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niche/obscure games Anonymous 23387

looking for game recs but i'm somewhat sick of normie stuff. what are some games that you enjoy but are not known at all?

Anonymous 23388

Not known at all or just not really popular? I like the Faith series, if you like religious/occult/metal stuff I think you'll like it

Anonymous 23392


Mischief Makers for N64 is like the anti normie game. Check it out.

Anonymous 23394

dwarf fortress

Anonymous 23395

I wouldn't call it niche but Edna and Harvey: the Breakout is one of the best games I've ever played, and the sequel is pretty good too. I've never met anyone who's played it

Anonymous 23403


heres a pretty unknown game called ayakashi akashi, ive never seen anyone else talk about it. great game but only goes up to chaptr one: https://vgperson.com/games/ayakashi.htm

many of the other games on vgperson's website are unknown treasures too.

this one is way more polished but is still being currently finished and goes up to chapter 3 section b, amazing story i totally recommend your turn to die/kimi ga shine. has a female protag you play as that isnt sexualised nor relies on men. https://vgperson.com/games/yourturntodie.htm

both are playable both in browser and are also downloadable. picrel is the cast of your turn to die, happy gaming!

Anonymous 23405

Screen Shot 2020-1…

Sanitarium is worth checking out if psychological point and clicks are your thing.
I remember the Creature games being fun, but the last time I played those was well over a decade ago so I'm unsure if it holds up. You hatch these weird things, take care of them, and watch them explore.
I would recommend checking out gog for some weird/obscure old games that most people have forgotten about.

Those Japanese PS2 horror games, like Rule of Rose, Haunting Ground, or Parasite Eve, were cool, but those are kind of "normie obscure." I still recommend them though.

Those games are great. Definitely read the reviews though for troubleshooting the bugs those games have.

Vgperson has a lot of rpgmaker games that have fallen into obscurity, too, like the Strange Men games or Bevel's Painting, if that's what op is looking for. The LiEat games, made by the same person who made Ayakashi Akashi, have some great pixel art and music. The story in each is alright, too. You play as a dragon who eats lies and partner up with a con artist to solve a different case in each game.
Link to their translated games to look through: https://vgperson.com/games/

Memories of Fear has some translated old rpgmaker games, too, like Peret em Heru: For the Prisoners. That one takes place in an Egyptian pyramid's secret crypt with a group of tourists. There's a part where you can kill off the creepy sexpest character in the tour group by letting a sand demon strangle him to death. It's kinda grindy though.
Link to their list to look through: https://memoriesoffear.jcink.net/index.php?showforum=9

There's also Aedemphia. It's an rpgmaker game a French guy has been working on for about 20 years that I'm mainly recommending because of how beautiful the pixel art in it looks. He has a game out, but it's only two-thirds completed and in French last I checked. https://www.aedemphia-rpg.net/

That's about all I can think of off the top of my head. Hopefully it helps you find what you're looking for.

Anonymous 23407


Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle by Saint Bomber. It's an RPG Maker that was posted on /u/ and that you can download here: https://aeresland.net/

Pretty great, if you're a fan of yuri. It has Warhammer 50k and DnD references which went over my head since I've never played those, but it's pretty funny regardless.

You can also find the sequel Marquess of Notoriety from the link, but it's currently unfinished.

Anonymous 23415


Hatoful Boyfriend is a pigeon dating sim. I don't know if it's that niche but it is totally absurd and pretty cute.

Anonymous 23416

! Sanitarium is such a good game. I always search for a point and click game that really grabs me like that but that game is one of a kind.
I like tracking down obscure games where you get to play as a girl. Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat is an overlooked game on the PS2 and Xbox that I thought was very fun, it is rough around the edges but it is good exploration-based pirate fun with a ginger girl
I am captain of the Lollipop Chainsaw fan club, it is a really entertaining beat-em-up
Primal is a cool PS2 action adventure game

Anonymous 23418

i wish there were a /v/ board on here

Anonymous 23420

So do I!!!

Anonymous 23425


agreed we need a /v/ board here

Anonymous 23427

I would say Guilty Gear but unfortunately normies have found out about it recently :_) you can still try it out though
Also Disciples, the only people who still play it are my fellow russians lol, seems like depressive dark fantasy really attracts the russkies. Mb Kenshi, it's a veeery strange and unusual game though. System Shock, but it's probably is going to be invaded by normies soon given that it's first part is getting a remake. I am sure I can recommend more, but I kind of forgot everything about my gaming preferences, given that I got really bored of video games lately

Anonymous 23432


What no one is going to recommend deadly premonition? Kek anyway try d trilogy

Anonymous 23437

Good game. People really backlashed against David Cage but his games aren't bad just different. Detroit: Become Human is really underrated

Anonymous 23443

Pretty sure Deadly Premonition isn't a David Cage game it's just a Twin Peaks ripoff in game-form. Also Detroit: Become Human sucks ass.

