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Anonymous 22384

What do you usually do when listening to music?

Anonymous 22420

Go through internet bullshit I need to finish reading, scroll up and down dead imageboards, lounge in my chair.

Anonymous 22428

Listen to it. If I try to do something else, my mind blocks it out.

Anonymous 22431

Sing along (quietly)

Anonymous 22432


Anonymous 22433

Kanji flashcards

Anonymous 22543


roll around in my bed and imagine stories that i never write

Anonymous 22567


Fall asleep.

Anonymous 22583

work on paperwork for my job. :\

Anonymous 22653

Same but pacing through my livingroom

Anonymous 22662

1. draw
2. walk to place x
3. walk around without a purpose
4. stare at something
i do waste my time, a lot.

Anonymous 22668

Ur mom lol

Anonymous 22680

I will skin you alive

Anonymous 22694

Solve crossword puzzles.

Anonymous 27590

Dance around my room or stare at the wall

Anonymous 27591

Browse shit on phone or write

Anonymous 27594


draw or browse the internet!!!

Anonymous 27595

Write, or visualize

Anonymous 27601

smoke and get lost in the sound, have some coffee and a snack, read the comments underneath if i'm listening from youtube, etc

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