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Art thread Anonymous 396

Post your art, anons! I don't draw, but I'm interested in seeing your work.

Anonymous 407


Just some doodles from today. A lot of people comment that my style is ugly and I can definitely see their point tbh, buy I enjoy it too much to stop. It'll look a lot nice once I've coloured/shaded it, promise.

Anonymous 408

Ooh I love your lines, they're so confident and flowing and that profile has so much depth. My lines are so chicken scratchy, what's your secret?

Anonymous 409

"Ugly" drawing styles are more interesting. Do you have any colored ones you could share?

Anonymous 410


just a quick lil sketch from today

nice nice very nice

Anonymous 608

I can never seem to find myself ever finishing any of the work that I start. My sketch book is just full of sad, disembodied heads all looking to the left at the same 3/4 angle and chicken scratch. I want to do more, but whenever I start to dwell out of my comfort zone I start to get discouraged because I'm so hyper-critical of what I do and if it doesn't come out the way that I'd hoped I end up giving up and starting on another thing that I'll also never finish. I don't know what to do and it's bumming me out a little.
Pardon the whining.

Anonymous 609

The way I'm finding to combat the issue of being hyper-critical is trying to focus on the current drawing, line by line or shape by shape. Shutting out other feelings like anxiety over the end result or future drawings and external stimuli (aside from music) makes it a lot easier to focus on actually drawing and not critiquing yourself.

It's easier said than done and is basically cognitive behavioral therapy-lite, but it's really helping.

Anonymous 611

Being in the moment rather than in my head is something that I tend to struggle with in general but learning how to combat that issue with drawing might be a good first baby step if that makes any sense. Drawing is something that I do for leisure anyway whenever I can find the time, so it sucks when it starts to feel like what I'm supposed to be doing for fun is a chore. I guess I just need to ease up and learn not to take things so seriously. I need to remember that a fun sketch should just be a fun sketch. I really appreciate the advice, anon.

Anonymous 792


im gonna dump some paintings of mine, please crit them hard i really want to get better

Anonymous 793


Anonymous 795


Anonymous 796


Anonymous 797

please i want to be not shit so bad

Anonymous 798

I really love your shading, Anon! Do you have more?

Anonymous 799


yeah i do! i do tonnes of studies but i feel like i am not really learning anything. i want an art sugar daddy/mummy to guide me

Anonymous 800


Anonymous 801


Anonymous 802


i think that's all i can find atm.

Anonymous 803

I used to draw when I was younger but I haven't in like ten years. Mostly due to the fact it's super bizzare eroguro stuff I just tend to end up doing. I can try and practice doing other things but it ends up guro because it doesn't look right to me otherwise.

I feel like the scene in superbad where he just draws dicks everywhere.

Anonymous 805

guro is the good shit though.

Anonymous 812

Artists ITT please don't be shy about leaving your social media if you want to, I'd love to follow more unknown artists.

Anonymous 834

Hope you guys don't mind if I shill some of the artists that I like on instagram.

Lately, I've just not been having that much inspiration/drive to draw and it's kind of irritating. There's so much going on in my head but I keep getting frustrated by the fact that I feel like whatever I put down on paper doesn't accurately portray what I'm trying to envision. On top of that, I'm so bad at challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone. I'll be all like "yeah, let's do some dynamic poses!" or something and almost immediately lose steam. I don't know what my problem is but it sucksss.

Anonymous 839

So is anyone gonna draw miner-tan?

>asking the important questions

Anonymous 841

I would love a board-tan. still think miner isn't ideal though

Anonymous 842


This is a quick male bust that i made for practising skin/hair colouring and shading digitally. Please be ruthless about how to improve more/what i am doing wrong (even if not colouring related).

Recently made the switch to digital with a cheap ass Wacom comic and while i kinda adapted to drawing eventually (still strugglin' though kek), colouring so far has been a nightmare because i find that stuff that looks vibrant and pretty on my expensive monitor looks like shit on my phone/laptop.
I've improved a ton since i started but most stuff i do still feels kind of mediocre and dull and i don't know what to do anymore.

