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What is the most difficult video game you've ever played? Anonymous 26667

I feel like Dark Souls is the most common answer.
For me it's honestly some of the hard songs in Project Diva.
I had to stop trying so hard on them because after playing my hands would genuinely hurt lol.

Anonymous 26671

Anon this reminds me of when I was too much of a retard to even play the songs on easy kek

The Diva games are still pretty hard for me even though I've gotten to playing hard pretty comfortably. Although the hardest game for me would have to be DJmax, god those games are hard.

Anonymous 26674

Metal Gear Solid 3D on Normal trying to beat The old guy non-lethally
THe framerate is insanely shitty, the screen too tiny, the 3Ds controls suck and that port doesn't have the weapon that makes it easy to tranq that boss

Anonymous 26680

Trauma Center (1st one for the DS, havent played the others), Im too slow/calm to play it, I havent beaten it actually after 2 years of downloading it…. It makes me want to kill the patients instead of saving them lmao

Anonymous 26681

Probably Fear and Hunger or Lobotomy Corporation. Both very much trial and error games that require a lot of patience. I haven't beaten either.
But if rhythm games are fair game then almost any of them, my brain physically cannot keep up with high difficulties. Shit requires genuine human feats.

Anonymous 26682

Diva has absolutely dumb difficulty system - meaning on easy map is not using all buttons with easier rhythm, but one button (?)

Anonymous 26683

I remember struggle with utapri music on psp/vita. I mean it’s possible, but kinda harrrd
Oh, and touhou series games

Anonymous 26738

Project Diva can get pretty difficult, I've played most of the games and now playing MegaMix+ I think it might be the hardest one for me. I'm usually pretty good with rhythm games. What mainly messes with me is those combo inputs where you have to press a bunch of different buttons at the same time and it's often difficult to tell the exact timing and buttons bc visually there's a lot of stuff going on all at once on the screen. I'm playing with playstation style icons since I'm more used to it, then it suddenly changes to switch icons, and my brain can't keep up bc half the time I'm thinking about playing pc games with the xbox button layout, which messes me up sometimes playing switch and 3ds games in general. Anyone else have this problem, I wish I could unlearn the mirrored abxy and it's why I set my pc games to show playstation button icons if they support that but unfortunately many pc games don't.

I've played all those games and they are definitely hard, the only one I managed to beat was trauma team which seemed easier than the others.

Put a lot of effort in lobotomy corp but haven't beat it either, being able to go back in time and undo mistakes really helps, but yeah it does get pretty brutal.

Another difficult game I still managed to make progress on and have a lot of fun with was Hollow Knight. After much suffering I beat all the bosses, got all collectables and endings, but ragequit after dying around the end of the 2nd pantheon too many times. Still waiting for silksong…

Anonymous 26740

Hollow Knight
I usually don't like platformers but I played it for the aesthetic.

Anonymous 26750


For me it was chrono cross because 12 year old me couldn't figure out the combat system.

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