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Anonymous 24990

Most anime isn't really that good.

Made in Abyss was really good but that's it.

I still like anime aesthetics but I've given up giving anime a chance

Anonymous 24991

agreed, there are so many better reasons to be a japanophile than anime.

Anonymous 24992


Most of anything isn't good. What's your point?

Anonymous 24993

>Made in Abyss
Very boring
>there are so many better reasons to be a japanophile
Name two. Hardmode nothing related to the arts or sushi.

Anonymous 24995

It's really good when you're young and you don't know how repetitive it is yet.

Anonymous 24997

>Most anime isn't really that good.
>Made in Abyss was really good but that's it.
I've heard it's creepy pedoshit torture porn but that it has amazing worldbuilding and that guy with the tail is hot. What a waste.
>I still like anime aesthetics but I've given up giving anime a chance
Unironically good for you. I can't say I'm the same as you, but I only watch what's recommended as the only worthwhile anime by LC nonas and some retro anime classics, so I guess I've kinda given up on it too? Like, I acknowledge that 90% of everything that has been released from the 10's to today is pure garbage, so what's the point of giving it a chance? I won't just watch any bullshit, only shows that really convince me of watching them even when I'm not actively looking for something new.

>that pic

Anonymous 24998

good cars, the vast majority of classic video games, the actual greatest city in the world, beautiful language, war crimes

Anonymous 24999

Agree. The only good anime I’ve seen is Death Note and even then it was only the first half. Stein’s Gate sucked, and I gave up on Monster, both of which are always high rated. Naruto sucked, I don’t know why I watched so many episodes if it. Ghiblis tend to be good but the bad ones get over hyped. The end of Howl makes zero sense, even if the start is amazing. Sailor Moon and Utena are unwatchable because the plot is so repetitive. Same for Oh My Goddess. Chobits was way to perverted and I don’t understand why so many teen girls used include it on their favourites list. I’m sure there are plenty others so terrible I’ve thankfully forgotten them.

It’s sad because I always wanted to learn Japanese so I could read manga and watch anime in Japanese but now that my language skills are at that level, there’s nothing I want to watch or see. I can’t bare the thought of sitting through another repetitive plotline or something full of boring filler.

Anonymous 25000

NTA but I agree on what you said about worthwhile anime.It's the same idea I have with all media, really. No point in watching something unless it's received rave reviews first. I also have a lot of trouble telling apart different anime, unless it's something like Lucky Star or Evangelion.

Anonymous 25001

Probably just a case of you watching shitty anime. I quite enjoy it, personally.

Anonymous 25004

Or maybe actually knowing japanese made it clear to you how repetitive the language can often be. How uninspired MOST of the scripts are. A lot of writing for English anime actually has to be improved, because the scripts are so damn monotonous. I honestly don't understand how they greenlight most of it. Although I think they try to be a lot more clever now, the writers still treat their writing like they're practically proud of their cliches

Anonymous 25006

I disagree. Anime, manga and LN touch on many topics and feelings not usually explored in Western media, furthermore in an aesthetically pleasing way and providing a community built around them as well. I don't think I'd ever see a Madoka Magica or a Haibane Renmei or a Boogiepop in any other medium.

Anonymous 25007

I like MiA but something about seeing it of all shows listed as the only good anime is hilarious.
This post sums up all there is to this discussion >>24992

Anonymous 25009

I just binge watched devilman crybaby. I didn’t finish it when it first came out but i decided to give a chance last night. Good shit

Anonymous 25011

Is mythology and folkore considered art?

Anonymous 25012

Manga is better 200% of the time.

Anonymous 25013

Yeah. Most highly rated anime isn't good either. Which is obvious when you see the sort of people watching anime. So there's no foolproof way of finding good anime.

Anonymous 25014

That would make sense. When I would ask adults in Japan if they watch anime, they would always say no.

Anonymous 25015

Honestly I think they could just stop paying voice actors and copy and paste old recordings into the new shows and people wouldn't know the difference. At least I wouldn't.

Anonymous 25016


Can anyone recommend me anime that you really enjoyed?

