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Writing General - NaNoWriMo Edition! Anonymous 4217

Let's talk about writing, miners! Are you a writer? Want to become one? Ever wrote a full novel? Any writing tips you'd like to share?
Participating in NaNoWriMo this year?

For those of you who might not know what NaNoWriMo is: https://nanowrimo.org

Anonymous 4218

I'll start the discussion!

I used to love writing since I was a child (I wrote children's tales, mostly with talking animals and the stuff) and really wanted to become a writer. I wrote cringey yaoi fanfics as well as self-inserts (cringe) and some more mature short stories. Also, I did role-playing at forums and so, which helped me improve. However I stopped writing after a huge writers' block and feeling that everything I wrote was pure shit.

I want to shake off both the block and the insecurities by tackling NaNoWriMo after years of no writing. It will probably result in utter shit, to be honest, but I want to overcome that fear and shame of showing other people my writing.

>sorry for the blog post

Anonymous 4219

Hey anon! I'm thinking of taking part this year. I've had an idea for years but I've never written anything for it so I think I'm ready to start. Only problem is thay Nano is always at such an awkward time of the year. I used to start it every year while I was in school and fail because I was studying for Christmas exams and in college I always had an essay due that time of year. I'm doing a really intense course this year and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to manage but I'm considering cheating a little and starting now so that I have time to study for exams next month.

Like you, my interest in writing started really early. My mom enrolled me in creative writing classes (which I miss so badly!). When I was a teenager, I got into fanfiction also and it surprisingly got a really good response, I was actually fairly popular. When I decided to start writing for myself again I just didn't have the motivation because I wasn't writing to impress my mom or as homework for creative writing class or for a fanfiction deadline. Hopefully Nano will encourage me!

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