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Anonymous 25717

How do I get into touhou? Are the games actually fun?

Anonymous 25725

Post your pedo shit somewhere else and gtfo tranny

Anonymous 25738


I’d say yes, they are fun
But I become easily bored when some tough moment occurs and, since I have no interest in “getting good” (because it’s pointless), I just stop
I am not that interested in the overall lore, but I like characters and their design
I think touhou is that kind of a fandom where you can just ignore the main piece, because fanwork is much more interesting and varied
Shit thing is, that most people in touhou fandom are easily the most insufferable and unpleasant. But maybe it’s just a curse of multicharacter fandoms: think of hetalia, homestuck, danganronpa etc
But idk, there really are a high level of weird tism (in a bad way) among touhou fans
Anyway, there are still a lot of creative people
I am amazed by the number of fan music touhou fans producing: you can find literally any genre
Now I am playing dankagu - mobile rhythm game with touhou doujin music. I like rhythm game much more than danmaku ones, so that’s a win for me
And there is a pretty solid number of songs featuring my fav touhouband/circle and their vocalist, so that’s also cool

If you are interested particularly in games, you can find a lot of guides regarding this matter -since fans are really spergy, as i said

Anonymous 25774


>how do I get into touhou

Just like, play the games. or you can just be a filthy secondary.

Anonymous 25780


I enjoy the games but they get pretty boring and repetative after awhile. The story and mythological inspirations behind it are what are really interesting as well as the characters. You can read the stories from the games and learn about the character by reading the Touhou wiki. The fan content is great but I will warn you that most 2hu fans are moids and/or lolicons so I wouldn't delve too deep into fandom related things. But yes, you don't have to solely play the games or even play them at all.

Anonymous 25815

Just play the games. Try a different bunch of them if you like, because the dynamics can change a little.
If you just don't like shoot 'em ups then there's no point in torturing yourself with something you don't like just to get the approval of some internet people. Collect the nice pictures, listen the the fan music, the world is your oyster nona.

Anonymous 25817

Can I play the games on M1 mac?

Anonymous 26183


It's just a bullet hell game meaning that it'll be somewhat repetitive but that doesn't end there!

You can always check out the lore and I think that's what made Touhou interesting to some people.

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