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Anonymous 25889

Any good Russian media for people learning? Please post here!

Anonymous 25906

Books I guess? Maybe some films too, but the only Russian directors I know are Eisenstein, Tarkovsky and Balabanov.

Anonymous 25910

If your level is not high I won't reccomend classic literature. I don't like modern russian movies, so I have nothing to recommend too. You can watch old soviet movies. Some cartoons are nice, studio Melnytsa (Мельница) is good if you are ok with cartoons. Russian youtube.

Anonymous 25911

Anonymous 25913

any youtubers you can recommend? possibly, but not necessarily, with subtitles available?

Anonymous 25917


local TV shows with subtitles specially made for language learners.

Anonymous 25933

BadComedian is one of the most popular ones and there are some videos of his with english and russian subtitles

Anonymous 25934

Also Arzamas videos - pretty clearly narrated and has occasional russian subtitles

Anonymous 25945

female-only board because outside of /dev/ 2chers are pretty misogynist

Anonymous 25947

nta but i looked at it for 5 minutes and it doesnt seem as female-only and misogyny-free as i hoped. i hope 2ch burns to ashes and its users go to hell

Anonymous 25948

>i hope 2ch burns to ashes and its users go to hell
never settle for a russian moid, there's a good chance he's a 2chfag

Anonymous 25952

It’s so weird seeing foreign incels simping over e-girls in a foreign language lmao.

Anonymous 25954

it's like you can already tell what they're saying even when you don't speak their language kek

Anonymous 25955

Moids really are the same the world over huh

Anonymous 25956

This board is all about having slightly homoerotic conversations with friends about life and occasions sharing Tik Tok videos

Anonymous 25959

There are a lot of old famous Soviet movies on youtube. For example "Ivan Vasilievich: Back to the Future" (1973) is known by most Russians and is one of the most referenced movies in daily life speaking.

Anonymous 25960

The master and margarita….. read ot in Cyrillic.

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