What's the anime equivalent to quality media like True Detective?
I don't mean in genre, I mean in level of quality and maturity.

Anonymous 25017


I really enjoyed the works of Satoshi Kon. Perfect Blue is my favorite animated film. The original Macross movie is gorgeous to watch, but the plot is really meh to me compared to the series. They introduce some bizarre battle of the sexes subplot that just kills one character's personality by turning him into a raging chauvinist.

As far as intelligent series go, I think Houseki no Kuni counts, but the anime really only exists as a commercial for the manga. It suffers heavily from being a seasonal anime where it has a none ending. It's bad enough that they introduce a major character in the second to last episode, and cut another out completely.

Kaiba is great, in my opinion. It's an anime original, so the story actually finishes. I think the art style really doesn't match the tone of the story, but it makes it memorable and alien.

Katanagatari has a good aesthetic, but I felt it was a bit too rushed even though every episode is an hour long.

Anonymous 25020

There is not a single one that will ever compare to something like true detective. Never will be one.

Anonymous 25022

I liked Michiko to Hatchin and Samurai Champloo. Probably basic choices but I don't think I've ever enjoyed an anime as much as those two besides a couple Satoshi Kon films and Princess Mononoke. They're self-contained, aren't serialized and aren't based off a pre-existing property.

Anonymous 25025

True Detective sounds boring af tbqhfamalam

Anonymous 25026

I watched the first episode and was extremely bored.

Anonymous 25030

I don't even know what True Detective is but Legend of the Galactic Heroes is quite literally one of the best anime of all time. It's based on a science fiction novel (not a LN). You may watch the classic 1988 OVA adaptation or the new anime that's still ongoing (which is on Crunchyroll), there are some minor differences in the story but the core plot is essentially the same, although I'd recommend watching a bit of both first to see which one you prefer because they're significantly different experiences. Or if you prefer old anime you'll want to avoid the new one and vice versa.

Just a heads-up, though, you will either love it or be bored to death. I've seen people who normally aren't interested in political or military themes enjoy it a lot, so there's no way to tell if you'll like it or not until you watch it. And also, there's practically no sexual shit in it (at least in the old adaptation) so you don't have to worry about that.

Overall, I don't think a lot of quality anime gets made, in terms of writing. If you want mature stories in an anime-style visual medium it's better to read manga. I've heard that the Monster anime sucks compared to the original source and I'm sure that's the case for a lot of other anime too.

Anonymous 25039

>I've heard that the Monster anime sucks compared to the original source
Personally I liked the anime, but it is very long and slow-paced, it's hard to get hooked if you don't know that the story will be actually good. The manga is perfectly paced and makes you want to continue reading.

Anonymous 25045


I liked Sonny Boy a lot
It is absolutely not “adult” - it is kinda coming of age story, but it feels like a real scifi with a heart. I liked the atmosphere of the series and the way it speaks to an audience - subtle, but not cryptic. It is a complete story.
Also I liked it visually - style, color, composition, animation - but that’s not for everybody’s taste

As for the western “mature” type: Cowboy Bebop? But I think it is too “anime” still. Even realistic spokons and grounded militaryporn has anime shticks

Anonymous 25048

Try GATE or Girls und Panzer

Anonymous 25050


>Try GATE or Girls und Panzer

Anonymous 25055

Is it anything like Hyouka? Hyouka is one of the rare animes I could really get into. I have a little list of them, but Hyouka is one of the top for me.

Anonymous 25061

I liked attack on Titan.

Anonymous 25066

[Erai-raws] Neon G…

The truth is that anime is made by and for the emotionally stunted and/or autistic, which is why much of it feels formulaic as it constantly adheres to preexisting tropes.
There are very few anime that don't fit this description though, and when they don't they are some of the most stellar things you can watch.

Anonymous 25068

>Beautiful language
I only find English more obtuse.

Chinese > Korean >>> Japanese

Anonymous 25069


I'd say that most forms of media are composed of very few standout stellar things and loads of formulaic tropey stuff
Throwaway romance novels, power fantasy movies, shooter games, radio country music, etc
I think it just depends which formulas appeal to any given person

Anonymous 25071


>I don't mean in genre, I mean in level of quality
Well I can think of severa-
>and maturity.

