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Altered Carbon.jpg

Altered Carbon Anonymous 2287

I just finished Altered Carbon that has been released a few days ago on Netflix.
What are your thoughts on the show ?

Anonymous 2290

I watched the first episode last night. Seems like your typical macho man fantasy scifi action … thing. Does it get better?

Anonymous 2291

It gets better

Anonymous 2300


I've finished most of the 8th episode at this point and I have mixed feelings but mostly positive. I like the aesthetic and world, and would love to see more big budget shows in this sci-fi noir style but the story isn't amazing. I don't need all my media to be super self consistent but the plot holes/poorly explained bits are too numerous to ignore, and there's lots of mary sue moments that steam roll through previously established details the writers emphasized. I heard a lot about people hating the last few episode and I can see why, the big twist isn't handled as well as it could have been, but I'm still excited to see how it wraps up.

Overall still enjoyable and would recommend if you're looking for a fun cyberpunk romp but are okay with not having an incredible story. I'm enjoying it and may even rewatch it in the future, but if it doesn't get a season 2 I won't be sad. I'm going to check out the books too, I know they're quite different from the show but it seems like they'll still be up my alley. The first one at least, I've heard mixed things about the second and third book.

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