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Thoughts on zheani Anonymous 25192

Wdy think? I knew about her bc of the scandal with die Antwoord but i only recently really listened to her music and i find her interesting. At first I was a bit disappointed because of how sexual she was sometimes but I eventually understood its not really rare for people with traumas, and she talks about those a lot. Also her fanbase seems to be mostly female.

Her songs fuck the Hollywood cult and dirt on the name of Steven are great imo, either musically alone or because of the meaning. Also her writing is actually growing on me. She has some great lines and I think women can relate to her a lot.

So to me she is a great artist but I think you have to have a specific taste for music or a large one (im in the second case BC it's not really my usual style) to like her music - but even if you don't like it, you may find her interesting. It seems to me that she is quite intelligent too

Anonymous 25193

I loved her Die Antwoord song but nothing else by her. She's incredible for making that and the video where she has proof for every little thing.

Anonymous 25207

I remember this video briefly. I think i didnt understand much of the lyrics also English is not my first language but the video spoke for itself and it was amazing
She really has great persona etc

Anonymous 25211


Zheani is based

Anonymous 25215

Everything about her is genuine to me. Watching her or listening to her is a whole experience. Raw

Anonymous 25216

This was the first video I saw from her, and after that there was the whole Die Antwoord thing. I find her music a bit chaotic and difficult to get into, but she's a very interesting artist and seems very "raw" and genuine like another anon said.
There was some other drama where she was ripped off by another female artist with a bigger production team around her, kinda shitty. Almost no one took her side too.

Anonymous 25231

I'm happy to see that nonas like her. I hope she keeps growing. Her music really improved since she started and she is not afraid to explore a bit, some albums have really different vibes and sounds. I relate more to her "rage" but she has this whole fairy vibe too that some of her fans really enjoy.

Also just realized she has the most polish face ever, bone structure and everything. How could I not notice before that she was from poland

Anonymous 25232

not a fan of die antwoord
their whole ethos just reminds me of a country that went to shit
two, in fact
rhodesia was the breadbowl of the continent
now it lies in ruins

Anonymous 25236

I think she is Yugoslav and the guy she does music videos with is polish? But I might have mixed that up

Anonymous 25237

Rly ? Thought she was polish bc of some words she used in her music. Considering how personal her music and lyrics are I thought she might have used her first language

Anonymous 25240

Perhaps she’s just around polish people but I don’t know. She refers to herself as a “mutt bitch” which in Australian slang would refer to someone of mixed heritage.

Anonymous 25261

Ah yeah i remember that part
She stil does look very polish to me but it makes sense

Does not mutt mean mixed race in English in general ? I think its a term for dogs in the first place but not sure. Not my language

Anonymous 25283

It's usually for dogs but if you use it casually for yourself people will get what you mean. I wouldn't use it for other people.

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