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Anonymous 4684

What kind of games do youuuu plaaaaay?

Anonymous 4685


lately I've been playing lots of Diablo 2 (path of diablo mod), a sandbox game called Kenshi that is a real blast and I was playing csgo yesterday but uninstalled it after a bunch of comps because I realized how much time I spent on that game without being able to even leave it when I needed to

Anonymous 4687

I used to play dnd when I was 14 with a bunch of friends that I haven't got anymore :_(

Anonymous 4690

Mostly Sims 4 and mobile games cuz I'm a fuckin casual

Anonymous 4725

TS4_x64 2019-03-17…

SWTOR and The Sims 4. I'm addicted to the sims 4 actually. I spend hours there and neglect my real-life responsibilities

Anonymous 4729

Any tips to make playing Sims 4 more fun? Specifically without using mods? I just started a new legacy challenge but got bored again. I used to be able to play for hours but now I’m having trouble.

Anonymous 4734

Make a scripted story with multiple families. Use cheats to create/play more unique families than "struggling young adults" or "rich family with a fuck ton of kids and the motherlode cheat". Maxis nerfed a bunch of the skill cheats so its not as fun making a master chef grandma or a kid with the logic skill or whatever, but the career cheats are there and that's ok I guess.
Everyone says cheats make the game less fun, I think it makes it easier to tell stories. The sims is not that "difficult" of a game and it isn't meant to be hard, so any challenges to make it harder are just dumb imo.

Anonymous 4735

Same, it's like I don't have any imagination left. Also S4 feels more "goal oriented" and that just makes me want to grind skills and whatnot which is not as fun as just fucking around in S3.

Anonymous 4738

I've ended up just building houses based off of nonsensical challenges, and let random sims run wild and free on them.

It usually ends in chaos if you build multiple houses on the small lot as a kind of mini neighborhood. I love love love doing tiny home challenges.

Anonymous 4742

I actually really like this idea anon thank you! It kinda reminds me of when I made a huge neighborhood in Sims 2 with a bunch of sims with detailed stories/backgrounds that all intertwined. I kinda find this harder to do in the Sims 4 though because you can't really create neighborhoods, but rather use the ones that are already made.

To keep in line w/ this thread I usually like to play simulator type games (Stardew Valley, Sims, Animal Crossing, etc.) or basically games that allow a lot of customization. I also wanna get more into JRPGS.
As of right now I've been playing a lot of Mario Party 9 actually lol. I found my old copy with my friend the other day and now I just really want to unlock all the constellations, cars, and other fun things.

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