Anonymous 845

nice work! are you aiming for realism or stylistic?

i'd move the eyes a bit closer together and generally readjust some proportions of the face. your shading and colouring looks nice. try incorporating more colours into the skin, it makes it look more alive. i use purples for shadows and blue/yellow for highlights.

Anonymous 912


Excuse the sort of odd subject matter. I have a huge obsession with Prince. The girl on the left is my own character.

I feel like I've finally found an art style I'm comfortable in that is decently my own. I've been really struggling with basic shit recently though after a period of not drawing for a while. I need to pick up a copy of Loomis's book seen as can't borrow my ex's copy anymore lmao

Anonymous 929


This is an old drawing I made. It has some flaws I'd like to fix, though I prefer to keep it that way to see how far I've improved. The only problem is that I haven't draw much lately. How do you keep yourselves motivated anons?

Anonymous 930

That's super cute Anon, both the drawing and your obsession. <3

That's a really cool style.

Anonymous 937


Anonymous 940

It feels like you're moving straight into colouring when you're not even sure where the planes of his face are. It's fine if you're going for a stylized look, but you've got that pillow shading curse. You haven't decided what's dark and what's light, everything's just ambiguously illuminated.
Ditch colour for a bit and focus on constructing through laying down your darkest areas and lightest areas first. Keep it up anon.

Whilst you're a bit more advanced than other anon, you could stand to gain from similar advice.
As for specific anatomy issues, the area where the nose meets the brow bone is something you should do some research of. Obviously this varies across faces but the grey sketches have picked up a cow-like look from the nose bridge being the same width and level from brow to tip. Often there is shade below the brow bone, or only the very height of the now is highlighted. Also focus on hands and feet now, you've included the most minimal attempts at hands. You'll feel so accomplished when you progress.

Anonymous 944

Really cool style and colors. Love it!!

Anonymous 947

I'm going for a more stylized style rather than realism but i at least want to have great proportions even while stylized. Kinda like a mix of stylistic and realism i guess.
Thank you for the tip for lighting ill be sure to try it out!

Just researched pillow shading and you are absolutely right, i do have that curse kek
Before this i used to do unfilled sketches so never had much practise with light and so. Will definetely focus more on it!
What do you mean by the planes of his face, though?. English is not my first language so i don't quite understand. You mean like the proportions? Sorry if it's a dumb question.

Anonymous 951



Not the same anon, but planes on a face in like which part of the face stands out (taller, like a nose) and which sunks into the face (cheek hollows, for example)
You need to understand that better to understand how light affects the face and creates shadows. Pic related, you can clearly tell what are the planes of Abe's face; the nose in very tall and the cheeks are very sunken, creating distinct shadows and highlights.

This is cery cute, anon! I like your style and your OC looks a bit like Susi from LWA, which I love.
Can I give you an advice to make your colors pop, though? Only if you want to, of course.

Anonymous 953

Can anyone recommend a place for me to start being creative? I'd really like to get into watercolour painting. I watch videos of people painting all the time and it looks so relaxing.

I can't draw to save my life so do I have to improve on that first? I tried in secondary school but my art teacher told me to leave the class as in her eyes, I had no potential. I can't manage to "draw what I see", I don't understand proportions and it feels like I have no control over my hand when I draw. Also I always have problems when I attempt watercolour painting; I can't get the right consistency, they soak the page and the colours end up being really weak. People make it look so easy in videos online.

I really do feel like I'm a creative person but I have no outlet to express that and it's really frustrating. What seems like a relaxing activity is actually really stress-inducing. Where are you supposed to start?

Anonymous 954

Are you me? Artists talk a lot about how practice is a thing and talent is not vital but I've taken lessons and courses and still I am exactly the way you describe. I've made peace with it and now I do things that work for me without stressing out. Like vid related, maybe that's something for you too?

Anonymous 955

Really? I'm glad someone feels the same way. I'm definitely more interested in traditional art it's just I wish I was able to draw or paint without the proportions looking all wonky. I think a lot of online tutorials are very mathmatical and I don't understand them (like a body is made up of 8 heads and your forearm is the same width as your foot and your nose has to be even with the bottom of your ears…doesn't that defeat the purpose of being creative? if you're just measuring things out all day?) I feel like I draw like a child even though I'm trying my hardest. As a teen, I used to draw every single day and I never progressed. It was like people were seeing something that I wasn't. Like they could see the drawing on the page and they were just tracing it or something?

