet Shop of Horrors is cool. Havent watched the anime yet although ive heard it sucked. WHat do you think?

Anonymous 327

petshop of horrort…

The animation budget could have been a lot bigger, but I personally really enjoyed it, but then again I'm a sucker for anime from this era.

Anonymous 361

It only has like four or five episodes right? Hmm Ill watch that when I finish what Im currently watching.

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