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Post your manga recs! Anonymous 3115

And write a summary about it or discuss

Anonymous 3116


Inugamihime ni kuchizuke is my first recommendation. It's a very very cute manga about 20 chapters long with really nice art and romance. It also has a wolf girl and cool fight scenes + husbando material, Worth the read

Anonymous 3117

inu 2.jpg

here are some more images

Anonymous 3118

inu 3.jpg

here is another image but COLORED

Anonymous 3119


My next rec is Vinland Saga, a seinen manga based on Vikings with a lot of historical accuracy and a sick revenge plot. HIGHLY rec

Anonymous 3120


valhalla WHEW

Anonymous 3121

hild wife.png

my wife Hilde

Anonymous 3124

it's not like i li…

Gantz is about dead people who fight aliens. The art is sick and the characters are hilariously terrible to one another. Also Izumi is my husband.

Anonymous 3153


Goblin slayer is one of my favorite mangas and my first recommendation. It is fantasy story about uh, i guess a men who slays goblins.
It is bloody but i really like it.
love my action mangas.

Anonymous 3154

My second would be Dorohedoro, but i did not finished reading it.

So it will be great teacher Onizuka
I know not really a unknown, but i love it

It is about a man who wants to be a teacher because of the young girls and holidays. He gets the most terrible class he could get and trys to helps them.

I am bad at summarys.

Anonymous 3155


Sorry i forgot to add a picture.

Anonymous 3156

I like the art style!
I also like fantasy manga, I feel like Japanese people have an interesting take on Western fantasy genres. If you enjoy dungeon-themed/monster-slaying manga, maybe you'd also like Dungeon Meshi? It's a lot more light-hearted, though, I'd say it's a pretty fun read.

Anonymous 3157


Alichino is one that I remember reading as a teenager and thinking that the art style was so, so gorgeous. The plot was gothic nonsense but wow the eye candy. For some reason I don't think it was ever finished, though? It really makes me wonder what happened to the artist/writer.

Anonymous 3158

seconding your post, Alichino was so beautiful to look at, but the plot really felt flat and nonsensical, lol. I think it was abandoned after 3 volumes, but they were so nice to collect because they had a more luxurious design with beautiful dust covers and color illustrations.

Anonymous 3160

oh, no, anon, there's only 26 chapters?? i got through this in a single sitting. what do you read while you're waiting for the next one to come out?

Anonymous 3165


I really recommend the manga Ran to Haiiro no Sekai (Ran and the Grey World). It's a cute story about a little witch girl who can transform to look older and really wants to learn how to fly so she's always getting in trouble, and one day she meets this rich CEO guy or something and he falls in love with her which is really creepy because she's 10 and he's 30 but whatever I'm getting off track. This is where the story really starts to gain momentum and soon Ran has to help fight some baddies who try to destroy her village… I don't know if I did a good job summarizing that but I would like to add it has a lot of worldbuilding which I love and there's romance (and not just between the little girl and the pedo) and the art is so cool. And there are so so many cool characters, pic related Ran's wacky mom.

Anonymous 3168

I will give it a try thank you ano.
Yes you are right, i can be very well done or sometimes it ends more or less in stereotypes.

Anonymous 3169

Any recs for good horror mangas? I'm basic and love Junji Ito but I've already read all of his stuff.

Anonymous 3170

Not manga, but Black Hole by Charles Burns is one of the better graphic novels in the horror genre.

Anonymous 3175


The author apparently broke her hand so it got put on hiatus but never picked back up. She's still active as an illustrator though and has done covers for LNs as recently as 2014, pic related.

Anonymous 3176

Is Katawa Shoujo worth a shot?

Anonymous 3183


Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou is my favorite manga. It's a slice of life in a post-apocalyptic setting about an android girl who runs a small cafe out of her home in the middle of nowhere, who enjoys riding on her scooter through the beautiful countryside.

Anonymous 3484


I started reading Shirley (by the same author who wrote Emma: A Victorian Romance) and it's really cute and comfy. Makes me want to settle down with another lady and just do cute lady activities with her and help out around the house. Having a daughter or something would be nice, too.

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