Anonymous 23446

Ah I confused it with Indigo Prophecy.

Anonymous 23460


Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R

Anonymous 23461

Wizardry 7 also if you enjoy logic games.

Anonymous 23466

>twin peaks ripoff
It's really not, you definitely haven't played it. There is a reason why it's a cult classic. It took plenty of inspiration from tp, but 1) the plot is completely different and 2) it's way more entertaining due to japanese absurdism and the contrast of comical moments with the serious stuff (twin peaks was some boring ass shit, even it's diehard fans admit that it's tedious to watch till the end). Also the characters are unexpectedly good written. Plus the ridiculous """gameplay""" is the thing that actually makes such a plot centric game enjoyable instead of annoying and boring like Alice madness returns, you just don't really care about the game part of deadly premonition and probably laugh your ass off at wackiness of it, meanwhile in amr you get constant butthurts from repetitive fights and endure all the gameplay for the sake of getting to the plotline already.

Anonymous 23467

>David Cage
Farenheit is also really good

Anonymous 23481

I really enjoyed Murdered: Soul Suspect and I don't know anyone else who's played it. If you like 3d adventure games, detective stories, ghosts, and/or the concept of Salem, Massachusetts it might be up your alley.

Anonymous 23482

Space Funeral!

Anonymous 23493

a toilet in wonderland

Anonymous 23517



Anonymous 23522

play vampire the masquerade: bloodlines for a charming game with great rpg elements and fun characters and worldbuilding. its a buggy mess and has a downright masochistic combat system so remember to download the unofficial patch

Anonymous 23525


I wish there was a sequal

Anonymous 23527


Mad world on Wii is great
It starts showing it's flaws in the castle area and beyond but over all it's a great game
I wish platinum would give an hd remake for it

Anonymous 23528

Dwarf fortress.

Anonymous 23531


Anonymous 23546

The Dark Mod.

Anonymous 23548


Anonymous 23549

I hope something comes out of Paralives.

Anonymous 23550

>Katamari Damacy
>Never Alone
>Tales of Maj’Eyal
>Plague Tale: Innocence
>The Longest Journey

Anonymous 23551

I love noita

Anonymous 23553



Anonymous 23577

Old games are too expensive and I'm too dumb to emulate :(

Anonymous 23578

>buying games
>buying old games

Anonymous 23579

It's too hard, fuck BIOS I don't understand it

Anonymous 23583

Depending on what console you're emulating, you won't need to download BIOS.
IIRC that's only necessary for consoles such as PlayStation, PS2, Switch (?), etc.
Which "old games" do you want to play?

Anonymous 23584

It's as difficult to get the BIOS for a particular emulator as it is to get a particular game for one. It's just a file sis.

Anonymous 23594

How do you even manage to breathe?

Anonymous 23595

I wanted to play a PC Engine CD game. Somehow I got it working and even got the english patch installed so I feel proud, I'm enjoying it so far. I always got frustrated in the past trying to emulate consoles that need BIOS but now I understand it better.
No idea

Anonymous 23599

>I wanted to play a PC Engine CD game.
Oh, that's pretty cool! Which game is it?

Anonymous 23603

Playstation 2 emulator, despite needing a BIOS, is really easy to use in my experience. Usually a BIOS is linked in the same location as the game you're downloading. Then you just add it to the file for the emulator and use the emulator to search for the BIOS. There are walkthroughs online and also videos explaining how to do it.

Anonymous 23605


Galaxy Fraulein Yuna, an old adventure game, they made an anime out of it.
Yuna is kind of a typical ditzy cheerful magical girl but I like it so far. It is always really cool when one of these really wordy weeby games gets translated. Up until Phoenix Wright and the DS there really weren't a lot of these games available in the english but there's a lot of them buried on these old systems.

Anonymous 23625

hypnagogia box.png

Play Hypnagogia, which is free

Anonymous 23646

I can tell your age based off of the fact that you don't know how insanely popular this was.

Anonymous 23652

I know, most of these games aren't really obscure, just old.

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