I'd love to just forget about it and get into computer programming or leaning off dates in history as a hobby but that's just not who I am, I know I'm creative.

It's like having a deep, deep urge to draw but you've had your dominant hand tied behind your back your whole life.

Anonymous 956

I identify so much with that, Anon. ;_;

Anonymous 957

aaaaaaa I wish I had advice for you because it's really not a nice place to be

Anonymous 958



Maybe just drawing is not for you, there are a lot of art forms (not only painting,drawing, bu sculpture and collage making too)…

But if you really want to paint-draw, then try to use the grid at first and slowly try to use it less and less, that way it will teach you and give the feeling of proportions.

Anonymous 959

I've tried sculpting and little crafts but they're not very satisfying imo. Most art forms require you to be able to draw anyway. I feel like learning to draw will open other types of media to me.

The grid is a good idea, I'll try that!

Anonymous 960



Watercolor is very relaxing, indeed. Honestly, I don't even think you need to draw to paint, you could do abstract paiting and still be very beautiful and very calming, soothing.

For example the picture I posted. I really like it and there is no figure in it.

Anonymous 961



You also can use a plethora of techniques and color knowledge to create such pieces, so it doesn't mean you are doing abstract because you lack talent; sometimes drawing just isn't for everyone, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Anonymous 962


Anonymous 963



All of these paitings I posted were made with watercolors.

Anonymous 964


And there's this girl, she paints with acrylics IIRC.

I just love her works, they are so beautiful and relaxing.

Anonymous 965



Sorry for the small dump, I am done.

All I wanna say is: You can make beautiful paitings without being able to draw real life figures or scenery, anon! You can be creative and make beautiful art with colors and patterns only.

Either way, I hope you find something that makes you happy <3

Anonymous 970


Guys what would you consider must have social media for an artist?

Anonymous 971

I've found that Instagram is increasingly becoming necessary.

Anonymous 972


I have one and I was thinking about making pixiv and tumblr too! What do you think?

Anonymous 973


I've been having a hard time drawing realistically and was wondering if there was any advice. Im able to draw realistic faces if i'm drawing from a picture or from a live model, but when it comes from my head it turns to mush. I wanted to go for a Klimt thing with this doodle (3d mix with flatness)

I have extra trouble with noses. help

Anonymous 974


Nose bridge should be narrower and she is super expressionless which is almost non-existing in real life so it looks plastic and her hair face is weirdly shifting, but that just might be photo angle.

Try to learn expressions, better shading (towards he tip the shadow should be lighter and not the same), to me it mostly looks like wrong values and depth. Observe where the shadows are more dark, where they are more light, remember what kind of light you are drawing (soft - means soft shadows, sharp - some shadows have sharp edges), plus remember there are no completely straight lines in human (moreover woman) body, even eyelashes has to be little curled (side note on the eyelashes, they are too dark and thick).

Anonymous 975



Sorry for same-fagging, but here is for example on of my shadow studies (btw Lovecraft portrait is always a good choice while studying shadows)

Anonymous 976

Thanks for the detailed explanations! i never actually thought about expressions before since i was so fixated on proportions and measuring, which is probably the reason why it looks so stiff and geometric.
again thanks for the advice! i'll def try drawing more from old portraits and whatnot

Anonymous 977

No critique but i love this

Anonymous 980


These are all so beautiful! I'm very inspired now, thank you anon!

I'm abroad at the moment so I'm going to buy a sketchbook as a souvenier of my travel and use it to improve my drawing. I'm going to stop over-thinking and just try to make it a relaxing activity. Then when I go home I'm going to have a go at watercolours again and just focus on painting with complimentary colours.

I'm so glad I posted, this has made me feel so much better.

Anonymous 982


These are so beautiful and are so relaxing to watch.

Anonymous 983


These are most fun for me to draw, honestly, colours and lighting is so relaxing and nice to play with.

Anonymous 984

That is really cute and I love it! Do you have more cute cat portraits?

