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YouTube and art Anonymous 3556

I'd like to talk about art youtubers. I don't like to draw [anymore], but I like watching others draw and maybe talk in the background. Thing is youtube and the art community is full of annoying, unoriginal personalities with shitty, tumblr tier art styles. I'm having a hard time finding someone relaxing to watch.

So I've come to ask you if you know any interesting art youtubers, traditional and digital. Last year, I found LavenderTowne who's a really sweet girl with a quiet voice and I like her even though I'm not a fan of her cartoony art style. If you like cute drawings, people with relaxing voices, and art about character design, I'd recommend LavenderTowne.

Anonymous 3558

I have the same opinion about LavenderTowne, the stories she tells are interesting. I think in order to become popular on youtube you have to invent an annoying persona so maybe you should look for livestreams of artists drawing instead, but with livestreams you usually won't be able to see a drawing made from start to finish.

Anonymous 3559

Is this a thing? I would so do it.

And then get depressed after half a year because I have 10 viewers :(

Anonymous 3570

As long as you enjoy drawing anon, it shouldn't be a problem. If you draw for hours already anyways, why not stream? Might as well do it.

Anonymous 3584

Proko, Sycra, and KNKL are my favorite art youtubers.

Anonymous 21402

i really enjoy peterdraws and chris hong art. They both have amazing, traditional art, and soothing voices. I usually like to play their videos on my 2nd monitor as I am drawing sometimes :)

Anonymous 21503

does anyone know any art channels that provide any constructive advice that isn't stretched out to 15 minutes? Just some short and sweet stuff would be nice…

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