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Style savvy Anonymous 24094

Anyone else played that ? I still do lol. It was my favourite game. Now i still very much enjoy "girl games" but also other genres, even tho im not much of a gamer.

Anonymous 24096


I played every single game in this series, my favourites are Trendsetters and Styling Star, but the DS version was pretty good too.
I'd give everything for a new Style Savvy game on the Switch.

Anonymous 24119

Since the eshop is closing soon I have been looking into getting Fashion Forward and/or Styling Star. Eventually I would like to play all of them bc I'm a sucker for dress up games. Which one should I start with or is a better jumping on point for the series?

Anonymous 24120


>Which one should I start with
I'd honestly start with the first one, Trendsetters. Every game has features that the other games don't have and it's interesting to see how this series developed over time.

And if you play Styling Star first, I'm not sure if you'd enjoy the other two games as much. It has improvements for the user interface and new clothing styles that can't be found in the predecessors.

Anonymous 24121

Yeah I woudnt start with styling star either even tho its the one I like playing the most once I finished the story.

You can play on emulator btw, even on your android (citra finally developed their emulator on android) and the game works just smooth.

You can look for tumblr blogs btw, there's a little community there.

Anonymous 24122

Yes, great game. DS was the best. It had a lot of games that were "girly" but also like actual games instead of Barbie: Feed a Horse 3D and that stuff

Anonymous 24845

I really enjoyed the ds game but im not really into it anymore bc im addicted to styling star graphics

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