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[HorribleSubs] Wat…

2019 anime! Anonymous 4295

A thread for the discussion of current anime, simply because I'm sure some of you are keeping up with this stuff.
Here are a few questions to get us started.
>What are you currently watching?
>Are you looking forward to anything?
>Have you dropped any shows?

Anonymous 4297

[HorribleSubs] Wat…

& I kind of feel like this is overkill, but to help out those that might be interested in hopping into anime but don't know how:
Here's a good site to stream from.
You can also download your anime from here if you're like me & have shit net & hate buffering
And finally, to help you know what's airing.

Anonymous 4298

This is the first time in a while I’m going to be watching currently airing animu. I’m looking forward to Promised Neverland since I liked the manga

Anonymous 4299

I've seen good things about the first episode on other sides, people are already calling it 'thriller of the season', lol.

Anonymous 4300

Boogiepop's second episode was much better than the first. Should I watch the 2000 anime before continuing?

Anonymous 4302


Anyone seen the first episode of shield hero? It's basically "crybaby incel propaganda: the anime".

First episode goes like
>MC is a loser incel but we're supposed to like him anyways just because he's a "nice guy"
>gets transported to the most generic boring fantasy world
>first thing that happens is he meets a girl that starts getting close to him and flirting
>turns out she was just trying to rob him, then she lies to the king about him raping her to get him in trouble and cover her tracks, which everyone instantly believes and turns against the poor little MC
>now MC is a woman hatind edgelord
>buys a loli sex slave right at the end of the episode, once again just to cement how "nice" he is.

Anonymous 4303

I tried mango, but dropped after he gets a mount pet, just like the one in RO.

Anonymous 4304

was briefly considering giving this a try, thanks for turning me off.
most isekai seems like incel propaganda, or just virgin male wish fulfillment.
i can't bash them too harshly though since i love me some otomeshit lmao

Anonymous 4446

[HorribleSubs] Wat…

surprised this thread isn't more active
anyway wataten ( picrel ) is a decent moeshit show
subject matter may squick some people out though

Anonymous 4464


it made me pretty uncomfortable. it has nice animation and colour palette, but the constant pedo gags are gross.
have you tried endro? it's much cuter and funnier.

Anonymous 4465

[HorribleSubs] End…

just finished the first episode!
it plays on cliches cutely. if the magic systems are explored later on in show, that would be cool

Anonymous 4469


none of the anime this season look appealing to me, i think i'm growing out of anime :(

Anonymous 4472

is anyone looking forward to spring? this season is sort of dull.

Anonymous 4473


wew I feel like vomiting

Anonymous 4477

Spring looks great, I'm really looking forward to Sarazanmai and Hitoribocchi in particular.

Anonymous 4481

promare trailer.pn…

I hope promare is good…but apparently it has A LOT of cgi and that usually ruins a show + darling in the franxx was shit so I don't trust studio trigger anymore

Anonymous 4482

maxresdefault (1).…

I'm loving Quintessential Quintuplets this season, the art is gorgeous and I like that it's not super sexually gratuitous. There's a bathing scene in the OP with nips covered but other than that it's been pretty PG-13 with fanservice not going beyond thigh high stockings, no panty shots even. The girls are idealized but still feel like they could be real people and I like that the MC is a good hearted guy who loves his family and isn't lascivious. I'd really recommend this one if you have nostalgia for retro harem anime from back before the genre started getting way too hypersexualized.

Anonymous 4485

the fruits basket remake, hitoribocchi, carole & tuesday, saranzami, mayonaka, & fairy gone.

Anonymous 4526

I'm looking forward to the new season of My hero! and Fruits Basket

Anonymous 4541

I'm currently watching Princess Jellyfish after seeing someone posting about Tsukimi in another thread!

The Promised Neverland is the first anime I've watched in a while (~2 years) and I reaally am enjoying it! My friend insisted that it was great so I tried and then binged the first 5 episodes and read the whole 122 chapters the next day, haha.

Anonymous 4546

Aweee Princess Jellyfish is so wholesome and adorable. I need to revisit that it was really nice. Though I don't really remember how it ended…

Anonymous 4609

I don't think the anime really "ended", since the manga was still ongoing at the time.

Anonymous 4785

What are all of your favorites from this season so far? I'm really enjoying Sarazanmai and the new Fruits Basket.

Anonymous 4787

I'm watching Sarazanmai as well, I tried the new Fruits Basket but couldn't really get into it, I didn't really like the the original manga as a kid either. Only other thing I'm watching is Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san, I'm obviously not the target audience but I think Doga Kobo shows are cute.

Anonymous 4788


People like the manga a lot and it seems like a genuinely good harem anime, which is rare.

I'm not really watching anything this season except Bocchi and Sarazanmai, though. It looks like Netflix will only dump Carole & Tuesday once it's already aired in full, which is stupid.

I really loved the original Fruits Basket and this is supposed to adapt the full (manga) series, so I probably won't pick it up until Rin gets introduced. That's where the original diverged from canon. … Ugh, I remember reading it with my teenage girl friends and trading each other the volumes when they came out. Nostalgia.

