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[HorribleSubs] Wat…

2019 anime! Anonymous 4295

A thread for the discussion of current anime, simply because I'm sure some of you are keeping up with this stuff.
Here are a few questions to get us started.
>What are you currently watching?
>Are you looking forward to anything?
>Have you dropped any shows?

Anonymous 4297

[HorribleSubs] Wat…

& I kind of feel like this is overkill, but to help out those that might be interested in hopping into anime but don't know how:
Here's a good site to stream from.
You can also download your anime from here if you're like me & have shit net & hate buffering
And finally, to help you know what's airing.

Anonymous 4298

This is the first time in a while I’m going to be watching currently airing animu. I’m looking forward to Promised Neverland since I liked the manga

Anonymous 4299

I've seen good things about the first episode on other sides, people are already calling it 'thriller of the season', lol.

Anonymous 4300

Boogiepop's second episode was much better than the first. Should I watch the 2000 anime before continuing?

Anonymous 4302


Anyone seen the first episode of shield hero? It's basically "crybaby incel propaganda: the anime".

First episode goes like
>MC is a loser incel but we're supposed to like him anyways just because he's a "nice guy"
>gets transported to the most generic boring fantasy world
>first thing that happens is he meets a girl that starts getting close to him and flirting
>turns out she was just trying to rob him, then she lies to the king about him raping her to get him in trouble and cover her tracks, which everyone instantly believes and turns against the poor little MC
>now MC is a woman hatind edgelord
>buys a loli sex slave right at the end of the episode, once again just to cement how "nice" he is.

Anonymous 4303

I tried mango, but dropped after he gets a mount pet, just like the one in RO.

Anonymous 4304

was briefly considering giving this a try, thanks for turning me off.
most isekai seems like incel propaganda, or just virgin male wish fulfillment.
i can't bash them too harshly though since i love me some otomeshit lmao

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