Anonymous 985


I wish I had the guts to post my art on Instagram or Tumblr or something like that. When I was a kid I used DeviantART no problem but now I've gotten too self-conscious about my art and the things I enjoy drawing. Tagging is a huge problem for me too; I don't want to spam tags and seem like an attention whore but I do want people to see my stuff.

Pic related (spoilered for boobies) is a doodle from today. I haven't done digital art in a while because I've been busy.

Anonymous 986


Here's another one that I actually bothered to finish.

Anonymous 987

I think your art would be gaining popularity quickly on Tumblr. I'm not so familiar with IG and its tastes, but on Tumblr you'll definitely be good to go. (I don't mean that in an underhanded way btw.) I really like both the pics you posted!

Anonymous 988


why yes i do! ♡

Anonymous 989


I also have this, I do take commissions!

Anonymous 990

this is adorable anon-chan <3

Anonymous 991

thank you!! I take commissions, I was advised to post my art here, I'm glad you like it ♡

Anonymous 992

Not comission-worthy with the wonky off facial proportions and perspective, but to each their own.

Looks like WC OCs

Anonymous 993

(diff anon) i don't disagree with your criticism, but what's commission-worthy is up to the commissioner.

Anonymous 994

It's clear this is just a goofy pic, no reason to bash. You very clearly do really cute line work that looks loose and effortless. Adorable style. Keep it up anon

Anonymous 995

this is really really cute! makes me feel all warm and happy

Anonymous 997


Thank you kind anon!
I've tried posting stuff on Tumblr before but that didn't really work out. I think the most notes I got on a picture that wasn't fanart was like 10. I feel like you almost have to draw fan art to be noticed and I don't think I'm really into the shows that are trending on Tumblr right now.
I should probably just keep posting anyway and not care about people seeing it. I mean, there's nothing to be ashamed of if nobody sees it anyway, haha.

Anonymous 1001


I am really glad you liked it! Abstract art can be so beautiful, it saddens me most people think it's garbage.

Anonymous 1004


I just finished this tiny watercolor study

pls no hard booly

Anonymous 1005

That's adorable! I admire people who can do watercolors. It always just turns into a mess when I try.

Anonymous 1006


Oh, thanks, anon! I am no professional obviously, but I think that the keys for doing watercolor are patience and a good paper. Otherwise, yeah, no way.

You also have to plan already which colors you want and where you want them; shadows, highlights, etc. I mean, of course, you have to do that with basically any art piece, but with watercolors is especially true since some stuff you can't redo very well, like for example, if you apply a darker color and end up regretting it because the palette doesn't look nice.

I always use a lot of water on my watercolors, so the thicker the paper, the better, at least for me. It's very good to use lots of water when trying to make a flatter color. Also, painting one parte of the piece at a time is also important, that's why you gotta be patience: if you paint more than one, unless they are very distant in the picture, the water is going to mix together and the colors are going to mix as well, making it very messy and ugly (unless that's what you are going for, of course). Same goes for when applying shadow to something: you gotta wait for it to completely, or almost completely dry. The thicker the paper, the quicker it's gonna dry, but it's still longer than waiting for markers to dry, for example. Also, I'd recommend having at least 3 different sizes of brushes; large, medium, and small. Especially the large one. If you try to paint a large area with a smaller pencil, it's gonna turn out very patchy, especially if you use a dryer watercolor method.

Also, always go from light to dark. I guess that's kinda obvious, but I've encountered some people that didn't know that rule. Another reason why it's important to plan ahead where every shadow is gonna be. If you try to do it on the go, it can turn out not so great (unless you are very very pro, I guess)

I make small studies like the one above to remind me myself of all that, and then apply it on a larger scale.

Sorry for the wall of text lol Hope any of that helps

Anonymous 1007

i love rendering but it also makes me want to die

Anonymous 1009

Oh my! This is freaking beautiful anon ❤️

Anonymous 1013

I love this soooo much anon
This really inspires me and makes me want to get into water colors<3

Also have you tried doing big water color pieces or do you mainly do small ones? I feel like most people who do [detailed] watercolor pieces keep it small (which makes sense) and I haven't really seen any big ones.