Anonymous 4789


Ages have passed since I've watched or read Fruits Basket. Most of it is wiped from my mind. All that's left is brief flashes of "Oh right, that happened!" Watching it feels like being a nine-year-old again sans bemused smirks at the screen when the shoujo tropes like GIF attached kick in.

Anyone watching Carole & Tuesday? Shinchiro Watanabe helming another musically inclined anime seemed like another top-tier show stopper, but the first episode fell flat. Does it get better? The artists on the OST sounds interesting.

Anonymous 4793


Feel the same way about Furuba. I barely remember a lot of the scenes, so it felt like I was watching for the first time too.

Carole and Tuesday is ok. I like the animation and the music is not bad. It’s pretty fun to watch, but I get the sense that I can predict every story beat that’s going to happen. Also, the close bond between Carole and Tuesday doesn’t feel all that convincing yet, but we’ll see.

Anonymous 4803

[HorribleSubs] Sar…

Sarazanmai and not much else, tbdesu.
Toi is adorable.

Anonymous 4989


sarazanmai is kicking my ass. anxiously waiting for the final episode

Anonymous 4999

Is it really that good? I've heard great things but it seems so…childish idk? Maybe I'm completely wrong

Anonymous 5002

It's not amazing but it's pretty entertaining and I like the art style.

Anonymous 5013

[HorribleSubs] Sar…

The ending was pretty lame and rushed, might have been AOTY if it was double the length.

Anonymous 5044

What are you watching for summer season?

I'm going to check out:
- Machikado Mazoku - sounds fun
- Accelerator spinoff - Looking forward to Railgun 3 more though. Love Misaki Shokuhou.
- Lord El-Melloi - for more Waver Velvet, though IMO he looked way cuter in Fate/Zero than he does in this anime.
- the dumbbell anime - for motivation to get /fit/, but will probably drop it because it looks too fanservicey
- the mom isekai anime - for the novelty of it (finally something aside from little sister characters)
- the Mari Okada manga adaptation - will maybe check this out, but at my age, I'm not sure how much tolerance I have with stories about young girls figuring out their sexuality.

Anonymous 5055


>Fire Force for that sakuga
>Vinland Saga
>Araburu Kisetsu
>Fruits Basket
Going to wait on the reception on Lord El-Melloi and Tsuujou. Shinkai's new film, Weathering With You, also looks promising considering the gorgeousness of the rain in Garden of Words and the improvement of his writing since Your Name. Speaking of films two interesting movies premiered last season: Kimi to, Nami ni Noretara and Kaijuu no Kodomo. Based ocean anime we won't see until the BluRay release.

Anonymous 5095

Is there any current anime worth checking out for someone who isn't really a weeb? I don't watch a lot of anime, but I don't rule it out as a genre either. I dislike moeblob stuff although I can appreciate a good shoujo. Not really into the dark and edgy stuff because it's usually too try-hard.

Anonymous 5096

Go look at anichart or something, see if something catches your eye.

Anonymous 5099

>>hitoribocchi was a nice shoujo from spring. idk if its too moe for you tho

Anonymous 5100

meant for >>5095

Anonymous 5101

Joshikousei no Mudatzukai is pretty funny. I loved the "omoshiroi onna" bit.

Anonymous 5102


Hitoribocchi is fun, but not shoujo. Definitely a moeblob type of show. If you like shoujo, I recommend the Fruits Basket reboot airing now.

Anonymous 5115


Anonymous 5119

KyoAni dead btw.
Sighhh, now I'll never get to see Kumiko's big fluffy hair again…

Anonymous 5130

demon slayer, and dr. stone!
both are still on-going and I enjoy them a lot. I heard the manga of dr. stone is a lot better but I don't mind the anime so far.
i finished a promised neverland and thought it was fantastic. ;___;

Anonymous 5131


Yeah, loved The Promised Neverland. Isabella was great. Can't wait for the second season.

Anonymous 5149

I really like demon slayer so far. got 10 mins into the first episode of dr stone and dropped it tho. not really my thing

Anonymous 5161

I was initially turned off by shield hero's premise, but ended up watching and it was alright. It felt like they were trying a bit too hard to make us feel sorry for mc and the female charas were generic waifu bait having zero personality outside of being perfect. I wasn't a fan of Kaguya-sama cause I found the characters uninteresting and the romance wasn't particularly compelling. The promised neverland was decent but the premise wasn't my thing. However Dr. Stone is pretty fun so far, but nothing else this summer grabbed me.

Anonymous 5164

I'm watching Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru, Starmyu S3, and Ensemble Stars. None of them are really that good. Doga Kobo shows are always fun but never memorable. The new characters in Starmyu are pretty boring and unnecessary. Ensemble Stars is pretty bland in general.
I'm mainly just waiting for Beastars next season, this is a bland season.

Anonymous 5165

This is why we can't have nice things. Fuck.

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