I have no idea what this means, but I'm going to assume it means "grown up anime for adults" or something similar.

Ergo Proxy was very good, feels like it should have been a live action TV series over an anime but it's good.

Satoshi Kon films are good. As is his Paranoia Agent, which is probably one of the best anime TV series I've ever seen. His OVA (or rather part of the OVA) Memories is excellent.

The original Ghost in the Shell movie is possibly astonishingly well done. I can say the sequel has more powerful visuals, but far weaker narrative content. Any of the TV series are a mixed bag IMO.

If you haven't seen Cowboy Bepop I don't know how, but just in case there's that.

I feel like Wolf Children is mature, but that's technically a family film.

If you want a long slow-building narrative with political intrigue, then Legend of the Galatic Heroes is mature, with a good consistent quality.

Mushishi is good vibes central with a very calm, slow moving pace.

If going purely off of aesthetics as opposed to content, then I could recommend Catsoup, KatanaGatari, Mononoke (not Princess Mononoke, Mononoke), and Zetsubo-Sensei(if you don't find it funny just stop, the art style is interesting but not enough on it's own). All these suffer slightly from their story elements, but if you enjoy challenging visuals they're all good.

As a cavaet I'd say all Ghibli films are "mature" in that they don't fall back on any generic anime tropes, but again, technically aimed at children.

Anonymous 25084

chinese sounds like someone reciting death rattles

quality media and you metion shit like True Detective kek. You people have no respect whatsover for japanese animation whatsover and want it to be like prestige TV. If people actually bothered to watch and read shit here this garbage post would get buried under

Anonymous 25086

chinese always sounds annoyed and korea sounds like japanese played backwards

Anonymous 25089

>You people have no respect whatsover for japanese animation whatsover
the vast majority of what is known as "anime" is garbage made for autistic coomer manchildren to sell merchandise. There is nothing to "respect" about it, it's just mass produced media created for the goal of profit just like whatever the fuck you think is shit media. Most animators are treated like garbage too. Fucking weeaboos I swear.

Anonymous 25091


>True Detective

>level of quality and maturity

I mean, you can shotgun 10 cans of bud light lime and watch beavis and butthead while having alcohol shits if you want an experience that's the same quality and maturity as True Detective.

Anonymous 25092


I'd like to apologize for that post. I was wrong.

Bud light lime is too mature to compare with True Detective. It's a beverage for the depressed and experienced degenerate. Perhaps you could try chugging bottom-shelf vodka (the ones where you look at the price-per-ounce first, alcohol content second, and nothing third because you don't give a shit about the quality) like you're trying to forget everything you've learned in pre-algebra.

Anonymous 25133

No one cares, scrote

Anonymous 25136


holy shit…maybe anime IS good?

Anonymous 25153

this is a random Eva analysis video. what's so special about this particular video? there are loads and loads of similar ones

Anonymous 25176


Is there any somewhat idyllic anime that are cute without being moe bait, but not sexualized and have nothing to do with school that is long (or an intro to a very long manga series)?
IMO I think Mushishi is a bit austere for my tastes–plus I'd prefer a female protagonist though there is exceptions. I loved Gintama.

I recently watched Kaiba and while it was very interesting it really hit me like a brick and I still feel the bruise.

Also–is something like Ranma 1/2 too horny/basic/male gazey? It's just I want something silly, a bit adventurous, etc. It just seems so fun and I love the art style.

Anonymous 25180

Unironically Moomin family if you haven't watched it. So relaxing.

Anonymous 25181

Everyone says this is a masterpiece but I've refused to watch it because I can't get past that little faggot choking Asuka and masturbating to her while in a comma and we're still supposed to feel sorry for him. I just really hate the empathetic incel trope. Am I missing out?

