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Anonymous 21716

be honest. would you fuck/date Kiryu? why or why not?

Anonymous 21718

Absolutely fucking not.
1. He's a trouble magnet
2. I'm a lesbian.

Anonymous 21719

i would sit on his face and suck on his nibbles and his dick. maybe his toes too.

Anonymous 21720


Anonymous 21722

yeah he might be a trouble magnet but he could protect you better than any man that actually is real

Anonymous 21748

I would fuck him, and then stay away from him as much as possible. Unfortunately, he's involved in the world of the yakuza.

Anonymous 21754

>maybe his toes too
Are you sure you're biologically female…?

Anonymous 21799

yes, i'm just a weirdo

Anonymous 21853

dame dane

Anonymous 21854

dame yo

Anonymous 21856

i have a harder time thinking of Yakuza dudes i wouldn't fuck

Anonymous 21984

No because I'm not a homo male. I don't think any straight woman actually finds him attractive, and I'm pretty sure he's actually meant to be a closet homo anyway.

Anonymous 21987

>he's actually ment to be a closeted homo
Cope lmfao

Anonymous 21988

nta, he was definitely not meant to be gay, it's just that all the hetero relationships in those games are really badly written and add nothing to the plot. all the male characters have way better chemistry with each other than with any female character it makes them all look gay af. but since game devs and especially jap game devs (and also dudebros and otomecucks in the fandom) hate gay men we're getting all these shoehorned het romances.

Anonymous 21989

>heteros get to claim everyone is hetero
>homos get to project that the characters are homo
Sounds like a win/win

Anonymous 21994

Anonymous 21996

No because he doesn't exist

Anonymous 22007

>dudebros and otomecucks in the fandom
LMAO how does that affect the writers' decision to force straight romances? The males hate it when there is shitty forced romance, and love the perverted softcore porn shit that appeals to them in these games, while husbandofags hate it when their husbandos canonically show interest in a woman

Anonymous 22008

Um of course, why wouldn't I. He is a mega babe you bakas.

Anonymous 22479


choose your fighter

Anonymous 27411

i would go chikan on him (and on many other secksi men in these games tbh) in a crowded subway ngl

Anonymous 27602

dame dame yooo

Anonymous 27624

People actually want to fuck these guys? For real? I thought it was just a fandom in-joke. What the fuck.

Anonymous 27632

We used to say the same thing about ponyfags and pokefags and look where we are now.

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