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Content Creators Anonymous 4384

Are any miners here content creators? I’m the only one out of my friend group so I’ve never spoken to anyone about it before. Let’s talk about our experiences, ask for advice and share our stories here.

Share your links too, if you’d like!

Anonymous 4385


If drawing shit for few buxes count than i used to be one.

But i don't do it anymore.

Anonymous 4386

Oh no, why did you stop doing it?

Anonymous 4387

Because you either draw furry/anime porn or look for decent job.

Anonymous 4388

I have a friend who does art commissions not for a living though; fetish/nsfw stuff makes close to half of it but she mentions being able to decline if she wants (no furries being a rule). Only memorable thing she told me is that once this guy asked for a handful of fetish commissions consisting of anime girls eating hamburgers. No nudity, just fully clothed waifus eating burgers

Anonymous 4389

lol is that yours?

Anonymous 4390


I used to draw a lot of awfull stuff and post it at local boards in 2008-2012

Anonymous 4391


Anonymous 4392

Anonymous 4393

It's been almost 5 years since I've drawn anything and I wonder if it's worth it to start again. I have no hobbies at all.

Anonymous 4394

draw something

Anonymous 4395

Why not? If not for yourself, at least it's something to do!

Anonymous 4396


I'm in a similar position. I tried to start up again last year but only lasted like 2 weeks kek.

Let's pick it back up together!!

Anonymous 4397

i used to be but i misplaced my tablet 8 months ago and i don't have time to do things anymore because i'm an adult rip

Anonymous 4398

Long shot, but with character creator apps being more popular again recently, has anyone made their own or signed up for a place like https://picrew.me ?

Anonymous 4410

NTA but I'd be up for this! I'm at a chicken scratch level right now though, so be prepared for some ugly drawings.

Anonymous 5003

Late to this but I'd be up for this if 'yall were starting something!

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