Anonymous 25182

yes. those are supposed to be bad things and shinji is supposed to be a flawed character. You are supposed to hate him for it, but the anime is about trying to understand and forgive those things, not about liking them. Try to keep an open mind, it's really good if you can dig out the message from under the gundam and fanservice.

Anonymous 25183

Are there any anime where the women are treated like mentally competent human beings instead of mute braindead children?

Just watched Demon Slayer and holy shit it pissed me off. The treatment of women in that anime is abysmal, there literally aren't any respectable women in the entire goddamn show outside of maybe ONE of tengen's three wives

Anonymous 25184

Fullmetal Alchemist is great, my favorite, and was written and drawn by a woman.

Anonymous 25186

When you put it like that, I feel stupid but I suppose I just can't divorce those bad things from misogyny, which to me is irredeemable. I get that he's supposed to be sympathetic for his self-worth issues but I'm not sure the audience considers his misogyny as one of his flaws. Maybe it's the crowd I've seen discussing it (which was mainly gen z) but I don't see anyone hating Shinji other than maybe a few dudebros calling him whiny. Most men relate to him and most women think he's an uwu uke and ship him with the other guy. But then again, I've probably watched way more misogynistic media with less artistic value so one day I might remind myself at least the pos is voiced by Megumi Ogata and give it a shot.

Anonymous 25187

does it have to be seinen/action? I loved Princess Jellyfish' portrayal of adult outcast women but it's a more down to earth anime. nothing like demon slayer lol but I think many anons here could potentially like it.

Anonymous 25190


Eh, something can be a tight ship, doesn't mean someone needs to ride it or where it goes is for everyone.

I hear that Eva was basically made for male shut-ins…but, it having a crumb of subversion doesn't negate its other tropes or make it beyond them. If someone isn't feeling it, there's 0 reason to force themselves to watch it–there's plenty of interesting old anime with great themes, stories, etc, without us having to care for a guy that chokes girls as a huge part of the "message."

Anonymous 25197


JJK surprised me a lot. I was about to drop it and tease my friend for his shit taste but the final episode was not something I expected from a shonen at all.
I have a few problems but to me the final few episodes kind of saved it for me. Although I feel like lately I've gotten a but too picky/critical with anime I need to enjoy what I watch a bit more.
I think studio Ghibli fits what you're describing.
If the school element isn't a huge problem I highly recommend Little Witch Academia. I found an anime called Flying Witch I haven't watched and I'd like to think it doesn't asexualize the main protagonist

Anonymous 25233

Sorry if it's not exactly "idyllic", but I've seen Michiko to Hatchin recommended a lot due to being made by a woman and for an adult female audience. The director, Sayo Yamamoto (who worked on Samurai Champloo) wanted to make an anime for adult women to relax while watching after work:
>At the press conference where Yamamoto unveiled the series, she said she wanted women especially to watch the series. "Our time slot was late at night, so office ladies would be returning home, and worn out from the day, they could have a beer and watch it."
So demographic-wise, it'd be Josei.
Unfortunately, anime like it and Princess Jellyfish (another highly recommended anime for adult women, the manga is longer btw) are extremely rare. Most anime is made for autistic males, so well-written female characters that look and/or act like real women (or like what real women would like) are hard to come by.
There's also Gokusen, it's a comedy Josei manga/anime about a high school teacher who has to deal with delinquent students. I haven't read/watched it but I'll definitely do because I like delinquents and you rarely see that in media for women so this is like an ideal combo for me lol.
I hate to recommend MAL but you can check here if there's any Josei anime that catches your attention (which there probably will be):
Or look up lists of anime directed/created by women that aren't necessarily Josei. You'll probably find something good that way. Speaking of which, I've seen Thermae Romae Novae be recommended recently. And it's manga only and I haven't read it, but Dungeon Meshi is also by a woman and apparently a lot of people like it, there's little to no coomerbait, etc. These two are technically "Seinen" but as you can see, and I'm going to go a bit OT here, sometimes female mangaka publish their (very good and appealing to women) works on Seinen magazines for some reason, which is a damn shame. Another example of this is Sakamoto Desu Ga? (I think) which is very obviously female gaze and for meganefags but it's also classified as "Seinen". (That one's about high school though so you can skip it.) And finally, another anime I haven't watched but which has received plenty of positive reviews and was initially aimed at a male audience despite being written by a woman: Ascendance of a Bookworm.