Anonymous 1053

Those are really nice art pages anon. Do you have one yourself?

Anonymous 1062



Thank you so much! <3



I do bigger pieces, but usually no bigger than an A4 paper. I do wanna try to do it on a A3 paper, but I still have to gather the courage lol I probably would also need to buy a bigger brush. Also, it doesn't help that I use pan watercolors, so sometimes when I want to paint larger areas it can be a pain in the ass.

I actually recently bought a book on watercolors techniques and exercises (I bought it used in a great condition so I paid 35 on it instead of 70), and I am really pumped to start it out. It's a big book though, so it's probably going to take a while lol

Anonymous 1102


Pillow-shading anon here! Made another face (i don't only draw faces, i swear, but since it's mainly face shadowing practice i'm trying to keep it simple and quick kek)
Tried to change my colouring technique and add more colours into the skin + focus more on shadows/light and not pillow-shading as much! I don't know if i achieved it though or if the colors look shittier.
Not sure if it's an improvement or it's a downgrade since i am shit at self critique. So would appreciate critique form you guys once again!

Anonymous 1111

I honestly really like the coloring and shading here. My only issue is that the face looks really small and I think it's due to the large size of the hair? It makes the proportions seem a little off but other than that keep it up!!

Anonymous 1113


It looks like she's wearing a wig because her face/general head shape is too small compared to the hairline you drew.

Tha shading is a bit better, but the hair rendering is a bit off. Watch this (and other) Istebrak videos, she explains stuff very well (although she may sound mean and cocky sometimes), and her stuff helped me a lot, even though is a bit lenghty. At 12:30 she talks about the hair rendering, if you wanna skip to that.

Anonymous 1114


Also this one. I think this is even more useful since she focuses on the hair more.

Anonymous 1125



Ah, thank you girls for the advice!
It is absolutely too big of a hair. Old animu drawing habits with wonky proportions die hard i guess kek

Also many thanks for the videos, she is very helpful. Never heard of her before but i love how she explains things, subscribed to her and will definetely binge watch her since she seems to know her stuff very well.

Watched both hair parts of the vids and if understood correctly, my problem is that i dedicate too much detail on the hair when it doesn't really require it since it shouldn't be the focus and the eye wouldn't detect as much detail as i express.
I edited my drawing a little bit, took out some detail and instead showed the waviness with shadows and light, also made it smaller and added a more sensible hairline. I made the eyebrows not as stroke-y too. If i understood correctly that was one of my main rendering problems of the hair.

Is this better?

sorry if i am spamming thread too much, i just wanna be not so shit anymore and this thread is helping me see my mistakes

Anonymous 1126


The top still seems too big for me, as for hair parts, use bigger brush, go from dark to lighter and make it in sections, not strings. While going from darker to lighter use smaller and smaller brush, but not tiny.

You might think 'but I've seen those artists who make very detailed and amazing hair', well if you still want to do it, do it in the end on the another layer and play around with different brushes (get some custom ones from DA)

Another thing is her lips, if you want them to be more proportionate, just remember your lips corners are aligned with your pupils when you look straight.

Since it's bit too small , it gives an effect that she is tucking her head down, makes her chin look very big and hair even bigger too.

+ Try to work on you shading more, it will help you to render the pic better, gives depth and give hair more defined look, without making it too detailed (If you want to work better with hair, do a few cloth drape studies, my art teacher made me do it and it help massively). In this case the lack of shadows makes it bit hard to understand the perspective if she is looking down (lips, neck and her hairline makes it look that way) or if she is facing forward (nose, eyes and head shape).

Try to remember that the good artist is not the one who can make everything, more detailed, big or small, but the one who knows when to stop and what should be and shouldn't be too detailed.

Img is example, original artist Selenada


Anonymous 1127


I am glady you liked her, anon! She truly explain things very well (she's a teacher after all), I just don't like when she gets too cocky, at least she gets a pass because she knows what she's doing (unlike Holly Brown, for example, ho's cocky and shit).

I think the hair is a lot better. This anon >>1126 explains it very well.

I would also recomend making the nostrils a tad bit bigger and more spaced, otherwise is looking kinda snakeish or rhinoplastyish.

