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Anonymous 24055

Does anyone here like GL manhwa/mangas? What are your favorites/recommendations?

Anonymous 24074


Some random recs.

Amano Shuninta's work, but especially
>The Feelings We All Must Endure (picrel)
About the romantic entanglements of a group of university students, and
>Yukemuri Sanctuary
A series of stories set in an onsen.

>Octave by Akiyama Haru

The romance between a former idol and a songwriter.

>Manga no Tsukurikata

A mangaka dates one of her fellow mangaka to 'study' trendy GL/BL topics.

>Kimi Koi Limit

The story of a total freeloader who mooches off her girlfriends.

Anonymous 24076

thanks, I'll check these out

Anonymous 24163


i really like tamen de gushi

Anonymous 24167

Murasakiiro no Qualia.
It's also a time-travel sci-fi.

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