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Anonymous 23928

What's your favorite ship and why?

Anonymous 23929


Sebastian and Ciel lmao.
I got super into them at like 12, they introduced me to BL when I was still super close minded about gay couples and the like.
I've gotten into a lot of media since then but they're still my faves, the fact I had a fat crush on them both helped but honestly I loved how layered their relationship was, the will-they-or-won't-they, and ngl the whole taboo aspect as well, which nowadays you get lots of shit for but I don't care because I know better than stress over the morality of drawings I found pleasing as a kid.
I still have a preference for pairings that are unofficial but often teased and have a complicated and not flat-out romantic relationship, those are definitely the most fun to think about for me. When it comes to Sebaciel for me nowadays it's probably more nostalgia related than anything but I still think they're very much interesting to see together.

Anonymous 24080



Anonymous 24091


them <3

I don't really "ship" tbh but I really, really wanted these two to be together.

Anonymous 24099


these boys at the moment

Anonymous 24102

I remember making this thread two years ago or so…

Anonymous 24128


Because I like the idea of the alpha-est male being violated by a pathetic coombrain nerd
Both being entitled, arrogant and foul mouthed helps

It is not really about love - just power dynamics, which could be a perverted way to romantic or sexual relationships. Maybe, overcoming their issues and learning to be somehow functioning people

But canon have like zero chemistry between them, which is sad

I dunno, I can't relate to any "good" characters in media. Any protagonist - I am just thinking:"why are you like that".
Well, I am not really relating to any edgy characters also, but at least they are more fun to observe, I guess

Anonymous 24279


i think they go well together

Anonymous 24424


I'm super into a bunch of Uma Musume ships right now but Fine/Shakur is my way.

Anonymous 24438


i love eremika. I like ships when the girl loves the boy more. And eren is cute and hot.

Anonymous 24448


Not really a ship but since the series ended prematurely I like to imagine that these two are finally able to be together again.

Anonymous 24451

So cute, I wish Casca didn't go full retard it really didn't do anything for the plot/conflict.

Anonymous 24452


lillie and selene from pokemon sun and moon, one of my comfort games that i replay when times are hard

Anonymous 24454


Takeru and Sumika from Muv-Luv Alternative. A relationship that literally surpassed space and time.

Anonymous 24455

I'll admit I ship Shinji x Kaworu, but no pictures can really express their unconditional love.

Anonymous 24457

>I'll admit
What the fuck is there to admit? lmao we all ship that

Anonymous 24459


They were my favorite characters in s1 and then s2 rewarded me by making their relationship the best in the show and the emotional crux of the ending. Bonus points for making a lot of people very mad.

Anonymous 24476


nah, I don’t like how they “save” each other, especially Kaworu being a prince charming for Shinji, equivalent of a manic pixie fallen from the sky anime girl
It’s the same shit as marishin, which is disgusting, though I like that kind of dynamics, but not for them
Kaworu x Rei, on the other hand, is more chill, for they being similar by nature and not having a co-dependence for each other: they are both calm and cool, while Kaworu is more suave and Rei is more delicate: a comfy pairing with no dramatic romance. Bonus points for more elegant adult eroticism
of course I am a minority, but I don’t care for kaoshin, even despite it is canon

Anonymous 24505


They have one of the most pure relationships in shoujo.

It's so refreshing to see a shoujo romance where the male love interest is actually caring towards the girl, and not an abusive asshole. Kyo did start out mean, but it wasn't some kind of "Boys over Flowers" shit at least.

Anonymous 24535


>tfw your gf traps an evil god in her own blood on the moon to protect you
I read the manga 10 years after I watched the anime and they come off as so in love to me. Crona was always my favorite and of course I thought "yeah, these two would work" back then but reading everything really solidified it for me.
Intense, world-ending ships are always my favourite though. Homura and Madoka hold a similar place in my heart.

Anonymous 24828


jill and kisaragi H.
it's a crackship, but i don't mind.

Anonymous 24829

>Intense, world-ending ships are always my favourite though
Maybe you know already, but there is a term for this - check out sekaikei

Anonymous 24908


sank your ship

Anonymous 24912

me x my husbando

Anonymous 24917

unfathomably based

Anonymous 24919


I really like Percabeth, but I'm extremely biased as this was my first real ship. Helps that it's canon, and even beyond the weird "make Annabeth a black girl" thing, it's still my favorite based on cringey fanfiction and old tumblr nostalgia alone.

Anonymous 25524


I heavily shipped Duo and Heero from Gundam Wing as a middle schooler. They were all based around Heero being cold and withdrawn and Duo making the effort break through his walls, I found it so heartwarming

I wanted Relena to die

Anonymous 25526


Viria’s fanart really sells it.

Anonymous 25527


I haven’t shipped since The Legend of Korra was still coming out. Korra x Bolin was my favourite ship and I was a little heartbroken when I realized Bolin was just meant to be a joke character.
I haven’t had any real ships in a while the fandom culture killed the fun for me and I became a very sour “only canon matters” fan.

Anonymous 25530


I like the concept of Momo and Jirou together but I don’t feel like they had a lot of screen time together in the anime.
I like the idea of a girl brought up in an uptight environment learning to let loose and be comfortable with herself with the help of her laidback crush. Similarly I like the idea of a very chill and laidback tomboy falling in love with a feminine rich girl who spoils her with gifts.

Anonymous 25531


Momo and Todoroki have a bit more screen time together. I’d like to think they relate with each other given the immense struggle and pressure they face from their families as well as struggling to connect with their peers.

Anonymous 25577

Historia and Eren Jaeger

Anonymous 25609

disgusting tbqh

Anonymous 25908


For me it's Nora and Asuma from Patlabor.

Anonymous 25909


Anonymous 25941


I'm not usually a shipper but this makes me all fuzzy.

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