I'm not recommending Shoujo because most of it is gonna have a high school student protagonist but I'm sure there must be some high quality Shoujo series that have nothing to do with school.
Also you'll probably like The Way of the Househusband. Preferably the manga, not many liked the anime.

Yes, series created by women, mostly. Demon Slayer is the average shonenshit, if you want competent or non-retarded female characters you must avoid shonenshit (though there are a couple of exceptions). Non-sexualized female characters are even rarer however.

Based. She also drew the most recent manga adaptation of Arslan Senki, which has an anime version and was originally written by Yoshiki Tanaka, author of Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Though it's apparently not as good as either LoGH or FMA.

NTA but you really shouldn't let your own interpretation of Eva or its characters be influenced by what retards on TikTok, YouTube or 4chan say because they take everything at face value and then come up with the most braindead takes.
Evangelion is a deconstruction of the mecha genre, which had been popular for a couple of decades at that point, and it was made when Hideaki Anno was going through a pretty severe depression, so that had a lot to do with the themes and messages of the plot. But not only that, it's the result of the creative input of all who worked on it, not just Anno's. Usually you'll hear that Evangelion was made as a big "fuck you" to male Japanese otaku who were obsessed with moeshit, a criticism of otaku culture, and an attempt to make those losers face their own reality, and while it's partly true that this is one of the intended messages, it's not all there is to Evangelion, although you don't need to fully understand all its subtleties to enjoy it.
All the scrotes who hate Shinji because he is "a whiny faggot" miss the point entirely. Perhaps it's because they didn't relate to him at all, and that's fine, maybe Shinji wasn't meant to represent them in particular, and that kind of male is reflected in some of the other male characters. I think everyone can relate to at least one of the characters on a very deep level, and the character you relate to changes over time as well. That's why so many zoomer women relate to Asuka so much, I think.
>Most men relate to him and most women think he's an uwu uke and ship him with the other guy.
There's nothing wrong with this. Well, I mean, those men were supposed to relate to Shinji, and there was legit gay context with Kaworu so it also makes sense that fujos, who probably don't see themselves reflected in Shinji, ship them together (and it doesn't mean that they ignore the rest of Shinji's character; I ship it too but I liked Eva for far more than that). But he does horrible things that everyone else might ignore but easily make you hate him if you're on the radfem side. Honestly you're kinda right in that most people don't see his misogyny as misogyny, but to be fair, I don't think even the writers were fully aware of it. And I'm way more worried that there are scrotes who hate Asuka so much as to wish she would be raped and killed, than about losers feeling represented in Shinji. And of course like another anon said, you're not supposed to like him, necessarily; it's an analysis of how people become isolated and bitter. The whole cast in Evangelion could be said to be unlikable in some way, even if you relate to or empathize with them. This is what so many critics of Evangelion fail to realize, these characters aren't made to be likable and this isn't a normal mecha anime with cool lore and worldbuilding where everything is clearly explained for you.

Though of course none of this means that Evangelion is not scrotey, of course it is. But at least it's one of those scrotey pieces of media that make an effort to be deep and send a good or interesting message, and make you think about yourself, so it's much better and more tolerable than the average harem action show for moids.

Anonymous 25239

it shows how deep NGE is compared to other anime. There are very few anime with this much depth

Anonymous 25243

>quality media like True Detective
spotted the moid

Anonymous 25244

deep =/= good

Anonymous 25260

but NGE is good tho

Anonymous 25263

Yeah, that's how I feel too but I think it's more a matter of personal taste than the fact anime is shit.

For example, I've always felt attuned to stuff like the Giant Robo OVA. I understand that a lot of women on both side of the Pacific and Atlantic love that OVA too.

Anonymous 25271

And you really don't need Eva analysis video #3586125 to know that. If you're going to talk about why it's deep, you should talk about it in your post, not have some youtuber say it for you.

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