I know you don't wanna clog up the thread but I really like your will to improve lol

Anonymous 1143


Recently I've been taking my sketchpad with me into coffee shops, drawing for a while whilst having my drink, and then leaving whatever I drew behind on the table when I leave.
It's super lame, but I know I'd be really interested to discover other peoples sketches just laying around, so I like to think that others would be too.

Anonymous 1145

That's such a cute idea. I wish I was talented enough to do that. My bf sometimes draws pictures of our waiters or asks them if they have requsts and he hands them to them with a tip and you wouldn't believe how appreciative people are.

Anonymous 1153


I've done it before, but I was drunk lol It's kinda cool though, I've come across other people's randomly and thought it was pretty neat.

Also, I really like your art style.

Anonymous 1154

This is a great idea, your drawings are beautiful anon.
I remember in school people would always leave notes for someone in the next class to see or write "who sits here??" on the desks. Once I drew a picture of my OC at the time on my desk and two other people started drawing back. It was super cute and went on for awhile. One of the people said they were gonna draw us a picture and leave it under the desk but when I got to class I never found it…and that was the end of our little drawingship.

Anonymous 1205

Ahhh I love this! Could totally see a style like this adorning trendy t-shirts and pins, or the inside of mature illustrated novels.

Anonymous 1285

thats so pretty!!
where do you find inspo for watercolor?

Anonymous 1287


Thanks anon! What do you mean by inspo exactly? Like what inspire the colors or themes or just to keep watercoloring in general? lmao Or do you mean like where did I "learn" or something like that?

Anonymous 1294


something i did recently

Anonymous 1295

this is adorable

Anonymous 1296

anon, this is beautiful.

Anonymous 1297


So cute!! I love your line work!

Anonymous 1298

Aaaa, i love this, anon.
This is adorable!

Anonymous 1299

I would totally commission you for that art, no joke

Anonymous 1307

i mean where do you find things that inspire you, such as images and all of that!

Anonymous 1308

very pretty! let me know if critiques are okay.

Anonymous 1311

are you still working on it or…

Anonymous 1337

Screen Shot 2017-0…

i'm disgusted by the fact that the neural sketch colorizer does a better job coloring my artwork than i do. heck.

Anonymous 1338

These are really fucking beautiful. You guys should go pro

Anonymous 1376


i'm not used to digital art but today i decided to experiment with my tablet i got as a gift

Anonymous 4603

Bumping for the art anons

Anonymous 4604


Let's revive the thread.
I used to draw really concrete things like warriors or witches or people in robot armor, fantasy nonsense, but somehow I switched to abstract things, mostly nondescript people falling apart and with fractals everywhere. I'm also trying to draw more loosely, just to imply something with lines, when I usually want everything to be clear. I like it, it's unique and has a different energy.
I don't show my drawings to anyone anymore though because they all tell me to stop drawing nonsense anyway

Anonymous 4605

Those look amazing. Keep drawing nonsense. 100%

Anonymous 4621


drawing comfy anime girls is relaxing

Anonymous 4622

love the energy! i like fantasy nonsense, dont stop!
i love her. so comfy

Anonymous 4623


Soooo cute! Please if you color it post again.
>>4605 >>4622 Thanks guys, I'm not gonna stop, I don't listen anymore to people who tell me what to draw, they're plebs.
Here is another drawing I am working on, but I am a bit conflicted about it, the hands are all around the man but there won't be any hands in the middle of his body so that part is going to be all white, so it's going to be unbalanced. I don't know how to fix that, what should I put in front of him? Should I just give him really defined muscles lol or put more of those triangles in front of him? I wish I could put more hands there but I can't work out the logistics.
Also I am going to post some nice references, I hope that's ok.

Anonymous 4624


I made a sort of gallery with nice light references here but I don't know how long the images are going to stay on that site: https://postimg.cc/gallery/1bm51pmrs/

Anonymous 4625

Gah thank you anon and also keep doing your thing! I love how you render the human form

Anonymous 4626

You're really skilled, I'm happy I made and bumped this thread. Of course references are cool too.

