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Black Mirror Book …

Black Mirror Anonymous 2162

Honestly created this thread just to bitch about the new season. The series peaked at white bear and white christmas imo

Anonymous 2167

I haven't finished the last two episodes but so far I agree.

Anonymous 2168

My rankings for this season:
1) Black Museum
2) USS Callister
3) Arkangel
4) Hang the DJ
5) Crocodile
6) Metalhead
I actually haven't watched Metalhead so I kinda feel guilty for putting it last, but multiple people told watching the ep was a waste of time. I do still plan on watching it just not any time soon.

Also I liked Hang the DJ and all, but I don't rly get the hype around it that a lot people had? The ending kinda confused me at first and didn't rly leave an impact on me…idk

Also white christmas was amazing

Anonymous 2177

I usually avoid discussions but people liked Hang the DJ? That one totally fell flat for me and turned me off the season a bit (I'm >>2167).

Anonymous 2180

According to reddit (i know) discussions, it was better than San Junipero which is one of my favorites) as far as "feel good" episodes go, but imo it wasn't really all that "perfect".
I guess compared to the rest of the season it stood out since it didn't have any major plotholes and was entertaining/well thought out and a lot of the situations in it made sense.

Honestly, this season disappointed me a lot in general, the only episode that i thought was really good was the last one (and maybe the first one), and it still lacked compared to other seasons. It feels like they ran out of ideas.

Metalhead is a waste of time. It was kinda spooky and i didn't totally hate it but the "plot" was flat and most of the situations were stupid.
oh i'm getting chased by a murderous super-robot that can detect signals and can track almost every wave? better spend 30 minutes in a fucking dead walkie talkie while sitting on my ass and not moving at all to avoid it lol

Anonymous 2181

As I think about it, I guess Hang the DJ is the most "relatable" episode for a lot of people. Dating a bunch of assholes hoping to find "the one". Plus the it was all just a simulation!! seems right up Reddit's alley.

I just watched Metalhead and it kind of reminded me of old Twilight Zone episodes. Looking forward to Black Museum because besides USS Callister, every episode this season has been kinda "meh".

>It feels like they ran out of ideas.

Prior to getting 12 episodes commissioned by Netflix, they had like 3 episodes per season and a special. I think they did run out of ideas, given they had to come up with double the work without sacrificing too much quality.

I think my favorite episode was Fifteen Million Merits.

Anonymous 2182

I tried giving this series a watch but the first two episodes had me laughing hysterically. I just couldn't suspend disbelief enough to watch it seriously because the premise was so ludicrous.

Should I give it another go? Does it get better?

Anonymous 2186

Honestly, what is the appeal and why should I bother with it?

Anonymous 2187

Some of the premises are pretty silly like that, maybe you'll enjoy it as a comedy series.

You don't have to want to watch it, anon.

Anonymous 2191

Basically what >>2180 said, Reddit (and Twitter lol) seemed to like Hang the DJ a lot and people have been comparing it to San Junipero (which I also loved). I was actually really excited for the concept of Hang the DJ and it was one of the ones I really wanted to watch when the season first came out. After watching it tho I was pretty unaffected and confused (like a mentioned before lol). I read a little bit about the ending online but still felt like it lacked. I feel like people like to compare it to San Junipero because it's like a love/relationships related episode and has that happy ending. San Junipero was waaaaaay better imo.

I still feel kinda unsure about watching Metalhead but after what >>2181 said about it being like the old Twilight Zone episodes, I might have to give it a watch. Fifteen Million Merits is also a great ep, and I find myself thinking about it a lot tbh.

Anonymous 2219

Is this really like Twilight Zone? I find it more explicit..

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