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Post a random image - Get a book recommendation Anonymous 23972

You post a random image, and then a miner will recommend a book that reminds them of the picture.
Wonder what I'll get.

Anonymous 23973


virigin suicides by jeffrey eugenides

Anonymous 23974


Villette by Charlotte Brontë.

Anonymous 23983

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Anonymous 23984


The Invisible Man by HG Wells

Anonymous 23985

not a book, but Tokya Ga (a documentary about Japan in the 80s)

Anonymous 23987

Eaten alive.png

I've seen it in my local library and bookstores, I didn't get interested in it because it looked like cheesy teenage romance, but sinse another sister here read it now I want to give it a try.
What did you think of it? Was it good? I have no problems if you say what happens in the story.

Anonymous 23988


Anonymous 23989

Flying Bear.gif

Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto.

Anonymous 23990

Lay down, beast! (Lehni, bestie!) by Jiří Kratochvil.

Anonymous 23994

he hugs what he ca…

Galapagos by Vonnegut.

Anonymous 23995


The Travelling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa

Anonymous 23996

well I say it's a good fast read and it's a trilogy. Very cutesy and that's why I recommended it, because your picture had cute kittens and strawberries in it. If reading takes too long, you could watch the movies too but they're unrealistic. I like the main character because she is relatable. For example, Peter is her first boyfriend ever and he has had a girlfriend before, so there are insecurities there. Like she is fixated that he isn't a virgin and feels insecure about sleeping with him in the instance that he compares the main character to his ex-gf. His ex-gf btw is this evil popular girl the main character used to be best friends with. I have had this situation in the past before, so I really related to it (ex best friend grew up too fast and threw me under the bus to get with boys).
I also like how the main character is mixed race and it reminded me of my own mixed race identity.
Oh the movies are also so unrealistic because peter sucks at studying and has the main character help him study (that's how they bond). and in the movies, he suddenly gets into these top tier universities in america despite (in the books) being a less intelligent guy lol

Anonymous 23999

What is this gif

Anonymous 24000

Somebody threw the teddy bear plush at the door and then reversed the falling multiple times while speeding it or slowing it a little while putting some special effects on it.

Anonymous 24004


Anonymous 24005

Salem’s lot by Steven king

Anonymous 24008

The Wheel of Time Series

Anonymous 24282

William Gibson's Neuromancer

Anonymous 24382


Hollow by B. Catling

Anonymous 24390


Anonymous 24391

In Watermelon Sugar
Naked Lunch

Anonymous 24400

Where do I buy one of these !??

Anonymous 25247


I am straight up just not having a good time rn

Anonymous 25255

the house of sleeping beauties

Anonymous 25257

please god, i just…

Anonymous 25259

The Land of the Beautiful Dead by R Lee Smith

Anonymous 25279

frigging attention…

Anonymous 25280


Anonymous 25281

the cat who saved books

Anonymous 25282

the rainbow fish

Anonymous 25289

Animal Farm by George Orwell

Anonymous 25290


Anonymous 25293

coca cola polar be…

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