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Fanfiction recs Anonymous 22940

Post you favorites
bonus points fanfics where a character with mental health and/or self esteem issues is in denial about another character's feelings toward them. or a character trying to express affection for a mentally ill character. Or a character lashing out because of their feelings for another character. Please god I'm so fucking lonely

anyway for example heres one of my favorites

Anonymous 22992


oh my god. oh my god. oh my fucking god. when I tell you that this is genuinely one of the best pieces of literature I have ever read im not lying. this jotakak fan fiction genuinely changed my life. i stayed up until 6:00 AM finishing this 130,000 word fan fiction in one sitting, passed out, and then read it again immediately after waking up. i swear i have read this like 20 times and every single time im left in awe of how fucking good it is. it literally has everything you’re looking for and more. im not going to spoil it but the angst in this fic is fucking delicious and heart wrenching but it still manages to pull of a happy ending without using ass-pulls. it’s so good. read this fic if it’s the last thing you do it will fix every problem you are dealing with and have ever dealt with and will change your life.

Anonymous 23190

you ok?

Anonymous 23237

this is probably incredibly autistic but at some point i cried over this https://archiveofourown.org/works/4979032
its literally just a dark souls x elder scrolls crossover but i got really invested

Anonymous 23241

thanks nona very appreciated

Anonymous 24069

Is fanfiction usually expected to be erotic?
I've been autisticially writing fanfiction of my favorite show (Venture Bros. if you're curious) that is just small interactions between characters but I never post them because I feel that everyone expects it to have some erotic subtext.

Anonymous 24070

No, anything goes in fanfic. I used to only read erotic ones when I started but so many of them started to feel very samey, like you could slot any characters from any any fandom into the story.

Now I prefer the type of stories that you're describing when you see small interactions or a peek behind the curtain. I especially like fics where the author does something completely different than everyone else.

Stories with pairings are always more read but there is an audience for everything.

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