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TV Crushes Anonymous 26503

Who's your biggest crush on television? I'm not sure why but I have a huge thing for paulie on the Sopranos.

Anonymous 26504


I don't watch television and the moid in your pic is an uggo.

Anonymous 26508


>Who's your biggest crush on television?
Probablt Det. Robert Goren from Criminal Intent, though I don't crush on live action characters often

Anonymous 26509


Behind the scenes photos are really cute

Anonymous 26510


Anonymous 26511


Anonymous 26512


Anonymous 26513


You are deranged.

Anonymous 26537


My biggest TV crush has always been Michael Scott. I like my men extremely dumb. His stupidity makes him almost childlike and i like that too. I want to take control of his life and boss him around because he's so stupid… but in a gentle way, like i still want the best for him and i have the urge to hug him so much.

I love stupid men so much. I love that he's a bit pathetic.

Anonymous 26542

Miner… where is this from?

Anonymous 26549

I'm sorry nonita but I can't stand your crush kek, he's too much of a retard, selfish, obnoxiously sexist, racist, etc. I laugh at him while I hate him. My Office crush is Dwight but only in a "I want to fuck him so bad" way.

Anonymous 26553

Gentleman Style.jp…

X-files photoshoot

Anonymous 26558

It's ok nona no worries, i actually hate yours kek we are complete opposite, i can't stand Dwight i want to fucking punch him as hard as i can. The way he talks about "procreation" like women are cattle makes my skin crawl, i feel like Michael actually thinks more of women as human beings than Dwight. But Michael is obviously a pathetic man too in some ways that's exactly what i like, plus i think Steve Carell looks much cuter/handsome than Rainn Wilson so i guess there's that.

Anonymous 26579

why dont men like mulder exist irl?

Anonymous 26580



Anonymous 26588

Kek yeah I know he's insufferable but that's exactly why I would like to punch him too but sexually, anyway there's no one in The Office who's truly husbando material imo it's just a shitty sitcom and the characters are too shallow for that (again, in my opinion)
Happy to see you here Limmy anon

Anonymous 26614

They are everywhere. It's strange how you see them working in hospitals, companies, law firms, police departments but you never see them out in the world just shopping at the store or something.

I used to work as a technical writer at an aviation company I knew one kek

Anonymous 26658

they got married at 25 probably

Anonymous 26662

Too bad marriage sounds horrifying all I hear about are the divorces

Anonymous 26672

Dylan McDermott FB…

I wouldn't say it's a super big crush, but he's the only reason I still watch this show.
I also like reboot Magnum PI, but I ship him with Higgens.
And most other TV guys I think are cute end up canceled after one season.

Anonymous 26675


Jack Falahee / Connor from How to Get Away With Murder

Anonymous 26676


I watched alot of Telemundo when I was younger and had a crush on Osvaldo Rios's character Alejandro de la Vega from the Zorro Telenovela. Total DILF.

Anonymous 26677

cute photos nönnie

Anonymous 26679

The most average faced moid mogs the grand majority of moids simply because he has a fatherly and reliable aura to him. This is the perfect male.

Clean shaven, takes his job seriously, dresses his age and he will be there for you at your best and your worst. Even if there is disagreement and infighting he will come around and apologize because he is mentally mature.

Anonymous 26807


Anonymous 26811

Not her, but
Low Est.

Anonymous 26822

Or underage. Taste of a 10th grader

Anonymous 26823

Now this is the kinda gatekeeping I can get behind, it is kid opinion shit, undeveloped and unrefined taste, full agree.

Anonymous 26824


He was cutest as Tate.

Anonymous 26825

He has such a range, he can play any twink or gay bottom perfectly fine.

Anonymous 26832

That is such a cope.
>Oh she doesn't like hairy buff men and grandpas so she's an underage pick-me this and that
Men are supposed to be good looking.

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