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Jrock/Visual Kei Anonymous 3460

Is anybody still into it? The hype around it seems to have died down the past few years (also "thanks" to kpop)…
Fav/most hated band/song/genre? Ever been to a concert/plan to go? Any gossip?

Anonymous 3461


> Best musician
>Best group
>Hottest of them all
>Daddy of visual kei


Anonymous 3465

I was a huge fan in the 00s to the point where my entire playlist was VK. The only band that stayed VK to the end that I still listen to these days is Malice Mizer. The rest that I still like went mainstream at some point (BUCK-TICK, L'arc, X)

Anonymous 3468


S/O to the best murder-rockers

Anonymous 3488


OP I'm so glad you asked. Obviously, Buck-Tick, Dir en Grey and Gazette are my favorites. I really loved Laruku when I was younger, but I don't listen to them as much anymore.
>shit hair
>disappointment without the rest of laruku
>solo projects are terrible
What are your thoughts on Kiryu? I like the traditional Japanese aesthetic and I listened to 2007-2017 best but the vocalist just ruins it all for me.

Speaking of vocalist, does REIGN's vocalist seem familiar to anyone else? I feel like I've heard him somewhere before. More about vocalists, GRANRODEO isn't VK, but did you know Kishou does voice acting for some otomes?

A more recent and younger VK band is DADAROMA. They're really edgy, they're clowns, they like to scream, but I love them.

A few months ago, I checked out SARIGIA, but I don't have much input on them yet.

Anonymous 3500


Buck-Tick, best band of all time. For me it's always a big turn off if it's known that band members don't get along with each other. BT still have the image of a bunch of old friends
simply making music together, not just business partners, plus it means that their personalities can't be that shitty.
Also, Atsushi is still looking hot despite being old af (and he's not a midget either, looking at you Hyde and Kyo…).

And I disagree with >>3465
They did stay true to themselves and that's why they never got as big as Laruku, who basically ditched their vkei persona to appeal to the general public. Imo some 50 something yo wearing stockings on stage is not mainstream lol

Anonymous 3501


Samefag, but this is him in 2018, he looks haggard.

Anonymous 3502

>Laruku, who basically ditched their vkei persona
Bitch where? They are still visual kei AF

Hes almost 50, 2) not wearing makeup, and 3) obviously bad lighting. Lets see your boi Atsushi without makeup and in bad lighting too.

Y'all bitches are just grasping at straws. Western Buck Tick "fans" are the kind of music fans that like that group because they think they are (at least a bit) -underground-so they are like MUH EDGY MUSIC KNOWLEDGE. Please. Larc en Ciel got popular because they are fucking GOOD.

Hyde just made a song with Yoshiki (OP for Attack of Titan) and at almost 50 his voice is still as soft-and yet powerful- as a velvet dildo.

Anonymous 3503


>Bitch where? They are still visual kei AF
They obviously had their roots in vkei and Hyde still dresses the part, but they're also pretty famous for flipping their shit when called vkei. So they pose as a "normal" rock band and constantly sack commercials or like you wrote, anime OPs - which is something that's pretty mainstream imo.

The pics I posted were literally on the first page when googling "atsushi sakurai 2018"/"hyde 2018" You can try to find a picture of Acchan looking that bad, but there is none (despite him being older than Hyde). You wrote that "he's hottest of them all" and "daddy of visual kei" which I simply disagree with, since he's no longer attractive at all.

I never said anything bad about hdye's voice quality, because he is a good singer. It's just that their earlier songs definitely are superior to the things they've done past 2000.
>Western Buck Tick "fans" are the kind of music fans that like that group because they think they are (at least a bit) -underground-so they are like MUH EDGY MUSIC KNOWLEDGE.
I didn't "attack" their music, so please refrain from doing that too, anon. How many Buck-Tick fans could you have possible met to pass that judgement? I never said anything abut their songs either. Just that I can attest that - while definitely venturing off to try various styles over the years - their music still is similar to the one they did 30 years ago. I do't think they're "edgy or deep", I just like it. They did "lighter" or even popish songs as well, even some with silly yrics, but never anything just to appeal to the people ouside their usual fanbase.

Also, lovely language you've got there, totally doesn't make you sound triggered at all…

Anonymous 3504

Samefag, but I forgot to add this: BT took a blow because they allowed Imai to stay despite taking LSD. Meanwhile L'arc immediately had Sakura leave the band because of weed, just so that they could keeep their good guy family friendly image. Just as an example, of who actually sticks together and who's only interested more about image and money.
But it seems like you care more about Hyde as a person than about L'arc as a whole anyways.

Anonymous 3507


Not really into Visual Kei but when I was researching the genre out of curiosity Buck-Tick's music stood out for me and I really enjoyed it, I spent so many hours searching everywhere for a place to download all their music, and a few weeks earlier I just found out they were put on Spotify so I've been happy for that lol. I still need to get into their 90s album properly but I love what I've heard so far, I like looking at the translations for their lyrics too. I think I'm drawn to this band because I like the fact they were influential and they're not so crazy and over the top with their image (that's what turned me off from vk) and they reminded me a little of the Cure when I first heard them
……and yes ok I also thought/think Atushi is hot as fuck and he can get it any time anywhere from me even at his age now

Anonymous 3525

>Western Buck Tick "fans" are the kind of music fans that like that group because they think they are (at least a bit) -underground-so they are like MUH EDGY MUSIC KNOWLEDGE.
Why? Do you think it's impossible for a person to actually like Buck-Tick?
What are you basing such claims upon, the fact that BT is unknown to most westerners? Because so is Laruku.

Anonymous 3546

I'd call Buck-tick goth before VK personally.

Anonymous 3550

Well nowadays, but they clearly started out as vkei. Plus some elitists would probably argue that they're not "goth" enough, since they sometimes have some less dark pieces as well lol

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