Anonymous 4650


Anonymous 4654

Is something wrong? That's the default name for saved photos on my phone. Anyway here is a thread with more pictures of that head model: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/printthread.php?t=95252

Anonymous 5379


Anonymous 5441


Is that some Sister Miriam fanart? Saved.

Anonymous 5460

Is there such a thing as too old start drawing?

Anonymous 5462

No such thing as being too old to start any hobby. Would you rather spend the rest of your time in regret and longing ?

Anonymous 5485

Yes, it's called being dead. Any point before that one is as good as any to start in comparison.

Anonymous 5623

scrote detected

Anonymous 5625


im a beg lel,wip

Anonymous 5633

some wip I'll neve…

I should really get back into drawing I don't have much to look forward to in my life.

Anonymous 5647


I Scream

Anonymous 5648


generic waifu 582792834759348571

Anonymous 5649


A little doodle I made, my art goals for 2020 are to learn different facial expressions, facial proportions and bodies

Anonymous 5651


I've been too busy to finish this, ha ha.

Anonymous 5652

How do you draw?

Anonymous 5663

silky redraw COPY.…

Ugh, not a fan of these lines but whatever.

Anonymous 5664

silky redraw bette…

Fixed. Sort of.

Anonymous 5727


just a fuck around for my friend,it was actually my first time drawing a male chara

Anonymous 5728

Bez tytułuret.png

also from umineko, i kinda like this one..

Anonymous 5773

What do you do when you have no inspiration to draw?
Or rather, how do you overcome a art block?

Anonymous 5790

crystal TV.png

I put on some comfy music and start by doodling aimlessly as a way to set the gears in motion y'know

Anonymous 5792

I love this anon! The lines/pixels are so.. clean, if that makes sense.

Anonymous 5793

Wow! ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

Anonymous 5794

Many thanks! I see what you mean

Wow to you too friend ( •ω• )σ

Anonymous 5821

>>5790 ahh so lovely. your lines, ma'am… superb. Do you post art anywhere else?

Anonymous 5829


Thank you very much!
Well, there's this discord server I sometimes visit and also this other imageboard I post naughty stuff on, but nothing I'd like to spoil this place's comfyness with y'know…

Anonymous 5910

fairy 1 COPY.png

I love drawing little creatures like fairies sitting on small things that are actually big for them. ;_;

Anonymous 5911

These are very comfy, anon! I love it.

Anonymous 5912


Anonymous 5915

Dom 1 COPY.png

Thank you, anon!

Anonymous 5918


garyc.me sketches

Anonymous 5919


Anonymous 5924

These are sweet and elegant, anon. I like them!

Anonymous 5931


The pilot inspired me to try watercolours.

Anonymous 5935

thx <3

Anonymous 6005


jojos in one hell of a drug

Anonymous 6045

It looks really niceeee, and I know what you mean, whenever I read a new jojo part I couldn't stop drawing any characters I liked. Just maybe her jaw/chin should be a bit lower

Anonymous 6381


Anonymous 6382

This makes me want to be on the beach…

I would try pushing your shadows darker to add more depth.

Anonymous 6383

This is very beautiful, anon! :)

Anonymous 6694


My workday was unexpectedly canceled today, so I made this.

Make whatever you want of it.

Anonymous 6697

Are these your own characters, or are they from some other work?

Anonymous 6726

It's Mr Rossi and his boss's dog from these fairly obscure animated Italian films:

Anonymous 6909


Getting back to art again after awhile

Anonymous 6916

So far, so good! Be sure to post it when you finish!

Anonymous 6991


This was something I drew rn, and honestly I want to color it in the style of tatami galaxy

Anonymous 6993

Cool. I like how expressive they look.

Anonymous 6998

the guy looks a bit like jesse pinkman

Anonymous 12678

What do the art miners of CC think of women who draw coom?

Anonymous 12762

i do privately sometimes cos i think guys are hot and i want to practice my anatomy. idk girls who draw porn of guys are either cool or stinky fat 30-somethings who are still friends with teenagers

Anonymous 12768

What if it was a woman who only drew women

Anonymous 12780

then shes cool as long as shes drawing what she finds hot personally and not just trying to pander to moids

Anonymous 12980

How do you get rid of a art block?

