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Cyberpunk 2076 Anonymous 26496

did you kill him /cc/?

I did. He grossed me the fuck out. I didn't care about what upgrades he offers later on, just get him out of my game. Also I installed a mod to be able to kill any NPC and I killed that troon of the racing side quest. Funny how the video game industry is trying to force these disgusting things in and people just make mods to go around them.

Anonymous 26497


Anonymous 26500

That's nice there's a modded option to kill NPCs I hate games that cheap out on that

Anonymous 26505

Nice job misspelling the title.
So I guess the new update did get new people playing the game. But I'm not redownloading 70+ gigs on my shitty internet for cosmetic shit when there's still the depressing endings.

Anonymous 26630

You bet I did. I installed the ‘target analysis’ mod so that all other takedowns would be non lethal (it’s my preferred play style it’s more fun going stealth/non murderer)

Him and the other head dudes at clouds got torn the fuck apart though.

Anonymous 26784

I wish Cyberpunk had some gory kills like Fallout. I wanted to crush the skull of some moids in game. For example that guy I posted in the OP he was more AIDS than moid at that point so it was a mercy kill.

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