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Anonymous 24179

Would anyone here mind lending me their taste in music? I don't have much time to develop one myself…

Anonymous 24180

Prog rock.

Anonymous 24183


This. Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Marillion, late Beatles, Radiohead… start with their most famous albums, pretty simple to look up. That’s the rock starter pack, if you prefer hip-hop/rap, Kanye and Kendrick Lamar are well appreciated on here and /mu/. Alternative is too varied for me to get into, but check out the Top 40 charts on r/indieheads . If you like any of these artists, you can find similar ones by searching them on music-map.com

Anonymous 24184

My brother got me into electronic music when we were growing up. After he moved out he got more into EDM while I got more into, uhh, electronic rock.

I like listening to The Qemist, Celldweller, Muzzy and a few others while biking.

Anonymous 24188

download (20).gif

You forgot Camel, Magma, Gong, Gentle Giant, Van der Graaf Generator
Prog rock and also jazz fusion. Also symphonic prog which is today's contemporary prog scene. Listen to prog and jazz

Anonymous 24190

just listen to this all day long on repeat then go to bandcamp dot com tag "hnw" boom there's your EXQUISITE and PATRICIAN taste

Anonymous 24192


If you like gothic stuff then I recommend Voltaire, Will Wood, Shayfer James,

If you want electronic music then DJ Striden, Infected Mushroom, Overwerk, Dance with the Dead, Carpenter Brut. Can’t go wrong with those.

But actually, if you don’t want to close off yourself with only a couple of genres then you should use a really useful way to find songs. First - download SoundCloud and find songs you already like there. Second - it has a function that selects random songs every week from your history/tastes. Third - just use it and if you like a song there then download it.

Anonymous 24193

Where's OP at, did you listen to any prog yet?

Anonymous 24197


Thanks all, I give these a listen. I guess I should have mentioned some genres I've enjoyed- I so far have been listening some to electropop (like Lights ig) and r&b. I've also enjoyed different genres of rock over the past few years, so I should enjoy a lot of these

Anonymous 24207


I need your jazz fusion/prog recommendations

Anonymous 24210

Holy shit her left foot is totally broken

Anonymous 24211

Soft Machine and Nucleus are great jazz fusion bands. As for prog rock, choose from anything already listed above as those make up the basics or some of the very best of prog rock, if we're talking 70s that is (origin of prog, best of the bunch)

Anonymous 24323

Try the new Duster album. sadgurls only

Anonymous 24343

Youtube reccomended me this album. Some jams.

Anonymous 24345

Anonymous 24346

YouTube is great at recommending music, recommended me the same album and I like

Anonymous 24348

So how's your journey into the world of prog rock going

Anonymous 24410

Anonymous 24415

Anonymous 24416

ok, this song is cool as fuck

Anonymous 24449


My Mum loved this album and would play it for me all the time as a kid.

Anonymous 24502


Anonymous 24531

for me, it's folk music. and this here is one of my favorite songs in the genre. i hope you'll enjoy

Anonymous 24533

Anonymous 24543

Anonymous 24545

Anonymous 24547

Anonymous 24577

damn such a good song and album. thanks for this recommendation

Anonymous 24602

Are you only interested in music in English or would music in any language do?

Anonymous 24613

more Lana Del Rey lately, but for the most part, i listen to The Birthday Massacre, sometimes Nirvana and Foo Fighters, Cheap Trick,and a LOT of The Szuters. easily my fav band of all time.

Anonymous 24680

You can Google bands but heres some cool genres: post punk revival, indie pop, hyperpop, shoegaze, noise rock. See what appeals and go from there.

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