Anonymous 13132

-Try drawing with your left hand.
-Go for a walk.
-Two coffees.
-Search through the type of art you're into/want to create and gain inspiration from it. If you steal from one you're plagiarising. If you steal from a hundred you're researching.
-Still two coffees.
-Try taking up another artistic passion or if there was something else you always wanted to do or used to do when you were younger try and rekindle that old flame. There may appear some ghost pains you had forgotten existed, but it'll be like having the spirit of your own piano teacher from your childhood reteaching you the ropes once again next to you. This way you rediscover yourself along the way and feel inspired to create art once more.
-Wash a young person.

Anonymous 16971


This was a fairly successful (if difficult) Monstertober. Here are my personal faves.
Happy Halloween.

Anonymous 16972

Nice you should draw monster boys too.

Anonymous 17034

Doing a mini dump of some art resources I’ve got in case anyone else wants to use them.

https://drawabox.com/ (tutorials)
https://www.ctrlpaint.com/library (tutorial videos)
https://lospec.com/pixel-art-tutorials (pixel art tutorials)

https://pixabay.com/ (stock images)
https://unsplash.com/ (stock images)

https://line-of-action.com/practice-tools (figure drawing - NSFW)
https://vimeo.com/croquiscafe (figure drawing - NSFW)
http://www.scott-eaton.com/category/bodies-in-motion (figure drawing - NSFW)
http://fineart.sk/ (figure drawing - NSFW)
https://bodyvisualizer.com/male.html (3D human body visualizer)
http://www.mrinitialman.com/OddsEnds/Sizes/sizes.html (height comparer)
http://hatoking.com/journal/4352.html (hand reference)

https://x6ud.github.io/#/ (3D animal skulls with photo references)

http://paletton.com/#uid=1000u0kllllaFw0g0qFqFg0w0aF (palette generator)
https://coolors.co/ (palette generator)
http://www.cssdrive.com/imagepalette/ (image to palette generator)
https://colorpalette.org/color-ideas/explore/ (color palettes)
https://www.color-hex.com/color-palettes/ (color palettes)

Anonymous 17238

Yeah draw little monster boy butts pls.

Anonymous 17308


It's that wonderful time of the week once again, hope to see you there!

[Drawpile.net] > Session > Join > Host name (splelps.com) > Channel (/loomis/)

Anonymous 17309


Anonymous 17311

Drawpile fin.jpeg

Tonight's results; thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous 17346


Just over 5 minutes to go! Hope to see you there.

Anonymous 17354


Here's this weeks (give or take an hour or more of activity to follow-I'm going to bed!) canvas! Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous 17487


Weekly Drawpile reminder!

Anonymous 17507

The little witches are adorable!!

Anonymous 17648

the Lincoln Projec…

Weekly-…er, monthly Drawpile reminder!


I thought so too

Anonymous 17652


Anonymous 17839

Weekly Drawpile >>17487
reminder! (now bi-weekly I guess)

Anonymous 17845

It's not biweekly, there's just one canvas for sunday, and one canvas for Monday through Friday. It's up 24/7, just most people show up for the Sunday canvas.

Anonymous 17855

im obsessed u r amazing

Anonymous 17896


I just meant the reminder itself was bi-weekly because I'd forgot to pump it by that point. Which reminds me; it's that time again! Here's last week's

Anonymous 17902


i made this wojak for a thread but it archived before i could post it, sad.

Anonymous 17918


starting out with art is frustratingly difficult w~w

Anonymous 17921

Aw that's a very cute concept anon!

Anonymous 17928

wow, thank you!

Anonymous 17930

This is literally the worst Wojack I have ever seen, and I've seen the black appropriated ones on twitter.

Anonymous 17940

thank you anon. i made it to be odious, my inspiration were zoomer tik tokers.

Anonymous 17948

V A L I D.png

this reminds of the valid enby meme thing I drew for a thread that died before I could post

Anonymous 17949


Anonymous 17950


New Drawpile (>>17487

It's okay, we're all gonna make it


Anonymous 17951

>black appropriated

Anonymous 17980

miss loo.jpg

Weekly Drawpile reminder!

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